5 Simple Steps To Developing Your Intuitive Gifts With Spirit Guides

If you want to start gaining powerful insights, open your senses, and make the best decisions for moving on the best path forward in life.

Then these 5 simple steps will be the most important steps you will ever learn and here’s why...

After many years of being fearful, lost, and blocked from my intuition, I always struggled with the pain of disappointment of not making decisions that could have been a game-changer in my life…

And, it wasn’t until I began to channel powerful energies that I was able to open my senses and gain powerful insights that gave me clarity, and certainty…

So, If you struggle to utilize your intuition for clear answers and guidance, then I’m going to share a simple 5 step process you can use to open up to a powerful gift with the help of your team of spirit guides…

How To Develop Your intuition Even If you Aren’t Psychic

But First, A common miss conception that many people believe is that in order to be intuitive or use our inborn spiritual abilities or even to connect with higher powers.

You have to be clairvoyant or some kind of gifted psychic, when the truth is, we all have psychic abilities!

The difference is, some gifted individuals have just had a lot more experience and practice to be more in tune and able to use their psychic abilities more than others.

And the good news here, you can train and develop your psychic abilities including intuition just like you can work out and strengthen a muscle.

Become aware of the inborn spiritual gifts that are inside all of us

Even though there are many great exercises out there for developing psychic abilities and intuition.

The problem is they can take a long time and aren’t always guaranteed to work, and most of us have been conditioned to focus primarily on left-brain logical thinking.

One thing you can use for quick rapid improvements in being able to trust and utilize your intuition is through the aid of your spirit guides.

What is intuition?

Just before going through these 5 steps, I think it’s worth giving a brief explanation of what intuition actually is in case you’re unaware or confused.

Intuition is a divine message that comes from a higher intelligence, it could be from your spirit guides, your higher self, God, the universe, or whatever else you believe in.

The important point is that it’s from a divine intelligence and when something can’t be communicated directly to us.

It will come to us through our unconscious mind which acts like a filter so we won’t always be able to recognize it clearly.

However, since it comes as a divine message it comes as a specific feeling, usually within the gut that comes as a feeling of knowing without any logical explanation required.

How spirit guides help with improving intuition

One of the main reasons why people struggle to trust and follow their intuition is because they don’t understand what it is or are unable to differentiate intuition from other feelings or emotions.

With that said we all have a team of spirit guides that each have specific purposes and abilities that can help us in many different ways.

Some of which are accessing varying divine energies and able to channel powerful healing energies that can help us unlock a clearer connection with our intuition.

Here are a few more examples of how our spirit guides can help us that are related to improving our intuition.

  • Helping us become aware of disempowering fear-creating beliefs.
  • Reenergize our chakras.
  • Heal/remove unwanted trauma.
  • Give us signs and even direct messages with what decisions to make.
  • Improve psychic abilities and make us more “sensitive” to intuition and spiritual energies.
  • Help reduce over analyzing and being overly left-brain dominant.

How to trust and develop your intuition in 5 simple steps

Now that you’re more aware if you weren’t already aware of how spirit guides can be very useful for improving intuition.

Here are 5 steps you can use to connect with your spirit guides for being able to trust and use your intuition.

Step 1: Breath in and out deeply

It is important to clear your mind and go into a relaxed state, taking a few deep breaths in and out can quickly help achieve this.

There are more useful methods such as certain meditations and hypnosis because this might not always work depending on your current state of mind.

But this is a very simple step you can take yourself, a useful breathing rhythm to use is:

Four seconds inhale, four seconds pause, four seconds exhale.

Keep repeating until both your mind and body feel relaxed.

Step 2: become present and focus on your senses

It is important to know that intuition comes as a feeling of knowing, not through words. And by being more present and aware of what you can sense.

This will be easier to do after following the first step, making it easier to recognize your intuition and starts the process of becoming open to your spirit guides.

Including your ability to sense intuition and the guidance you receive from your spirit guides. Your guides can also make it easier to remain present and improve your senses and make them more sensitive.

Step 3: raise your frequency

The higher your frequency the easier it is to connect with spirit guides on higher spiritual planes that have access to very powerful divine energy.

One quick way you can do this yourself is by focusing on what you’re grateful for or what you feel love for.

Place your hands on your heart and focus on someone you love or someone who loves you, or a time when you felt a lot of love.

This will straight away begin to raise your frequency, when you start to feel this love feel it expand out from your heart and filling the room you’re in and move onto the next step...

Step 4: ask your guides to step in

Because of having free will, most of our guides won’t help us unless we directly ask for their assistance.

One way in which you can do this when it comes to making decisions is to just simply ask within your mind or out loud a very easy quick statement…

“I call upon my team of divine spirit guides to assist me and make me more aware of what decisions I should make for X...,” With X representing what you want guidance for.

You don’t have to ask by using these specific words above, that is just one example you can use.

Step 5: Listen to your feelings

After following all of the previous steps and asking for guidance from your spirit guides, become aware of what feelings arise.

You may receive a clear insight immediately or within a short period of time after. You will recognize when you have received an intuitive answer and guidance from your guides.

Because of how unique and different it feels, in comparison to other feelings and emotions you normally experience.

Remember you a divine spiritual being

The more you practice working with your intuition and spirit guides the easier it becomes to make divine decisions.

Even if you don’t currently trust yourself or your intuition, give these 5 steps a try and keep asking your guides for assistance and you will be surprised with how fast you start noticing a difference.

Let me know how you find these steps in the comments below.

With Love