5 Tools Of Transformation Strengthening Your Divine Connection On Your Personal Growth.

If you feel something is missing in your life and you've just stepped onto your path of conscious spiritual growth.

Or you've been on your path for many years and you’re looking for a boost in your development…

Then this article will reveal how you can use 5 unique tools to enrich your spiritual growth quickly.

It’s a guide for today's spiritual person who wants to LIVE from their higher self, and find more peace, joy, and happiness.

1. Oracle cards

Every Oracle card has its own unique and basic meanings.

But what’s exciting is that your guides will communicate to you through the cards based on what those cards mean to you.

These cards help your conscious mind form a direct link to your higher self, which is your innermost true self.

Your eternal self that connects you to the divine and all that is.

And even though you don’t need oracle cards to communicate with your guides, your higher self, and receive messages from the divine, it makes it a lot easier for most people.

Oracle cards work best when you make it easier for your guides to speak to you through them such as picking them out so you can clearly see which cards have been chosen.

When you’ve found a set of oracles you resonate with, try shuffling the pack and ask your guides the following questions:

“What can I do to strengthen my connection to the divine.”

“What can I do to bring more love and joy into my own life and to others?”

After any question that you ask, pick a card and see what comes to you intuitively.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a big part of connecting with the divine and your higher self.

By being able to perceive what has happened from a higher perspective is the pathway towards higher consciousness and spiritual growth.

This also includes forgiving yourself.

So many of us will continuously repeat in their minds the mistakes that they have made and keep punishing themselves over it.

Find compassion for yourself and know that mistakes you and other people have made are part of everyone's own unique spiritual journey.

And know that not being able to forgive binds you to negativity and prevents you from reaching a higher vibration.

Now if you look at all of the pain and suffering that is going on in the world and know it is through your love and kindness that will help heal the world and bring peace.

It starts with you and being able to forgive and love yourself.

To help with the sacred practice of forgiveness try the following:

  • Make a list of all of the reasons why you can forgive yourself and why you deserve to love yourself.
  • Know that just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you approve of their actions.

Forgiveness comes from a higher perspective, just like when you see a child do something that might be harmful to themselves or others.

You can forgive them without having to approve of their behavior.

  • Write down what you can be grateful for that you have learned or gained from the other person.

Some people will come into your life to challenge you to grow to become an even better version of yourself.
Even if the person had bad intentions, they are only projecting their own fears and weaknesses.

3. Gratitude

Being in a state of gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can be in.

And by practicing gratitude you will be showing the divine that you know you’re being loved and assisted which helps strengthen your connection.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a gratitude journal...

You can do this by setting a time that’s convenient for you ideally in the morning or at night or even both.

To write down at least 5 things you can be grateful for that you already have, that has happened to you that day, or for what’s to come.

Another great method is to write a gratitude letter

Write a letter for all of the people and things you’re grateful for. This could be your family or the people in your life, the house that is keeping you warm and providing shelter, the plants in your garden or anything else.

You don’t have to send this letter to anyone but writing it works wonders in deepening your connection to states of gratitude, the divine and for attracting even more of it to you.

Another useful technique is to count your blessings

This can be done conveniently when you’re sat waiting for someone or something and you can spend around 5-10 minutes either in your head or again writing it down...

And going through all of the blessings in your life, this could be the food you’ve got to eat that day, the experiences and spiritual growth you’ve had, really focus on the gifts in your life.

The more you practice being grateful the easier it will be and your subconscious mind will shift towards being grateful by default.

4. Divine light

Certain divine light frequencies such as golden light are at a very high vibration.

And when you start connecting and aligning with divine light you start to unlock infinite possibilities.

Divine light can be used for protection, removing energetic cords, links to energy vampires, and lower-level entities.

It can help cleanse your space to create an atmosphere for opening up gateways for connecting to your spirit guides.

Divine light can help energize your chakras, and circulate love through the core of your being...
Helping you energetically shift to merge with your higher self.

One of the easiest ways to connect with divine light is calling upon the assistance of your spirit guides

Call out to your guides and ask them for guidance and protection, ask them to help you connect with divine light.

As you begin to see and feel all around you a divine golden light.

See this light being breathed in, filling your lungs, and expanding out through your entire body.

Notice how it beings to recharge and cleanse any areas that it touches.

As the light fills your body you can ask your guides to help you with other areas you may need help with such as spiritual protection or healing.

5. Meditation

Meditation can work wonders for connecting to the divine and spiritual realms, it helps to quieten the ego-mind, reducing fears, worries, and overthinking.

Meditation is a crucial tool for spiritual development and reconnecting with yourself and your spirit.

There are also many different types of meditation such as breathing, focus, visualization, contemplation, mantra, and more.

So it is worth experimenting to find what type of meditation is right for you.

Guided meditations are a shortcut for beginners to connect with divine assistance

And one of the greatest advantages to meditation is that you can be guided through the process so even if you’re a complete beginner...

Or if you’re unsure how to meditate or how to strengthen your connection to the divine you can be taken through the process in a safe, relaxing, and joyful way.

Being taken through the exact steps that you will be learning yourself along the way so you even eventually do it yourself.

If you want to experience this for yourself, check out my guided meditation for connecting with your higher self.

I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey and I hope these spiritual tools serve you like they have myself.

With Love