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How An Akashic Records Prayer Works With Intention

Do you need an Akashic Records Prayer? It has been said prayer has the power to create miracles and to call on higher powers. What if you came to realise that the power of prayer doesn’t come from the prayer itself but from within you.

Even when calling onto spirits for aid and guidance the power to communicate to them still comes from within. In this blog post you will discover what the secret power behind prayer is and how this relates to accessing the Akashic Records.

The Secret power behind prayer for accessing the Akashic Records.

The power behind prayer comes from the beliefs you have on what effects it will have. Basically meaning it’s your belief behind the prayer that has the power, with the power truly coming from your intention.

This isn’t necessarily the case if you’re calling onto other spirits such as angels to help you as it can help bring them to you. However even the act of following prayer with specific words, moves and gestures in the form of a ritual.

The true power comes from your beliefs behind it as this influences your emotions and vibrations which in turns effects the subconscious and what you radiate out and attract back.

Including the emotions you communicate out to angels, as verbal words are not required to call for aid which is outside of the scope of this blog post. Can be done within your mind or by the power of your intention.

the power behind intention

Intention can be described as the commitment to have and act.


If you want a newspaper and go to a local store to purchase the newspaper. You know the newspaper will already be yours you don’t waste time hoping it will be.

You simply go to a store and purchase it without any concern whether it will be there or not. What a prayer or a form of ritual does is help create and ready the intention within yourself to have and act.

believing the prayer will create the result you want influences your subconscious to radiate and align with the right frequency for which you’re intending, including working with angels.

This is why there are Sigils for angels as these are symbolic representations of the angels which have an effect on our subconscious which helps us to communicate with them.

But the true power comes from the subconscious which in practice comes from acting with intention.

How to intend for what you want to discover from the Akashic Records

3 step akashic record prayer instructions

When it comes to receiving guidance or knowledge from the Akashic Records it may seem unclear about the acting part of the definition I gave for intention earlier. Rather than thinking physically acting in this case.

Think of it as not hesitating but immediately aligning with what it is you’re seeking. Which will make more sense in the following steps.

Step 1: The importance of getting clear on what you want to discover

This may seem like an obvious first step but if you’re not crystal clear on what you want to know and most importantly why you want to know. You may try to receive information that isn’t in your best interest.


Wanting to how to get a promotion when your true purpose and your heart is guiding you start something else outside of your current line of work.

If you’re unsure of what kind of questions to ask or how to go about creating your own I recommend reading Effective Akashic Records Sample Questions You Should Be Asking.

Step 2: Align yourself with the answers to which you seek

If you can get into deep meditative/trance states, have an understanding of how the Akashic Records work and believe you will receive the answer. It will be much easier to intend and receive the answer.

As you will believe with both your heart and your mind that you will receive it and you just simply need to align with it.
You can do this by focusing on the area around your heart and by asking yourself the question to what you’re seeking.

or by creating the sensation of already knowing the answer You will eventually attract synchronicities or even immediate answers depending on the question, how aligned you’re and a variety of other factors.

Also be open to signs that will guide you to discovering the answers physically such as from books, videos and other forms of instructions. As synchronicities come from both physical and metaphysical means.

If you want a more in-depth guide to how all of this works I recommend reading Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge.

Step 3: Accept and receive

When you have set an intention and at that moment know that the answer is yours let go and become receptive to higher powers to present you the answer.

Unless you’re highly experienced with the Akashic Records or have natural or developed psychic abilities will come through intuition.

This is why you must let go of trying to consciously figure out the answer and it will come to you from your subconscious, most likely when you’re doing something mundane such as having a shower.

However there are circumstances which you will also feel intuitively that you have to keep focusing and trying to study and figure out a solution that may happen for areas such as a scientific equation you’re seeking answers to.

As by the more knowledge you have on a subject the easier it is for the conscious mind to make sense of information being received by the Akashic Records as we learn by relating new information to things that we already know and understand.