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75 affirmations for success that instill a powerful mindset

Success in any area is 80% psychology and only 20% mechanics according to Tony Robbins. And you’ve likely already heard the famous quote by Henry Ford:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford-

An affirmation is “The action or process of affirming something.” In this context we’re using them to affirm and create positive beliefs. Which can be used to create beliefs that will make us think and know that we can succeed.

The following affirmations for success will help you affirm and create new empowering beliefs that will give you the 80% which is the psychology behind success regardless of what success personally means to you.

empowering affirmations for success

empowered woman using affirmations

1. “All I need is within me now!”

2. “I always give my full effort even during challenging circumstances!”

3. “I can never fail as a mistake made is a lesson learned leading me to what will work!”

4. “My subconscious mind is always scanning and making me away of opportunities that will lead me to success!”

5. “I am confident in my ability to handle success!”

6. “I am in alignment with my personal values and mission in life!”

7. “I find joy and fulfillment along the journey of achieving my goals and outcomes!”

8. “I have laser like focus and focus on anything that brings me closer to achieving my goals and outcomes!”

9. “I dare to dream big and thinking big is a normal part of my daily life!”

10. “I attract the necessary circumstances for my goals and outcomes!”

11. “The power of my subconscious mind makes me achieve anything positive that I set my mind to, my subconscious mind serves and benefits me for my greater good, my subconscious mind directs me towards true desires, anything that will bring me joy and fulfillment and anything that creates an amazing quality of life!”

12. “Abundance and success in every sense of the word is a normal part of my daily reality!”

13. “My body, mind and spirit are in alignment directing me towards the right direction!”

14. “The more successful I am the more successful those around me will be as they will be influenced and benefit from my own success!”

15. “I stay grounded and clear focused under pressure which also makes me step up bringing out the best in me!”

16. “I love myself and know that I’m already enough and what I pursue is just to enhance my life and those around me!”

17. “I channel any forms of anger and frustration towards creating positive outcomes that lead to my success and benefiting others around me!”

18. “Any forms of anxiety or nerves going into an activity is just my body telling me that I need to be prepared which is reminding me to perform at my very best!”

19. “Any forms of success and abundance in my life is only evil or selfish if I choose it to be which I am generous and my success serves the greater good!”

20. “I attract the necessary people and mentors into my life for achieving my outcomes and goals!”

21. “I find and focus on opportunities even when circumstances seem very difficult and scarce!”

22. “My baseline emotional state without even trying is energetic, enthusiastic and driven towards achieving my outcomes and goals!”

23. “I excel in everything that I do, success comes easily and naturally to me!”

24. “I celebrate every small achievement and progress that I make as this encourages me to succeed and stay persistent towards my outcomes and goals.”

25. “I’m constantly growing and improving!”

26. “I’m solution focused.”

27. “I become consciously aware of any limiting beliefs that aren’t serving me or that are holding me back from achieving my outcomes and goals!”

28. “Every success is confirmation that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to and further increases my confidence!”

29. “I’m a courageous influential leader that inspires and brings out the best in people!”

30. “I wake up full of vitality and excited for the day ahead!”

31. “I have great value to add to offer others and the world!”

32. “I constantly strive for improvement and progress whilst moving forward with my current abilities!”

33. “I trust and flow with whatever life presents me whilst doing what I can to help co-create my reality!”

34. “I might be wrong but I never doubt my decisions as they will eventually lead to what is right!”

35. “I’m an effective communicator and enjoy engaging with others!”

36. “Stepping outside of my comfort zone is an enjoyable experience as I know progress and success resides there!”

37. “My life is full of opportunities!”

38. “I am extremely grateful for all that I have which helps me strive for more in an abundant and ecstatic mindset!”

39. “When making important decisions I am grounded, clear minded and trust my decisions!”

40. “If I see something isn’t working I remain calm and simply change the approach until it works!”

41. “People feel at ease and trust me because I’m congruent and I’m aligned with my words and actions!”

42. “I’m persistent in achieving success in every area of my life!”

43. “I seize opportunities that come into my life!”

44. “A belief is just a feeling of certainty that something is true, any belief that disempowers me is false as I focus on the evidence around me that I can succeed in anything that I set my mind to!”

45. “I always remember where I started from because it serves as a reminder of my progress and gives me reasons to be grateful.”

46. “Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness.”

47. “Challenges in my life are opportunities to grow!”

48. “I have precise plans that will lead me to succeed!”

49. “If I believe it I can achieve it!”

50. “I take action despite fears and doubt!”

If you want to learn more about how to get the most out of using affirmations I recommend reading Morning Affirmations That Set You Free From Limiting Beliefs By Using 3 Simple Steps.

51. “I live in an abundant universe full of opportunities!”

52. “If I focus and look for opportunities and solutions I will find them!”

53. “I trust in a greater power guiding me to my success which causes me to let go of how the result is achieved whilst still doing my part to take the required action to achieve my outcomes and goals!”

54. “I live in a high vibration that attracts outstanding circumstances!”

55. “I’m capable of so much more than I ever thought possible that it almost causes me to feel overwhelmed because of what I can achieve!”

56. “I habitually keep myself in peak states and demand the most out of myself!”

57. “I set and maintain high standards for myself regardless of what others expect of me!”

58. “I demand more from myself than anyone else around me even if no one else believes in me!”

59. “My state and enthusiasm is contagious and uplifts those around me!”

60. “I forget the past unless it serves me and focus on the future and where I’m heading!”

61. “The past does not equal my future!”

62. “I can clearly tell the difference between intuition and an emotion!”

63. “I’m committed whilst learning and applying any necessary skills to achieve my outcomes and goals!”

64. “Anyone who has succeeded before me is also just a human being and is another reason why I can also succeed!”

65. “I’m a world class X (whatever your role or profession is)!”

66. “My subconscious directs me towards achieving my outcomes and goals!”

67. “I’m extremely creative and come up with solutions that aren’t always obvious to everyone else!”

68. “There are multiple paths and ways to succeed so I know I’ll eventually discover the right path or way!”

69. “I remove unnecessary distractions from my life!”

70. “I prioritize my time and focus on what’s important that will bring the most results over less important unnecessary activities!”

71. “I love and thoroughly enjoy what I do!”

72. “I can see the point of view of others and I seek to understand before I seek to be understood!”

73. “I take full responsibility for both my success and failures which gives me the power to make the choice to succeed!”

74. “I’m surrounded by likeminded empowering people that help me head in the right direction in my life!”

75. “Success comes from understanding processes which I find the right process and apply for the areas of my life I choose to succeed in!”

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