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7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Did you know there are instant ways to become aware if your guardian angel is trying to contact you?

After several years of contacting my own guardian, I've narrowed it down to the 7 signs that you should be aware of.

This post will also make it easy to know whether it's your guardian or your spirit guides contacting you.

Sign 1: Unique messages within dreams

Have you ever woken up from a dream that made you think wow, that seemed so real, or it gave you an aha moment?

Even though it was a dream, it felt different, something about it made you realize it was meaningful.

This might be confused with signs from your spirit guides, or even angels in your dreams.

When it's your guardian angel you will receive a message that only someone who knows you very well could give you.

You will also feel very protected, as your guardian angel is one of the best guides for spiritual and psychic protection.

Sign 2: Unusual change in temperature

Have you ever been somewhere cold to suddenly notice a random warm area?

Or randomly began to feel much warmer yourself, even though there wasn't anything to cause the rise in temperature?

This is a strong sign your guardian angel is with you, as your guardian will cause the temperature to rise when nearby.
This is a great time to ask your guardian for assistance.

Pay attention to the warm sensation and if becomes stronger, reconfirming that your guardian is with you.

Sign 3: Unique cloud formations

It is common for clouds to form shapes that look like objects you’re familiar with.

However, if you notice the clouds look like someone you’ve been thinking about or even a job you have thought about applying to.

Then this is a strong sign your guardian angel is making you aware that you’re being guided, you might even see the outlines of wings in the sky.

When you notice these cloud formations, turn inward, become aware of the present moment, and tune into your senses.

This will help you become more aware of what your guardian is trying to communicate to you.

Sign 4: Feathers in unusual places

A common sign that your angels are guiding and want to reassure you is leaving feathers in your path.

You will notice feathers in unusual places during difficult times, when you need reassurance or if you’ve asked angels for help. This is especially true when it comes to your guardian.

It can be exciting and amusing to see an unusual amount of feathers in unexpected places.

I've had people send me photos of feathers on their couch just hours after I told them how feathers and angels go together.

With no idea how the feathers got there.

Sign 5: Feeling like someone is with you

Can you recall a time when you were alone somewhere, and then all of a sudden you feel like someone is there with you?

I often experience this in my kitchen and sometimes even turn around thinking someone is there physically.

This is a strong sign one of your spiritual guides is watching over you, this may even include a deceased loved one.

When it's your guardian angel, you will feel love, protection, and a knowing for what you should do next in your soul's journey.

Sign 6: Unexplained fragrance in unexpected places

Have you ever been in a forest and noticed a fragrance that didn't match your surroundings?

Or sat somewhere with no food in sight but you could smell chocolate?

This is because your guardian angel is very closely linked to you, and can make you aware of different signs through your senses, including smell.

Pay close attention when you notice fragrances out of nowhere, turn inward, and ask your spirit what these smells mean or represent to you.

Sign 7: Miraculous help from a stranger

I can personally recall a time when my car broke down in the middle of nowhere, with no one especially any car garages nearby for miles upon miles...

With my phone not working, no way of contacting anyone...

To suddenly notice a truck stop nearby, which turned out to be the owner of a car garage, and was able to get my car going again on the spot.

Miracles aren’t always about superhuman or supernatural events, but can also be when you receive help out of nowhere.

When it appears very unlikely to receive help or get what you want. But somehow you still received exactly what you needed, this is your guardian angel sending someone to help you.

How do you know if your guardian angel is trying to contact or communicate with you?

Even though it is possible to communicate with angels including your guardian, they don’t usually speak with their own words verbally.

They will communicate telepathically making you aware through your internal voice, through internal images sounds and sensations.

What is also beautiful is since your guardian knows you so well, the best style of communication for you will be used.

It is important to become present and out of the egoic mind when your guardian so communicating with you. This will make it far easier to open a clearer pathway of communication.

How to communicate clearly and ask your guardian angel for a sign

If you want to ask your guardian for a sign or even to just open a pathway for clearer communication.

Begin my taking deep breaths in through your nose, and exhaling out through your mouth. Continue to do this until you begin to feel more relaxed with a clear mind.

Then become aware of your surroundings, if you’re outside pay attention to the nature that surrounds you, the sky, the clouds, and get into your senses.

If you’re indoors focus on the decorations and what you can see around you.

Then become aware of the temperature how it feels on your skin.

How the textures of your clothes feel, take your time with this until you feel connected to your body and the present moment.

Then from this awareness, out loud or within your mind, seeing and feeling what you ask going out to the universe...

“I ask my guardian angel to please make their presence known.”

“Show me a sign to confirm if what I’ve been feeling is accurate or not.”

What to do next

Now you're aware of the 7 most common and clear signs your guardian is trying to contact you, and how to start communicating.

I recommend looking into activating your heart center to help heal and restore balance to your other energy centers, which will help raise your frequency allowing you to access the higher realms for clearer spiritual communication.

I hope you have found this post useful let me know in the comments below.

With Love

  • Suzanne says:

    Hello Rick
    I have been contacted in dreams and with beautiful perfume that came from nowhere . It lasted for about five minutes then was gone in a flash . It was after my mother died

    • Rick Khan says:

      Condolences for your mother 🙏❤

      Dreams are an incredible way for Guides to contact you, its an easy gateway for spirit to access.

      And here’s the thing…

      The perfume smell is a very powerful sign, did you feel a presence an emotion or even a feeling in that moment it happened?

      Would Love to hear more

      Love and Light

  • jason says:

    what if it is a bad smell

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Jason, if you’re certain there is nothing physical causing the bad smell it can be a warning sign or there’s negative energies and entities in the area and it’s worth either doing an energetic cleanse for that area or to avoid it.

  • Katarzyna says:

    Now I know, that was an Angel, in my dreams, twice, night by night. Ones there was a large, white cockatoo parrot, and to confirm it, these were 3 large, white cockatoo parrots….with other white animals like lion, cow, tiger, wild boar…white…

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