7 Signs To Recognize Intuition Is Telling You Something Important

Have you ever wondered if what you’re experiencing is an intuitive prompt?

And if you look into it you may come across advice such as listen to your gut and trust your feelings, but what if you’re still unsure or even feel blocked and can’t feel anything?

It can be very difficult to trust your gut or “listen” to what your intuition is saying if you can’t feel it clearly because of being blocked or if your ego-mind is loud and noisy with thoughts racing.

So, In this post, I’m going to share 7 signs to look out for so you can help identify what your intuition has been telling you even if you can’t clearly feel it.

So you will be able to start following divine guidance, become more consciously aware of what path to take for manifesting what you want, healing past traumas, and much more.

I’m also at the end of this post going to share a tip for developing your intuition to help unblock and make it easier for you to tune in and trust your intuition with the help of your spirit guides.

What is intuition?

Just before going through these 7 signs, I think it’s worth giving a brief explanation of what intuition actually is in case you’re unaware or confused.

Intuition is a divine message that comes from a higher intelligence, it could be from your spirit guides, your higher self, God, the universe, or whatever else you believe in.

The important point is that it’s from a divine intelligence and when something can’t be communicated directly to us.
It will come to us through our unconscious mind which acts like a filter so we won’t always be able to recognize it clearly.

However, since it comes as a divine message it comes as a specific feeling, usually within the gut that comes as a feeling of knowing without any logical explanation required.

Do you need to be spiritually gifted to use intuition?

Many people think intuition is genetic and you either have it from birth or you don’t. Or you need to be psychically gifted when everyone is intuitive and capable of enhancing their intuitive abilities.

You can fight an uphill battle trying to force your psyche to become more psychic and improve your intuition.

Which mainly comes from the ego, or you can take an easier and more effective option by calling upon the divine guidance of your spirit guides.

7 Signs to be able to trust its intuition

It’s important to remember that intuition doesn’t communicate through words but through feelings and if your feelings of intuition are blocked.

It can become very difficult to know what decisions to make and be easily led away from your divine purpose. 

The hidden helpers that can make everything easier

If this is something that sounds familiar you can call upon your team of loving and caring spirit guides to assist and guide you.

There are different types of spirit guides to give a few examples, there are guides for healing, manifestation, finding the right path, teaching, purpose guides and much more.

And your guides are more aware of aspects of your psyche even more so than you are yourself. And are here to make life easier if you call upon their help, more on this later.

In the meantime if you struggle to feel your intuition following signs will help.

Sign 1: The feeling stays persistent

Can you remember a time you had a strong feeling about someone at work or even where you should go out to eat?

Too shortly after have your mind and feelings quickly changed because of what someone told you.

Chances are it was just a cognitive process and not intuition. However, can you remember a time when your feeling about someone or something stayed the same.

And you knew your feeling was right, even when provided with counter-evidence your feeling of knowing turned out to be correct, that was intuition.

Pay attention to feelings about something that remain the same even when challenged.

Sign 2: You experience signs and synchronicities that confirm the feeling

This is an important sign to be aware of, especially if you’re struggling to feel and recognize your intuition.

This is like those times when you know deep down you should apply for a different job, tell someone something or leave a relationship just to give a few examples.

To then suddenly have a sign or synchronicity come to you such as someone on TV talking about they will finally leave their relationship or job just as you were thinking about leaving yours.

The majority of these signs will be coming from your spirit guides, this is another reason why it is very useful to be able to communicate with your guides.

Sign 3: You ignored the feeling of intuition and things got worse

Have you ever experienced a time when you knew should deep down what you should do but for whatever reason, you didn’t follow the feeling?

Then shortly after things in your life not even related to what the feeling is about got worse. Like you were applying the law of attraction in reverse?

Chances are it was intuition you were ignoring and it was a divine power knocking on your door metaphorically speaking to get your attention to listen to it.

This is again another reason being able to get clarity from your spirit guides is very helpful.

Sign 4: You have unique reoccurring thoughts related to the feeling

This sign isn’t always as clear because you can have repetitive thoughts about an ordinary emotion or feeling, but if you find your thoughts are repetitive and unique.

Then it is highly likely intuition.


You’ve had a feeling you should call a relative you haven’t spoken to in a long time, but you put it off because it has been so long and it feels awkward.

To keep having thoughts about the relative’s favorite food or a time you had spent together.

There’s a good chance your intuition is telling you to ring your relative for an important reason beyond what your conscious mind can perceive.

Spirit guides can be used to give you a clearer sign or message for why you’re having these thoughts.

Sign 5: You have dreams related to the feeling of knowing

If you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing intuition and you have a dream, especially if it’s reoccurring.

Where you receive a message or insight that makes the feeling of knowing clearer, chances are it is intuition you’ve been experiencing.

This sign isn’t always quite so clear so look out for other signs such as the ones previously mentioned in this post to help increase your confidence in knowing that it is intuition you have been experiencing.

Sign 6: Changes in your physiology

This sign probably the least common out of all of the signs I’m sharing in this post. But on some rare occasions if something is very important for you to become aware of.

You may experience physiological changes that cause you to learn a divine lesson or to become aware of what your intuition is trying to tell you.


You know that you shouldn’t go to a certain work event or trip despite your boss demanding it or you know that you should leave your job entirely.

And all of a sudden you become extremely ill that ends up causing you to lose your job or to find an alternative.

Which often leads people towards their divine purpose, calling upon your spirit guides during these times can make everything about such challenging periods much easier to deal with and solved faster.

Sign 7: Similar opportunities keep coming to you

If you keep having opportunities come to you especially if it isn’t for something you have been intending such as work in a particular field.

Or discounts for a particular college course, holiday, or something unusual or unlikely to happen.

Chances are you’re receiving divine guidance to help you become more aware of something important.

You might also feel a slight nudge to go in a particular direction, this is your spirit guides helping you move towards your divine purpose.

Fast yet simple way to unlock and strengthen your intuition

There are many ways to improve your ability to work with and trust your intuition. But one of the fastest yet simplest ways is to ask for the aid of your spirit guides.

Our spirit guides are aware of much more aware than we are of what is blocking us or preventing us from fully tapping into our intuition.

Whenever you’re experiencing intuition or any of the signs above but are still unsure. Become present and focus on what you can feel.

And then out loud or within your mind say. “I ask that my highest most divine spirit guides, guide me to become more aware and to give clarity to what I am experiencing and if it is intuition.”

You don’t have to use this exact wording, the important thing is that you ask your guides to help and to clarify what you’re experiencing.

Let me know in the comments below if you found these 7 signs helpful and if they have helped you to become more aware of what you’re experiencing.

With love


  • Roro says:

    thank you SO MUCH Rick. It is indeed intuition and I am just hesitant to follow it because of lack of self trust, and fear of response. I am not used to putting my self first. I pray to leave the struggle and resistance to rest.

    • Rick Khan says:

      it can be challenging at the beginning when you’re not use to it as you’ve always put everyone else first, but with practice and patience and trust in your higher powers I promise it will get easier 🙏❤

  • Wakenda says:

    This urgent “feeling” is not about choice..it’s a fear something bad will happen to someone close to me. Since early childhood I’d get these feelings, sometimes in a dream, often just a quick flash of thought that pops in, and I feel sick..always trying to push it away. Unfortunately, it’s usually about something never good. My great aunt was clairvoyant and she mostly “knew” the bad stuff going to happen. As a worrier..I’m anxious about this person so I thought maybe, this was anxiety about his safety, but out of a blue sky, seeing him happy+fine..I’m driving and wham..here comes that feeling of dread, sadness and I just want it to stop. I’m asking my guides( a Native chief, An old nun and I think my grandmother) please make this clear for me and tell me what I can do to prevent this, it’s a small child I’m having these visions of..even the funeral event.Im just so unsure lately, is it anxiety or intuition??

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