7 Simple Spiritual Altar Ideas Revealed

Spiritual altars are both a fun and powerful way of adding more strength and variety to almost any spiritual practice.

If you’re not sure of what an altar is or where to start I first recommend that you read my guide on how to use spiritual altars for beginners.

If want to know ways I’ve found to make spiritual altars both more practical and exciting, continue reading on as I will share 7 altar ideas you can use and what items can be used on your altar.

What is the purpose of a spiritual altar

A spiritual altar is used to help shift the states of consciousness and vibration of those using it.
This could be for...

  • Spiritual growth and insight.
  • Helping to raise yourself to higher realms.
  • Contacting spiritual guides.
  • Strengthening your intentions for manifestation.
  • Sending/channeling healing frequencies for yourself or sending healing energies to others.
  • And much more...

7 Spiritual altar theme ideas

You can use any items you’d like with the following themes, these themes are just to give you ideas and inspiration for the style of altar that you want to create...

What’s most important is what your altar represents to you.

Theme #1 Crystals

Crystal altar

Crystals contain unique powerful energies, with such a variety of different colors and benefits to them.

As an example, if you want an altar that’s focused on spiritual healing, you could use an altar focused on healing crystals such as quartz, jasper and many others.

Theme #2 Magical atmosphere

magical atmosphere altar

A magical high vibed atmosphere, which can be made by using items that create this feeling for you such as, incense, crystals, candles, tarot or oracle cards...

Will help put you into a magical state of mind for manifesting your intentions and desires.

Add anything that makes you feel like you’ve already manifested what you want or makes you feel like anything is possible.

Theme #3 Mother Gaia

mother gaia altar

We receive so many blessings from Gaia, that collectively we often take for granted...

If you want to show your appreciation to Gaia, and receive assistance from the nature spirits...

This style of altar is a great way to do so, use items that make you feel at one with nature such as plants, flowers, leaves, twigs or anything else that represents connecting with nature...

Theme #4 Peaceful incense

peaceful incense spiritual altar

Incense can be used for setting a spiritual atmosphere...

cleansing away negative spirits and low vibrational energies...

An altar that is focused mainly on using incense are quick and easy to set up, whilst remaining useful as a spiritual focal point for your intentions.

Theme #5 Shamanic altar

Shamanic spiritual altar

If you follow any shamanic practices or if you’d like help connecting with your animal spirit guides. A shamanic altar is a powerful way of helping with your intentions.

Use feathers, twigs and anything that represents to you what you want to achieve from your spiritual practice.

You can also use items that represents your animal spirit guide.

Theme #6 Crystals of the earth

crystals of the earth spiritual altar

Similar to the first theme, using crystals that represent what your intentions are...

Using large crystals can be powerful tools for connecting you with the energies of the earth, the nature spirits...

And can be used in combination with other themes such as creating a magical atmosphere...

Theme #7 Spiritual ascension

Spiritual ascension altar

Altars can be used to help focus your intention on spiritual growth and ascension, spiritual avatars that may inspire you such as the Buddha, Mother Teresa, Jesus can be used on your altar for receiving wisdom.

What To Put On A Spiritual Altar

Spiritual altars work by helping you to focus your intentions and by creating energetic shifts.

So it’s important to use items that help you shift your state of consciousness, and how you feel so you become be aligned with what you want from using an altar.

If you want assistance contacting your spirit guides, use items that remind you of, or help you feel connected with your guides.

With that said, here is a list of items that you can use on your altar:

  1. Crystals
  2. Incense
  3. Candles
  4. Tarot cards
  5. Oracle cards
  6. Photographs
  7. Statues
  8. Cloths
  9. Jewelry
  10. Money
  11. Plants, flowers, leaves, twigs
  12. Paintings
  13. Prayer beads
  14. Sacred texts
  15. Essential oils
  16. Herbs
  17. Journals
  18. Feathers
  19. Food offerings

Receive divine guidance for your altar

Follow your intuition and go with what theme and items that feel right for you...

If you’d like to receive ideas and tips specific to you for what to place on your altar...

One of the best methods is receiving answers by connecting with your divine assisting support team.

With Love