18 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Communicate

We all have a divine support team available to assist us whenever we are struggling with a difficult breakup, problems at work, with family, where to go next in life, and much more...

However, one of the greatest challenges especially for anyone who isn’t experienced when it comes to working with spirit guides. Is being able to recognize signs your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. 

To help here are 18 signs you can look out for:

  1. Spontaneous repetitive thoughts
  2. Messages in your dreams
  3. Feelings of intuition
  4. Unusual physical sensations
  5. Feeling a cold or warm presence that doesn’t match the room’s temperature
  6. Being gently pushed when no one is physically near you
  7. Hearing music that is meaningful to you at a synchronistic time
  8. Sudden loud noises
  9. Lost items suddenly reappearing
  10. Things suddenly falling with synchronistic timing
  11. Synchronicities
  12. Internal warning messages
  13. Strange electrical surges
  14. Sudden smells that remind you of something or someone
  15. Drastic change in a candle flame
  16. White bright lights appearing in photos
  17. A sudden burst of inspiration
  18. Suddenly feeling intense emotions
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18 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Contact You And Get Your Attention Explained

Sign #1: Spontaneous Repetitive Thoughts

Can you think back to a time when one minute you’re thinking of absolutely nothing even maybe watching TV...

And then all of a sudden a random thought pops in your head and barks like a dog irritating your mind and you can’t get rid of it?

Example 1:
You have an immediate thought in your mind to call someone who you haven’t spoken to in a long time. And this thought replays in your mind over and over until you decide to call them.

And when you call them, it turns out they were about to call you because they have some important but grave news about a family member…

Or even the complete opposite that they had great news and wanted to invite you out to celebrate.

Example 2:
A repetitive thought that makes you want to check something on your phone or laptop...

And it turned out you had forgotten to send an important message to work, a friend or family member...

Well did you know… thoughts that suddenly appear are your guides as they lovingly guide and assist you towards something important.

Sign #2: Messages in your dreams

Can you remember a time when you had just woken up from a dream that felt insightful or caused you to feel very scared?

And even though it was just a dream, something about it felt real, and you knew it had a deeper meaning?

Then it is highly likely you were contacted by one of your spirit guides...

These types of dreams can leave you with a sinking feeling in your stomach or even energized and more certain for what path you should take.

To get the most out of the signs you receive from your dreams keep a dream journal and record the experiences that you have.

This will make it easier to recognize what your guides are communicating to you.

Sign #3: Feelings of intuition

Imagine a time when you just intuitively felt like you knew the right answers and kept experiencing synchronicities, being given the green light that you’re making the right decisions?


Feeling a deep inner calm and knowing everything is going to be ok, even when challenges and obstacles came in your way?

Even if this only lasted for a brief moment, this is a very warm-hearted sign that you’re deeply connected to your spirit guides.

You see, our guides are always trying to help us open up our hearts to realign with love and light. This helps us connect with our true and higher selves and to tap into our intuition.

Sign #4: Unusual physical sensations

For example when you’re in a room just sitting still and you just suddenly feel goosebumps on your arms and the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand up.

Even though most of the feelings and experiences with our guides will feel very pleasant. Sometimes they can feel uncomfortable if we aren’t used to them or they’re trying to warn us of something.

Whenever you feel these sensations this is a good time to call out to your guides or to turn inward and see how you’re feeling.

Focusing on your gut and your heart, become aware of what comes to you. And Focus on what you feel as this will help you become more aware of what your guides are communicating to you.

Sign #5: Feeling a cold or warm presence that doesn’t match the room’s temperature

Have you ever experienced whilst casually sat in a room, most likely by yourself or maybe during meditation a sudden cold or warm presence or even like there’s someone behind you?

But there was no one there…

Or you may feel the wind blowing against you which moves some of your hair even though you’re inside a warm room that isn’t drafty?

And from this you may feel an energetic presence that moves towards you. This is another experience that your spirit guides are trying to connect with you.

This will likely happen when you and your guides are channeling healing energies which will help raise your frequency…

And whilst raising your frequency, this will now allow you to channel more powerful rejuvenating healing energies that you haven’t felt before…

Sign #6: Being gently pushed when no one is physically near you

Can you think of a time when you were sat down watching the TV or ironing and all of a sudden you felt a tap or brush along your shoulder?

You might feel a slight push in a particular direction even though again there was nothing physically around you that could have caused it.

You see…This was your guides getting your attention and guiding you. Now this may not be something you’ve done before...

But I know for myself I have sometimes been recommended by my guides to do something probably over a thousand times.

And I either stubbornly ignored it or I just didn’t get the message. To then suddenly feel a gentle loving push in a particular direction.

Our guides will do this when it’s something very important for us to move towards or to become aware of. These gentle touches and pushes are never forceful but are more to get our attention.

Sign #7: Hearing music that is meaningful to you at a synchronistic time

Have you ever just gone through your day as usual and then all of a sudden you hear a song being played that causes a flashback in your mind...

Reminding you of someone you know or love...

Or have you ever heard music being played that reminds you of something important that needs to be done, such as writing a book, getting back to nature or even reminding you to be happy and to relax?

Well if so, this is your guides getting you to focus your attention on something or someone that you need to become more aware of

You see… Music is a powerful way for your guides to get your attention because of the powerful emotional feelings it can create…

And when your guides try to get your attention, they will lead you towards a particular song and sometimes even mess with the electrical equipment to turn it on.

So if you feel a strong message whether it’s a warning or to go towards something from a particular song... pay close attention because there’s a good chance that you were led to that particular piece of music by your spirit guides.

Sign #8: Sudden loud noises

Have you ever noticed a time when you were just sat quietly in a room...

And all of a sudden you heard a loud bang in another room but there was nothing there that could have caused it?

Sometimes our spirit guides will cause noises that may seem strange to get our attention, especially if they want us to check something.

Or they may want you to become more aware of what’s right in front of you. This might even be, what someone is saying on the TV that relates to you personally and at that exact same moment, you also hear a bang or a noise…

This is your spirit guides because they want you to notice the things that serve your greatest good, Bringing you back to focus on love, especially if you find you’ve been worried, stressed, or overwhelmed.

Sign #9: Lost items suddenly reappearing

If you’ve ever go through the frustration of looking for a lost item, whether you misplaced it or have lost something for a long while, and then out of the blue it suddenly appears directly in front of you…

Almost like a hidden invisible assistant placed it there to help you. Well, you may have guessed it but this is exactly what spirit guides do…

Your guides are like daily assistants that are always helping you to save time and from frustration. By placing items for you to find quicker…

However, this can also sometimes be the opposite…Our guides will sometimes cause us to lose certain items
To help us become aware of something, or even to learn a lesson and even protect us from danger.

You might lose your car keys that are normally in the same place which causes you to be a few minutes late.

But because you were a few minutes late, you discover that a serious accident occurred on the route you always drive on…

And if you weren’t late that could have been you involved in that accident. Your guides foresee these events and will do their utmost to protect you.

And, if you search online you will find plenty of real-life examples of people having such experiences. This can also happen because of something much simpler.

Such as losing your phone temporarily to remind you to remain more present with nature.

Sign #10: Things suddenly falling with synchronistic timing

This can be a random book, letter, or even a magazine that suddenly falls on the floor and automatically gets your attention.

And immediately after seeing the fallen item you sense a vibe or have a deep feeling that this event contains something important you need to know.

This can also happen with a large variety of different objects such as CDs, DVDs, clothing, and much more.
The book or DVD cover may contain an important message relevant to a question you’re asking or a path you’re unsure of taking.

This is your guides attempting to communicate with you and to provide you with the answer.

Sign #11: Synchronicities

A synchronicity is basically two or more coincidences that have no influence on each other but are meaningfully related.

Example 1:
You ask a friend about how someone you both know is doing. And let’s say neither of you has spoken to this person in a long time…

And then suddenly out of nowhere the person you asked about sends you a text message. Or even, after shortly asking about them, you bump into them at a store.

Example 2:
You talk to someone about wishing you were luckier in life, to suddenly hear someone on TV talk about how you don’t need any luck to do well in life…

Now When you experience synchronicities like these and more, make sure you pay close attention.

Because there might be something your spirit guides want you to realize about yourself if you’re limiting your potential.

Or even nudging you to connect to old friends and family…

Bonus Tip:
It’s useful when you experience synchronicities or when working with your spirit guides to keep a journal. Because this will help you become more aware of what your guides are saying.

Sign #12: Internal warning messages

This could be hearing an internal dialogue that sounds similar to your own voice but slightly different.

And you may notice how it tells you to avoid doing something you were about to do, and sometimes even to focus your attention on something important that needs doing.

Example 1:
You might be driving and all of a sudden you hear a voice telling you to slow down... which causes you to avoid a potential accident just ahead of you.

Example 2:
Having a random thought saying something such as it’s a good day for broccoli even if you don’t particularly like broccoli.

Repetitively hearing this strange voice makes you go into a fruit and veg store where you bump into a friend who needs your help.

Our guides will always help by warning us and advising us to move towards or away from something if it serves our greater good.

So, Pay attention to what thoughts arise if they seem unusual and how they make you feel.

Sign #13: Strange electrical surges

Everything around us as proven by quantum physics is made up of energy and vibration, all vibrating at different frequencies.

And since some of our spirit guides come from very high-frequency realms, they influence the frequencies around us, which can cause changes in electrical equipment…

Just imagine a time when you’ve had an aha moment, which causes a rapid shift in how you feel.
Or when you may have asked a deeply important question.

And then all of a sudden one of your electrical devices such as your phone, laptop, a music player, or any other device just started doing strange and random things.

Such as a radio turns itself on and goes onto a random station, a light bulb bursts as you walk into a room or your laptop or TV suddenly switches itself on or off.

When you have these experiences it’s because you’re channeling and connected to higher frequency spirit guides and receiving divine downloads, this also raises your frequency and absorbing their rejuvenating energies.

Sign #14: Sudden smells that remind you of something or someone

Can you recall a time when you could vividly smell something such as chocolate even though there wasn’t any nearby?

Example 1:
Someone thinks of how a close friend they haven’t spoken to in a long time is doing and shortly after they can clearly smell a particular brand of chocolate that reminds them of that particular friend.

Even though there isn’t any nearby and it causes this individual to contact their friend to find out the friend needs their help.

Example 2:
You can smell the scent of a herb or flower that reminds you of a deceased loved one and shortly after you can feel their presence or someone talks to you about the deceased loved one...

Become aware whenever you can smell something when there is nothing nearby to cause the smell, especially if the smell reminds you of something or someone. Our guides can influence our senses to help get our attention.

Sign #15: Drastic changes in a candle flame

Have you ever noticed a time when you’ve had a candlelit and all of a sudden the candle flame became much larger and started swaying around much more violently?

This can be a sign that spirits are trying to get your attention but it is important to make sure you have grounded yourself and done some form of spiritual protection to make sure that you only have uplifting spirits nearby.

Also, pay more attention in your usual day to day activities as you may experience more signs for your spirit guides trying to communicate with you.

Sign #16: White Bright Lights Appearing In Photos

When taking a photo you might see bright white circles that can also appear as orbs within the photo.

This is usually a high-frequency spirit guide that has been caught within the photo although this is quite rate and can often be mistaken to be the reflection of the camera’s flashlight.

This is sometimes done by our spirit guides if other methods of communication haven’t worked to get our attention.

Sign #17: A sudden burst of inspiration

Have you ever felt a sudden burst of inspiration that made you want to start writing a book, join a gym, start a new career, take up a particular hobby, finish an old project, or anything similar?

This might be a sign that your spirit guides are encouraging you to move in a particular direction, especially if you find answers coming to you out of nowhere.

This is how automatic writing works if you connect to one of your guides and are able to channel through writing what they want to communicate.

Whenever you experience these sudden bursts of inspiration, call out to your spirit guides and ask what they mean but more importantly follow the feeling.

Sign #18: Suddenly feeling intense emotions

We all have times when we suddenly feel intense joy or sadness but have you ever felt an intense emotion that caused you to realize that you had made a mistake that came out of nowhere?

That made you realize something about your life had to change, or maybe feeling an intense sadness about someone. Even before they had died with no clear signs that they were dying.

This is your spirit guides channeling and creating changes in your frequency and emotions to communicate an important message.

Whenever you feel an intense emotion call out to your guides and ask for guidance which will encourage them to make what they’re trying to communicate more clearly.

Remember you have divine assistance ready for the call

It can be difficult to recognize what is happening in life if you don’t know what to lookout for. Now that you have these 18 signs at your disposal keep a look out for when your guides are trying to communicate.

And remember your spirit guides always want to assist you, and if you want to connect with your Spirit Guides today…

You can learn how to call upon their help, and answer their calling to receive Spirit Guides messages and guidance on a daily basis here.

It’s a powerful method to connect freely and communicate with their assistance in the shortest time possible.

With love and light