outline of woman doing a simple meditation on grass infront of a sun set

7 Easy Ways To Apply A Simple Meditation To Improve Your Life

You don’t have to travel to the Himalayas, become a monk or swear celibacy to gain huge benefits from meditating.

Even starting as little as 5 minutes per day can help reduce anxiety, improve general well being, improve concentration, increase relaxation and much more.

The following simple meditations are beginner friendly, quick and easy to follow.

#1 Guided meditation

Guided meditations are an excellent place for beginners to start as even though meditation is generally quite simple to do.

It can be difficult to know where to start which a guided meditation solves this by giving you instructions and something for the mind to focus on, making it easier to quieten the mind.

The following meditation is a brilliant 10 minute guided meditation:

#2 Breathing and counting meditation

Once you’re aware of the basics of meditating which can be learned from tutorials or following guided meditations, a very simple but effective meditation is to focus on the breath whilst counting.

To do this count up to 10 counting both the inhale and exhale as a single count. When you’ve reached 10 reset and count back up to 10 whilst focusing on the breath without aiming to silence the mind.

Which you will find will naturally lead your mind to become silent.

#3 Mindful meditation

For this simple mindful meditation all you need to do is simply sit in a quiet room in a relaxed position. And become aware of the thoughts that come to you without trying to remove or follow them.

Become aware of any silence in-between each breath you take without trying to achieve a specific state and just allowing whatever comes to the surface to arise.

#4 Meditating with Binaural beats

Binaural beats are like an imaginary tone that the brain is “tricked” into hearing as two different sound frequencies are played in each ear that affects the frequency of the brain.

​Make sure you listen to the binaural beats through headphones otherwise they won’t work.

Whilst listening to them you can do either the mindful or breathing meditation or any other form of meditation and the binaural beats will help you get into deep meditative state.

#5 Subliminal meditation

Subliminal audio doesn’t have to be listened to whilst doing any particular activity but can be useful when combined with meditation as you can get extra benefits of having positive beliefs programmed into the subconscious mind.

Subliminal audios contain positive statements/affirmations that are played at a very low volume usually with some much louder music.

That makes it so the affirmations cannot be picked up by the conscious mind but are picked up subliminally by the subconscious.

There are also subliminal audios that are combined with binaural beats with the same benefits as mentioned above.

#6 Mantra meditation

Repeating certain words or phrases can put us into a trance like state; certain words have an even more powerful effect.

One of those is an OM meditation that should be pronounced as AUM

Whilst chanting OM focus both your attention and the vibration of the sound just behind your forehead in the location of your pineal gland also known as the 3rd eye for greater effect.

#7 Candle meditation

Candlelight is a great way of helping focus the mind especially if you struggle to focus whilst meditating. All you need to do after following basic fire safety is to sit comfortably in a quiet area and stare into the centre of the flame.


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