walking on garden for mindful living

6 Easy Methods For Mindful Living Without Changing Your Routine

Normally when you‘re promised improved general well being, reduced anxiety improved health and focus without having to take any extra time out of your day can sound like a scam.

But with living more mindfully this is an exception as even though you’re likely already aware of the benefits of living more mindfully and practices to be more mindful. With our extremely busy day to day lives it’s very easy to fall back into old habits and to forget to live mindfully.

In this article you will find 6 practical and easy methods you can apply without taking any extra time of your day to live a more mindful life.

1. How washing and cleaning is a great time for mindful living

Whenever you’re washing dishes, washing your hands or having a shower this is an ideal time to become more mindful. As usually our minds will naturally begin to drift and have random thoughts which are of no benefit.

When you’re washing begin to become more aware of the thoughts that arise without trying to suppress or remove them just become aware of them. Begin to keep your focus on your senses including your sense of touch as you feel the water against your skin.

The sounds you can hear and what you can smell. At first your mind will habitually wonder but as the more you practice this the longer you’ll be able to maintain your focus and remain in the present moment.

The benefits of this will continue and leave you feeling calmer and centred during other activities throughout your day.

2. How to reduce cravings and increase satisfaction through mindful eating

By eating mindfully this will have even more benefits if you have a habit of eating junk food or over eating. As eating junk food or over eating can be a way of meeting our need for certainty.

Which is a need we all have to either avoid pain or to gain pleasure which is a survival instinct. If you want to know more about the needs we all have and how all behaviour is to meet them I recommend reading 6 Human Needs Made Simple To Take Empowering Action.

Whilst eating, ideally without a television or any other forms of distraction similar to the steps above with mindful washing and cleaning.

Become aware of your thoughts and focus on your senses whilst you’re eating, this is especially effective if you’re eating take out.

As you eat more mindfully you will naturally eat slower which will reduce overall consumption whilst increasing the mental satisfaction you receive from eating it as you’re consciously more aware of the sensations and the taste of the food.

The most challenging part of this is to make it a habit as with starting any new habits it will take on average around 90 days for it to become a habit you no longer have to think about.

As you become more mindful whilst eating you’ll be surprised at how much more satisfying even the most basic of meals become and how you’ll have fewer food cravings.

3. How mindful living will help you find more enjoyment through entertainment

Whether you’re listening to music or watching a film by becoming more mindful it will feel more entertaining as you will notice and appreciate more from it.

It will also reduce binge watching as you will already feel more satisfied with watching something more mindfully.

Here are a few additional mindfulness practices you can apply that expand on what has already been mentioned above whilst watching something:

- See how long your mind can remain silent for in-between any dialogue.

- Intensely focus on any silence.

- If you’re into fashion and decor become more aware of the changes and variety throughout the episode or film.

4. How to improve your relationships and improve your responses with mindful living

The majority of us including myself at times whilst in a conversation are guilty of rather than actually fully listening to what the other person is saying. Are just waiting for them to finish so you can speak again.

Not only can this cause problems in both professional and personal relationships but this can cause important details to be missed or for your responses to be automatic from your subconscious.

Whilst engaging in any conversation even whilst with a stranger exchanging trivial pleasantries become more aware of how you feel and fully engage and listen to what the other person is saying.

This is vitally important in debates and arguments as usually this is when it becomes the most challenging to remain present which can cause automatic subconscious programming to take over.

Which can lead to people arguing and getting so involved in the arguing they forget why they’re even arguing and respond with comments they don’t actually mean.

By becoming more mindful of what is being said by the other person/s before responding you will have a clearer idea of the point they’re saying and reply in a way more conscious of what you actually want to say.

5. How to improve productivity and enjoyment whilst working with mindful living

Being more mindful isn’t about being calm/zen with everything that happens in our lives or just accepting how a situation is and doing nothing about it.

Rather it’s becoming more aware of how you truly feel moment to moment and becoming more consciously aware of the thoughts that arise rather than being habitual ran by subconscious programming.

Which gives you more of an insight and the power to make a change such as changing a working situation if you’re currently unhappy or dissatisfied with it.

Whilst also being able to manage and find more enjoyment during the task of looking for different work as you will have an improved general well being and naturally feel calmer and centred even during challenging circumstances.

If you already enjoy your work than becoming more mindful will improve your focus which will improve your productivity whilst further improving your creativity and enjoyment.

This is done by following the steps similar to living more mindfully whilst cleaning or washing by becoming more aware of your thoughts and senses whilst carrying out your work.

Become more mindful whilst engaging in conversations and become aware of what is happening in your surroundings.

6. How mindful walking can be a practical time saving alternative to meditation

I personally recommend meditating but for those of you who are already meditating or don’t like the thought of spending time meditating. Becoming mindful whilst walking is much more powerful than it may initially sound.

Whilst walking anywhere whether it’s to work, a shop or another room in your house. Become present and aware of the sensation of moving your body and your surroundings whilst walking to the desired destination.

You’ll be surprised how powerful this can be if you’ve never done it before I have personally at times had much better results from mindful walking than meditating.

​If you want to find inspiration and wise teachings on mindful living I recommend Transformative Spiritual Quotes That Will Empower Your Journey.

Pick at least 1 of the above methods to start with and form the habit before moving onto another one to avoid overwhelm.

Let me know in the comments below how living more mindfully will benefit you and which method you’ve chosen to start with.