7 Signs Your Higher Self Is Talking To You

Did you know a simple sign from your higher self could change the direction of your life?

A direction that leads you to the truth of living your life with passion and purpose.

But, what are these signs? And how do you know what they mean?

Well, In this article, I’m going to reveal how you can go from feeling lost to finding your purpose when you discover the 7 signs your higher self is talking to you.

7 Messages from your higher self that reveal your purpose

#1. Removing people who don’t share the same path as you

As you start to spiritually awaken, you may find an inner voice that guides you to removing people from your life that don’t share the same path.

This doesn’t mean to remove or avoid anyone that isn’t spiritually awakening.

Because everyone is on their own journey, and a part of spiritually awakening is to help the collective.

It’s about removing those people who are holding you back, that may view you as weird and don’t understand or are not supportive of your spiritual path.

A spiritual awakening is already difficult without having people that make it even harder in your life.

You will find almost like magic that you will start to attract people on a similar journey and vibe as you start to free up space for new people to come in.

#2. Messages within your dreams

One of the easiest ways for spirit to communicate is through dreams.

Whilst dreaming you are in an ideal state of consciousness to receive divine downloads because the noisy egoic mind is out of the way.

To differentiate that it’s your higher self and not some other form of spirit or guide in your dream.

Your higher self will make you feel a deep sense of inner knowing like you’re being reminded of something you already knew.

Rather than being told something new, you will likely feel and say to yourself, “Oh yeah, how did I ever forget that!”

Your higher self is unlikely to talk to you directly, it will likely be through images and feelings that reveal your purpose or what path to take next.

Directly asking for assistance before going to sleep will increase the chances of receiving messages from your higher self in your dreams.

You can do this with a simple prayer such as:

“Higher self and my highest light, please reveal to me my divine path and purpose and reveal to me my true inner light.”

#3. Inner Guiding Voice

Have you ever had an experience of struggling to make a decision but you felt an inner feeling of what to do.

Which you then later find out by either trusting or ignoring the feeling that it was correct.

Your higher self will usually communicate with you through feelings and flashes of insight.

Whenever you’re making a decision, take a few moments to take some big deep breaths, relax and quieten your mind.
Ask for assistance which is easier when you connect with your higher self.

However, even by just simply calling out or asking within your mind because your higher self is always listening, you will be guided.

Try asking: “Higher self guide and reveal to me with divine grace, what path I should take in a way that is clear for me to understand."

#4. Signs keep repeating

Sometimes the universe, God, or however you’d like to describe the creator will communicate in mysterious ways.

However, sometimes messages are pretty much flashing in front of us and we just aren’t getting it.

Have you ever had the experience of thinking about someone...

And then suddenly they call you just as you were thinking about them.

Another example, thinking about something such as moving or starting a new job.

Then someone randomly brings up the topic in conversation, without you ever mentioning it to them?

If you repeatedly keep having these signs, this is your higher self trying to talk and send you messages through different methods.

It can be difficult to know what these signs mean but if you keep a journal of them and ask for more guidance to help reveal what these signs mean.

It will become much easier to recognize and understand, including finding your purpose and what path to take.

#5. Sudden boost of energy

Can you think back to a time when you felt tired and didn’t want to do anything to all of a sudden have a huge boost of energy?

While on your journey of spiritual awakening you may experience random bursts of high energy.

It’s important to become aware of what you were doing or thinking before these bursts of energy as this is your higher self talking to you.

The paths you’re guided towards won’t always be clear as to why you’re being directed towards them.

However, sometimes it is these experiences that will lead you to discovering your true purpose.

If you struggle to remember when you have these boosts of energy, keep a diary of them and ask your higher self for guidance.

This will help make your purpose and what path to take much clearer.

#6. Heightened Sensitivity and emotions

Have you ever felt more sensitive or that your emotions were heightened and unsure as to why this was happening?

This is because your higher self is helping to unlock energy pathways and to get your attention for something important related to your purpose.

During these experiences even though they can be difficult to deal with, become present in the moment and ask your spirit what it needs.

Ask yourself these questions:

"What does my mind think about this?"

"What does my spirit think about this?"

Be kind to yourself and know your increased sensitivity is guiding you towards spirit and away from fear.

Also asking for guidance and reassurance from your higher self will help you to relax and get the message these heightened emotions are trying to give you.

#7. Your life is effortlessly flowing

A beautiful sign that your higher self is talking to and guiding you is when life is effortlessly flowing.

When you’re in alignment with your spirit and higher self, life is like a beautiful song and dance.

Gracefully flowing from one beautiful scene to the next.

Even when your life is flowing in such a way but you’re unsure of your purpose, know what you’re already living it or on the path towards it and continue to flow with nature.

If however you still want reassurance you’re on the right path, ask your higher self directly for assistance and go with what you feel intuitively is right for you.

You will know if you start to move away from your purpose when life stops effortlessly flowing.

Taking aligning with your higher self and purpose to the next level

Now that you’re more aware of the most common signs that your higher self is trying to talk to you and revealing your purpose.

If you found this useful and would like to know how to be guided even further, you might benefit from checking out how to merge with your higher self with divine assistance.

With love

  • Beverley Bond says:

    Thank you so much Rick. I absolutely resonated with all of them. I’m a energy healer. My problem is that I don’t quite my mind as much as I’d like too, but when I do pause it for a moment I have experience all those way of my higher self guidance. It is truly magical. I absolutely love my path. Thank you for your guidance as well. I appreciate you very much.

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Beverly, thanks for sharing taking the time to pause helps to receive higher self guidance. And you are welcome🙏❤

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