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Would You Like To Know Why Akashic Records Reading Is Just A Label?

A lot of people want an Akashic Record Reading which in itself miss guides them to believe that you actually read the Akashic Records.

When you’re more accurately channelling and receiving information from the Akashic Records all of the time. However doing this consciously and becoming aware of the informing that is being received is a skill in itself that we can all develop.

In this blog I will cover the foundations of how to work with the Akashic Records that will make any other technique or meditation you follow in the future more effective.

How To Access The Akashic Records

If you’re new or unfamiliar with the Akashic Records I highly recommend that you read Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge.

The phrase ‘Akashic Records’is an analogy to help our finite minds comprehend a concept that is infinite in scope and knowing.

The Akashic Records isn’t a library or storage of information located specifically to this physical plane or any other dimension. We’re all aware of what a collection of records or a library is which is why this phrase/label is used.

The Akashic Records can also be described as connecting to the superconscious, mind of god, collective unconscious , storehouse of infinite intelligence(as referred to in think and grow rich) amongst many other labels.

Why You can’t read the Akashic Records

This is why the Akashic Records can’t actually be read because there is no reading involved. This is important to understand as this will help you become more aligned with the information you want to receive and make more accurate decisions on what techniques to use.

Another miss conception is that the Akashic Records are outside of ourselves when we’re all connected to receive information from with another phrase/label that can be used is infinite intelligence.

We can access information in relation to ourselves easier because we’re receiving it from our higher self which guides us through our physical lives.

So rather than thinking of the Akashic Records as a library think of it as a label that describes how you can access information from a higher infinite intelligence to all areas of your life including, your purpose, problem solving, aiding in healing, overcoming trauma and much more.

Foundations for accessing the Akashic Records

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Before going into any techniques for receiving information from the Akashic Records including the one that follows within this blog post. Here are foundations that will make every technique that you do more effective.

The importance of letting go of any requests or questions consciously

​Information that you receive is coming through or can be described as first being channelled through your unconscious and subconscious mind before you become consciously aware of it.

In order to stop your conscious mind from blocking the channel of information you must let go of the question you’re asking consciously.

If you’re unsure of how to do this or how the different parts of our mind work in relation to working with the Akashic Records I recommend reading Superconscious How To Use It For Guidance And Manifesting.

Why you must let go of identifying with your physical form and self identity

Whilst receiving information from the Akashic Records let go of your identity and identification as a human as this comes with many labels and preconceived notions of what things are and what they mean.

During our physical lives our perceptions are distorted because of how humans are wired including the programming and belief systems that we have developed.

Whilst the information we’re receiving comes from a source of infinite intelligence without miss interpretation. The easier you can let go of identifying with your physical form the easier you’ll access higher states of consciousness.

Which will allow you to more easily communicate and receive information from the Akashic Records.

The power of aligning yourself with the answer

You can receive answers by simply asking and letting go such as asking for signs from the universe that you’re being guided. Which quite often attract synchronicities that will prove that you’re being guided, that’s if you’re open to receiving it.

However a more powerful approach is to focus and create the emotion and sensations of already having the answer to what you’re seeking.


If you were trying to figure out a solution for a contract, business deal or miss understanding in a close relationship.

Rather than constantly asking yourself the question how can I resolve this?, align yourself with the feeling of it being resolved and already knowing the answer. The more powerful you create these sensations the better.

The tricky part to this is that receiving information unless you have developed strong psychic abilities because the answers will usually be unclear and will come as a feeling of intuition.

And since we’ve been conditioned to think more and feel less we may be ignoring our intuition in the first place before even asking for help. Such as trying to resolve a relationship your intuition was warning you to avoid getting into in the first place.

The paradox of letting go whilst being open to the answer

Some of you may already have the question from the earlier point of “If I’m meant to let go and forget about a request consciously how will I even remember when the answer is presented to me?”

Before answering that question directly it’s worth noting some of the ways you will receive the answer which maybe one of the following:

- Intuitive knowing without logically being able to explain it.

- Similar to the feeling of remembering something important that you’d forgotten.

- Synchronicities that lead you to finding the answer via logical means such as a book or video.

- In a dream or imagined image.

Now to answer the above question a very helpful tip is to keep a form of diary for whenever you do anything metaphysically such as working with the Akashic Records.

So you can look back at notes and see how events in your life relate to intentions that you had previously set and may have forgotten.

Also work on becoming more consciously aware of your day to day activities and what opportunities present them self and you will naturally start noticing patterns and following your intuition more. Which is the best source of guidance.

3 ways to access the Akashic Records

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Now that foundations have been covered here are 3 techniques you can use to consciously receive knowledge from the Akashic Records.

1. The power of intention

​Intention is how we truly achieve and manifest anything, intention isn’t wishing, hoping, desiring or trying. Intention can be described as the commitment to have and act.

Knowing that what you’re seeking is already yours without hesitation and you just simply take the necessary steps to obtain it. Such as going to a shop to purchase an apple.

You don’t worry or concern whether or not the apple will be there or if you can get it, you simply just go and get it.
This is a very powerful state of mind when it comes to manifesting.

This also works in terms of accessing information from the Akashic Records. As setting an intention is moving you in alignment with your chosen desire.

To apply this practically if you want to know how to get a promotion you can set an intention by knowing that it’s going to be yours and simply take the necessary action intuition guides you towards.

Synchronicities and flashes of insight will come to you as you’re moving in alignment from the Akashic Records.

2. Alignment meditation

For this meditation whilst sat in a comfortable position in a quiet room perform any technique that you know puts you into a relaxed state. Or simply focus on your breathing during both the inhale and exhale.

Once you’re in a relaxed state follow these steps.

1. Focus on the frustration, challenge, anger or any other disempowering emotion the current problem or lack of knowledge is causing you.

2. Once you have the disempowering sensation let it go and picture or feel yourself with the problem resolved. Don’t worry if you struggle to visualize just conjure the feeling if you struggle to ask yourself questions that lead to you feeling it.

Our focus is controlled by questions you can try questions such as

“What does it feel like now I have this resolved?”

or if that doesn’t’ work then ask “What would I feel like if it was resolved?”

“What will I do and think differently now that I have the answer?”

Keep asking yourself questions until you can feel it.

3. The final step is to imagine or feel yourself several years from now looking back and being grateful for how receiving the answer or a solution changed your life for the better. Once you feel it the meditation is finished.

3. Asking for the answer before going to sleep

A very simple technique is with emotion almost to the point of demanding, ask your subconscious, higher self, guardian angel, the universe, the Akashic Records or whatever you believe in to give you an answer.

Do this just before you go to sleep and you may even have a dream that gives you the answer or it will more likely come to you the following day. Napoleon Hill did this very technique when he was asked to come up with a million dollar book title for Think And Grow Rich.

These techniques are just to help apply the foundations mentioned above, focus on the foundations and you will get results even without a technique and make the ones you do bring better results.