5 Grounding And Shielding Techniques For Empaths And Sensitive Energies

Those who are attuned to the energies around them can be prone to energetic attacks, unaware they have stagnant negative energy that’s difficult to remove.

Sensitive empathic people are most prone to this but also people who are open and vulnerable…

And if you’re looking for techniques to release this energy and repel the lower energies, then these are the 5 MUST have techniques and tools to ground and shield for empaths and people with sensitive energies.

Standing in the light of power and creating lasting protection that surrounds you on a daily basis.

Invoke A Divine Shield to bring more Peace, Love & joy into your life

#1 White light protection

Generally used by many psychics, healers, and lightworkers, to help clear and ward off bad negative energies is the magical powers of white light….

You are a light being, and this divine light can help surround you with protection.

However, it is important to know how to cleanse any stagnant negative energies that you’re holding onto.

A great way to both raise your frequency and to protect yourself from foreign unwanted energies. Is by surrounding yourself with a light shield made from white light.

This helps protect you and your aura and is useful whenever you go anywhere there is a large crowd or anywhere you can sense a low vibe, especially if you feel there are energy vampires.

Surrounding yourself with a white light shield

Before surrounding yourself with a light shield it is worth remembering that you are the light and you can call upon it to protect you and your energy body whenever you ask.
You can do this by

1. Sitting in a comfortable position.

2. Relaxing your body and taking deep breaths in.

3. Visualizing a white light that surrounds you, entering and filling your entire body with every inhalation. Feeling it fill anything darkness you may feel inside.

You can also call out a mantra such as “I am the light.” If you want to strengthen the effect or use any other protective mantras.

#2 Rebalancing your energetic centers

Shielding techniques for empaths and sensitive people pin

You have chakras that can be thought of as energetic centers, that are spinning around like wheels that form your energy body.

Your chakras give out energy to the external world as well as taking energy in.

It’s important to know that many of us have built up walls of protection over the years, thinking it's keeping you safe, but the truth is.

These very walls can trap negative energy that disrupts the natural flow of your energetic centers.
That is one of the main reasons why so many people feel off or a bit funky lately!

And this is why it’s good to start turning inward to rebalance your energy centers.

How to restore balance and harmony to your centers

There are 7 main chakras to focus on, and you want to begin by coming out of your thoughts and away from the egoic mind.

If you get too caught up and focused on your thoughts, it can cause your mind to become numb, and away from your senses.

So to help with this you can prepare by being in a place seated where you’re safe and feel comfortable to do so, become more present in your body, and aware of your feelings and surroundings.

Scan up and down your body to see if anywhere feels tight or imbalanced especially in the area of your chakras.

Use the image below to help you identify the location and color of the chakra, starting with the 1st/root chakra.

Focusing on one chakra at a time see and feel a wheel of swirling energy that’s the color of the chakra begin to energize that area.

Allowing any stagnant or trapped energy to be released and to energize if it feels necessary. Then repeat this going up through every chakra.

7 chakras and positions with colors

#3 Grounding with Gaia's energy and nature spirits

An essential part of being energetically protected is to be grounded, this is a foundation to having your energy centers balanced and to be able to calmly feel and work with energy.

One of the fastest and most effective ways of doing this is connecting to mother earth also known as Gaia, and connecting to the nature spirits also known as the elementals.

An elemental is a physical incarnation of one of the four elements which are fire, water, air, and earth which are the building blocks of the universe.

The earth spirits unlike angels are more closely linked to the earth which makes them great for grounding and reconnecting with nature.

One way you can connect to the earth spirits is to simply be with nature, this includes being with plants, trees that are in your garden, or finding somewhere full of organic life connected to the earth.

A Simple Yet powerful way to connect to the earth spirits

You can do this technique I'm about to share with you, when you’re out in nature or even from the comfort of your own home, by using the following steps.

1. Visualize a root coming down from the sky that enters through the crown of your head, traveling down through your body and coming out of your pelvis.

2. See this root continue for miles deep into the ground.

3. Feel uplifting energies coming up through the root into your 1st/root chakra and it becoming energized.

#4 Golden light protection with ascended masters

A clear sign that negative energy has come into your space is if you feel angry, sad, or generally moody.

This is why another essential protective layer that you should use when you have sensitive energy, is golden light protection. This not only helps protect your energetic body and aura.

It also acts as a layer of psychic protection and can be used to block out lower vibration negative emotions and lower 4th-dimensional entities.

But wait, there's more.... it even helps to connect and begin to raise you towards Christ consciousness.

How to receive golden light protection

There are multiple ways to receive Golden light protection, but one of the fastest and most effective ways I have found is connecting to and calling upon guidance and protection from the ascended masters.

You will naturally resonate and feel more deeply connected to certain ascended masters more than others. For example, you might feel a deeper connection to Jesus, Buddha, or Mother Teresa.

Use the following steps to receive golden light protection:

1. Visualize the ascended master you want to connect to and begin to out loud or in your mind chant their name until you feel a connection.

2. Once you feel a connection first listen to any advice and guidance they first give you whilst remaining respectful.

3. Ask them to shield you with divine golden energy and see and feel yourself becoming surrounded by a golden light filling your energy body and forming a golden sphere around you.

4. Feel any negative attachments and stagnant energies wash or melt away from you.

5. Thank the ascended master for their assistance.

#5 guided meditation

There’s no better way to develop stronger connections to the protection from your team of Divine Assistants with the help of being guided to receive their love and protection.

Now, some people find it difficult to quieten the mind or find it difficult to stay awake during a meditation.

Or even have tried it before and doesn’t work for them.

Well, don’t let any of this put you off, because meditation is a tool that helps you direct yourself inward into inner realms to tap into the highest available protection from your team of Divine Assistants.

And of course whilst you can do this out on your own, being guided step by step through meditation process allows you to simply sit back and relax and let it do the work

You can effortlessly tap into cleansing, protecting and shielding with the help of your Divine Assistants in a matter of just one session.

So, If you want to be guided every step of the way to invoke a powerful protective shield with the help of your Divine Assistants you can check out below:

Get Divine Shield Protection With Divine Assistants here

Becoming the bright shield of light that shines out to others

You first want to shield and protect yourself so you have the strength to shine your divine love and light out onto others.

And this is where people run into trouble, since there are so many different layers of protection it is sometimes difficult and confusing to know where to start.

This is why using guided meditations that take you through each step can make it easy and simple making it a powerful tool to put on your toolbelt…

If you would like to jump ahead and discover how this series of meditations can be used for spiritual protection Click Here...

Remember your divine gift...

Remember being an empathic or sensitive person is a gift that allows you to more easily work with energy and to uplift and ease the pain and suffering in this physical domain.

And now you know how to start protecting your own energy you can start taking your gifts to shine even brighter and to help uplift and protect others.

With Love and light.

  • John Shepherd says:

    I Prayed to Jesus Christ for divine golden energy, and after a couple of minutes my entire body tingled and I began to see at first small flashes of gold, then I kept Praying in the name of Jesus Christ and then a wave started and my forehead felt thick, heavy and then there were bursts of gold flowing up like rainbows but completely gold, when I stopped Praying this continued to happen for about another minute, How I connected was I focused on Jesus hanging on the cross, I had a flash of light green, then a white straight line like from heaven to earth then the gold started, it took about 5 minutes to tune in, for those reading this, it is for real. I am and have been Praying to God for 6 months for My wife has left me for another after 32 yrs of marriage, I was not sure that you were the real deal, I am truely sorry for doubting you… thank you for your help, John S.

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey John,

      Wow thanks for sharing such a powerful experiencešŸ™…

      There is nothing to apologize for, you’ve had legitimate concerns, its important to be cautious of what information you follow out here.

      I am sorry to hear about your wife leaving you.

      I wish you all the best and I’m glad my content has been helpful to you.

      Let me know if you have any questions

      With Love

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