528hz Emotional & Physical Healing Codes meditation

Everything vibrates at a frequency and depending on the frequency it can be beneficial or destructive.

528hz is a frequency that promotes manifesting, blessings and what it’s most known for is its miraculous healing powers.

it helps to clear the mind and promote transformative love energies, bringing more inner peace, with better intuition.
And perhaps best of all…

528z instantly raises positive energy, improving self-confidence and self-esteem by rebalancing the solar plexus chakra.

How to get the most from this 528hz healing codes Meditation 

Purple frequency with text underneath saying 528hz Emotional & Physical Healing Codes Meditation

Most experienced mystics and spiritual teachers in the East and West know that utilizing the healing power of love within each energy center is the #1 Easiest way to heal at the deepest cellular level.

However the 528hz healing codes frequency can be used in many ways, for a profound healing experience.

Here are 3 steps you can use to utilize this healing frequency within this meditation or even at any time you need it most…

Step 1: Get clear on what you want blessings for

This frequency can bring miraculous results, and going in with a clear intention will direct where this frequency goes, to create positive changes in your life.

So take a few moments to get clear on what areas of your life you want to change/improve, I also recommend writing it down to embody your intention.

Step 2: Set aside the time and relax

Listen to this audio at a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed during the duration of the session.

Get into a position you feel comfortable and allow yourself to let go.

Step 3:Feel Your Intention Like It Is Already Here

Whilst listening to the session create the sensation of already having what you want as if it has already happened.

Create an image within your mind like a movie, playing out already having received the blessings of this session.

If you struggle to visualize just focus on the feeling and ask yourself questions such as:
“How has my life been improved as a result of this change?”

“How have others in my life been positively impacted by this?”

And if you struggle to remain focused on your intention don’t worry because by relaxing and letting go your subconscious mind will be taking over and assisting you.

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    Thank you Rick . I love this meditation
    The music and beautiful patterns like a kaleidoscope I had as a small child

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