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5 Step Manifestation Meditation Revealed To Manifest The Reality You Desire

Meditation can be a powerful way of quietening an overactive mind whilst improving general well being but did you know there are forms of meditation effective specifically for manifesting?

If you already do and are manifesting great results into your life then you’re likely more in touch with your higher self than you realize.

If you have been struggling to manifest the results you want this simple but powerful meditation will fix that with easy steps and tips to follow.

How To Get The Most from Of A Manifestation Meditation

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Just before going into the meditation here are some tips worth noting to maximise the results from the meditation as just making one of these mistakes in any of these areas can sabotage your desired result.

1. Intend for results close to your current circumstances that eventually lead you towards the end result

If you want a new house in a specific location intend to find the exact house you’re wanting or something similar at a good rate rather than you already owning the actual house. Do it in gradual steps.

Or if you want your body to look a certain way rather than meditating on already having the body that you want. Intend to find the ideal nutrition plan and exercise program to follow that will lead you towards having that body.

Don’t worry about knowing the how just intend to move in the right direction and you’ll attract opportunities that put you in the right direction.

2. Avoid excessively thinking about the result

You want to put as much thought and emotion behind the manifestation whilst doing the meditation but then to then ideally completely forget about it after the meditation.

This is because the power to manifest what we want comes from the subconscious that connects to higher powers not from the conscious mind.

If you want a more detailed explanation to this and how to manifest in general I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

3. Create Space and the right environment For The Desired Result

Following on from the previous tip, what we manifest is a result of our subconscious and unconscious minds without going into too much detail here.

Our subconscious mind picks up on symbolism and what things symbolically mean.


A filthy cluttered home is generally associated with poverty and ill health. If you want to attract more money into your life but your house is untidy this is making it more difficult to place this identity into the subconscious.

As your surroundings are symbolically telling your subconscious that you live in poverty even though consciously you’re trying to think of being wealthy and abundant.

Simply tidying your home can help with this particular example.

Another example:

If you want to attract an intimate partner you want to go to locations where they’re likely going to be or be open to being invited to situations such as a party you wouldn’t normally go to.

As when you’re aiming to attract something most of the time you will attract opportunities that lead to the result as the universe takes the path of least resistance.

Which may involve you doing things physically that you wouldn’t normally do.

4. Avoid talking to others about the result you’re intending to manifest unless it has already manifested

By discussing what you’re trying to attract to other people unless it is to learn how to manifest for future attempts at attracting what you want.

Avoid discussing it as someone else focusing on your desired result can sabotage and stop it being attracted or at least bring unnecessary challenges.

5. Accept you won’t always get what you’ve intended to attract.

You may have previously heard that you can have anything that you want in life but what you want right now or have wanted in the past may not be in your best interest and in alignment with your life’s purpose.

It is sometimes in our best interest to not initially get what we want as it can lead us to grow and developing into the version of ourselves that is able to pursue our purpose.


You may have wanted to attract an ex-partner back into your life and were deeply disappointed to not attract that result.

Which at a later time leads you to meeting your ideal partner and causes you to be grateful for not attracting your ex back into your life.

5 step manifestation meditation

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The following is a 5 step meditation for manifesting results that you want into your life. The aim of following these steps is to place the desired result into your subconscious and to create powerful vibrations.

That are in alignment with the desired result, which the following steps in this meditation will help guide you to do.

Before following the steps and going straight into the meditation please read the additional instructions after the 5 steps as they further explain how frequently the meditation should be done and when to stop repeating it.

This manifestation should only be used for 1 specific result at a time and shouldn’t be used to manifest multiple results at the same time as this leads to poor results.

Step #1 Get into a deep meditative state

If you have a meditation or mindfulness practice that you like that helps you get into a deep meditative state follow that otherwise here is a simple way of getting into a deep meditative state.

- Somewhere quiet sit in a comfortable position whilst taking deep breaths inhaling into your stomach taking 4 seconds for the inhale.

- Hold your breath for 4 seconds.

- Then exhale for the count of 4.

Avoid doing this if you have problems breathing or begin to feel light-headed, don’t worry if you’re not following all parts of the breathing for exactly 4 seconds.

The main aim is to keep your focus on the breath and to try and keep everything in sync with the inhale and exhale. If you fall asleep whilst doing this simply go straight to step 2 upon awakening.

Step #2 Focus On how NOT having the desired result makes you feel and the impact it’s having on your life

Now breathing normally taking your mind away from your breathing. Begin to focus on how the lacking of the desired result makes you feel.

By focusing on the emotions of not having the desired result is a powerful way of bringing up emotions of lack and desire which can be later transmuted into feelings of having.

This is important as the more powerful the emotion in the later steps of having the more powerful the results will be.

Which this second step is a powerful starting point to start bringing powerful emotions into the meditation. You may be concerned doing this out of fear of attracting worse situations or pushing it away.

But what this will do is help bring how you really feel from the subconscious to the conscious and make it easier to transmute your emotions into how you want to feel also making it easier to change your beliefs from lacking into having.

Step #3 Accept you might not get the result

Accepting you might not get the result can be easier said than done especially if the result is important to you.

We’re often taught the most you obsessively think about a result with a very intense desire the more likely you’re to attract it. But it does quite the opposite and causes an energetic imbalance which can push the desired further away.

The universe strives to be in balance and by placing the desired result on a pedestal you create an energetic imbalance the universe strives to bring back into harmony.

To do this contemplate on how it will feel to never get the result and meditate on it until you can find an alternative or at least find a meaning that makes feel more accepting of not having the result.

Ask yourself questions such as “what is a good alternative or what can I do as a result of not having this result?”

When you have a desire for a result but are also able to accept and live happily with not having it you’re in a very powerful position to attract it.

Once you have fully accepted you might not get the result or have found a suitable alternative that puts you at ease you no longer have to follow this step in future meditations for the same result and can skip from step 2 straight to step 4.

Step #4 Embody the feeling of already having the desired result

Now that you have a clear desire but are also able to accept that you may or may not manifest the desired result you want to align yourself with the feeling of already having it.

To do this ask yourself questions such as “How would I feel knowing that the result is guaranteed to be manifested?” And “How would I feel to already have this result?” Then begin to picture yourself in a first-person perspective living with the result.

Then picture yourself from as a third person observer watching yourself with the result and watching how you’re reacting with your facial expressions, the words you’re saying get as much of your senses involved as possible.

Step #5 See yourself 5 years from now contemplating how the result impacted your life

By seeing yourself in the future looking back at how the result changed your life is a powerful way of telling your subconscious the result is already yours and has impacted your life.

Similar to step 4 ask yourself questions such as “How did the result of what I manifested impact my life?” or “What am I most grateful for as a result of what I desired being manifested?”

Then when you embody this feeling picture yourself again from a first-person perspective in the reality 5 years in the future after the result being manifested then from a third-person perspective viewing yourself.

You may find it useful in the third person perspective watching yourself describe the result to someone you have a strong emotional connection to.

How frequently should you follow the meditation and how long for?

This meditation is only to be followed until you feel like the result is already yours even before going into the meditation.

Also with step 3 no longer being followed if you have already accepted the possibility of not having the desired result.

This meditation can take roughly from 10-30 minutes depending on how long you want to follow each step for and how long it takes for you to create the emotions required in each step.

Ideally you want to do the meditation daily until you feel that the result is already yours at which point you no longer do the meditation.

However you can do the meditation just once a week but ideally do it frequently until you feel the result is already yours.

​What to do once you feel like the result is already yours

When you reach the stage of feeling like the result is already yours or that it is inevitable.

Keep the desired result out of your mind as much as possible. Ideally forget about the result altogether and that you even did a meditation to manifest it.

As this will keep the desired result in your subconscious as what is in your conscious awareness is no longer in the subconscious. Which is when the result will start to manifest, this is why people usually meet intimate partners when they least expect it.


- Intend for results close to your current circumstances that eventually lead you towards the end result.

- Avoid excessively thinking about the result

- Create Space and the right environment For The Desired Result

- Avoid talking to others about the result you’re intending to manifest unless it has already manifested

- Accept you won’t always get what you’ve intended.

- Only use this meditation to intend for one specific result at a time.

- Ideally do the meditation daily until you feel like the result is already yours or that it is inevitable that it will be.