9 Physical Signs Of Intuition That Will Confirm Your Feelings

So you are already somewhat aware of what intuition feels like, but you aren’t quite sure or fully trust the feeling or know how physical signs of intuition can help make these feelings more reliable.

Intuition is an internal navigation system, steering you in the right direction, if you’d like more confirmation to know if what you’re experiencing really is intuition.

Well here are 9 physical signs that will help you feel more confident about your own ability, to trust your intuition, and to make decisions that will positively affect your life.

Physical Intuition warning signs

Physical signs of intuition are usually warning signs, to alert you that something is wrong and needs to be changed.

Your body is also connected to your divine self, and can accurately reflect how your frequency and energy is impacting you physically. These first 5 signs are both warning and physical signs of intuition.

Sign #1: A physical illness that Doctors seem unable to cure

If when you start a new job, relationship, or plan to move somewhere to give a few examples... and you already felt a bad vibe about the idea.

And then suddenly have an illness such as a cough that won’t go away, this can be a warning sign that you’re ignoring the bad vibes you feel intuitively.

So your body is trying to get your attention to warn you, that the vibes you feel are accurate and that you should listen to them.

This however, isn’t to replace the advice of your doctors, this is to help you become aware there might be extra meanings behind what you’re body is experiencing.

Sign #2: Gut Sensations

You are likely already aware that intuition is often felt in the gut, if however you feel a sinking feeling.

Especially it causes your stomach or gut to feel bloated, there is a good chance that this again is your body physically wanting to get your attention. To warn you about the intuition you have been ignoring.

You’ve had a bad feeling about hiring a certain babysitter but you arrange for them to come over anyway, and all of a sudden your gut becomes bloated and your gut feels like it’s sinking.

You later decide to cancel and look for another babysitter, and you hear weeks or months later, the babysitter you had the bad vibes about turned out to be an uncaring and irresponsible babysitter.

Sign #3: Physical ailment that gets worse the longer you ignore an intuitive feeling

Similar to the previous two signs, that if you ignore your intuitive feelings and they are warning you about something.
Your body might end up with a physical ailment from something more serious to just an ear ache.

That progressively gets worse the longer you ignore your feelings of intuition.

If you find the ailment begins to weaken or completely goes away after following your intuitive feeling, then there’s a very good chance that it was a physical sign of intuition.

Sign #4: Something Feels Off In Your Chest Or Stomach

If you are about to make a decision and you suddenly feel some tightness in your chest or stomach and it also feels like something is off.

Then there’s a good chance that it's caused by intuition. Experiment to see if thinking about doing something else, such as deciding not to go to that event or holiday destination, weakens the feelings in your chest or stomach.

Sign #5: Unusual feeling of being sick or anxious

There is nothing strange or unusual about occasionally feeling sick or anxious, it is a normal part of life. What is interesting and different however is if you can think of a time you were sat down calm and relaxed.

Whilst at the same time you spontaneously began to feel a bit sick or anxious, and you had no idea why. This is a physical sign intuitively that your body is trying to tell you something.

How to know when your intuition is talking to you

The following 4 signs will help you become aware of physical signs of intuition and also how to help identify when your intuition is talking to you.

Sign #6: Unusual tingling sensation

Think back to an experience when you were calm in a safe environment. And all of a sudden you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, or tingling sensations in different parts of your body.

This can be a physical manifestation of intuition communicating to you, this can also be your spirit guides where quite often your intuitive feelings come from.

With your spirit guides lovingly wanting to support and help you, by making you aware of something through your feelings and physical sensations.

Sign #7: Chronically fatigued

If you are usually very healthy and all of a sudden feel chronically fatigued, this is often a physical manifestation of ignoring your intuition.

This could be your intuition screaming at you to grab your attention because you already know deep down what you should do.

Such as leave your current job or relationship, that you logically try to convince yourself is right for you.
But deep down you know it isn’t or another example could be that you know that you should take the leap of faith, and apply for that job you’ve deep down been wanting.

This however isn’t to exclude the importance of seeking professional medical help in case there is an underlining issue.

Sign #8: Headaches that only occur when...

We all get headaches from time to time, some of us, unfortunately, more often and more painful than others. What is fascinating is that some people will frequently get headaches when they are ignoring their intuition.

When deep down they know they are making the wrong decision, and they will spontaneously get a persistent headache, that only goes away when they start listening to their intuition.

Sign #9: Physically sensing your spirit guides

You have a personal divine support team of spirit guides, spirit guides that loving want to support you in making the right decisions and being able to feel secure and have faith in yourself.

Think back to a time when you were alone, this could have been whilst you were in the kitchen preparing a meal, and all of a sudden you felt a presence with you.

A presence that made you feel safe and comforted, it may have even caused your breathing to slow down and relax...
Your spirit guides can affect you on many different levels including on an energetic level. Which is one of the ways in how they can help make you aware of something through your intuition.

If you’d like to know more about how spirit guides can help you with making decisions and becoming more aware of your intuition, click here.

What to do when you experience a physical sign of intuition

Usually, physical signs of intuition manifest physically after ignoring an internal feeling of intuition. To make it harder to ignore, especially if you’re ignoring something important for your soul's journey.

The best thing to do is to examine how you feel by turning inward, and see how you feel when you start to follow your intuition and notice how these physical signs begin to go away.

It is also worth becoming aware of the differences between intuition and emotions, and how spirit guides communicate.

With these signs a long side having a deeper understanding of your intuition, you are well on your way for trusting and following your intuitive vibes.

Sending you high vibes