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Effective Akashic Records Sample Questions You Should Be Asking

The following Akashic Records Sample Questions will help you get the best results whilst working with the Akashic Records.

Not knowing what questions to ask or how to ask the right questions when working with the Akashic Records is like having a genie giving you the chance to have any three questions that you want answered.

To only have them wasted on receiving vague answers or not have what’s important to you answered. A lousy question usually leads to a lousy answer.

What follows is sample questions with a simple 3 step process for creating powerful questions so you can receive powerful answers.

Effective Akashic Records Sample Questions

Akshic records question structure for best results

If you’re unsure of what the Akashic Records are including how working with them can improve every area of your life and help you find answers to key areas I highly recommend reading Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge.

As this will give you the foundations necessary to be able to build upon before applying the question structure and sample questions that follow.

How to structure effective questions for the Akashic Records

How to structure questions effectively for the Akashic Records is very similar to how you’d want to structure questions in general. The following 3 steps is a simple structure to help create an effective question.

Step 1: Get clear on what you want and why you want it

Step 2: How to more precise answer through reverse engineering

Step 3: Become open to the answer

These 3 steps will be broken down in more detail after some sample questions to help spark ideas and become aware of areas of your life that you may not be consciously focusing on that are important.

Akashic Records Sample Questions

The following are sample questions for the Akashic Records separated into different categories:

Life Purpose:

- Are my predominant choices and actions Ieading me in the right direction for my life’s purpose?

- What is the main lesson or lessons I’m meant to learn during this lifetime that I’m unaware of or struggling with the most?

What skills or talents should I focus on developing to help me achieve my life’s purpose?


- What is causing me to feel (emotion or emotions you’re consistently feeling)

- How can I replace my emotion/s of (emotion or emotions you’re consistently feeling) with a more empowering alternative?

- What can I do to create a life full of fulfilment?

- What can I do to release my blocked emotion or trauma?

- What is the root cause of my fears?

- What traumas or lessons am I experiencing that have continued from a past life?


- Do I truly love (mention name of the person in question) or do have an attachment for my own needs?

- What do I need to change to attract my desired types of friendships?

- What do I need to change to attract my ideal partner?

- What’s causing challenges within my relationship?

- What can I do to make this relationship more loving and harmonious?

- What misunderstandings am I having with my partner?


Am I doing what I truly want or seeking approval from others?

- What line of work/business will bring me the most joy and fulfilment?

- How can I better serve my clients/customers?

- What is missing from my industry that could revolutionize it and create win-win scenarios for myself and customers?

- What is stopping me from pursuing my ‘dreams’?

- What can I do to create more joy and fulfilment during my work?

- What am I most passionate about?

- What hidden skill or talent do I have that I’m unaware of or underestimate myself my abilities with?

- What career opportunities should I take?

Problem Solving:

- What is the best course of action to solve (describe the challenge you’re currently facing)?

- Who can I contact to help me solve (describe the challenge you’re currently facing)?

- What options have I overlooked in terms of solving describe the challenge you’re currently facing)?

How to align yourself with the answer to receive it

Alternatively to asking for answers if you align yourself by either visualization or any other method that causes you to feel like you already have the answer to which you seek.

You will shift your vibration with that reality and eventually will attract synchronicities and your intuition will lead you to the answer or may even immediately receive the answer similar to the feeling of remembering something important that you’d forgotten.

Once you have set your intention to receive an answer or asked the question let go and bring it out of your conscious awareness otherwise you may block your subconscious from giving you the answer.

If you’re unsure of how to do this or the importance of getting your conscious mind out of the way I recommend reading Superconscious How To Use It For Guidance And Manifesting.

Simple 3 steps to creating questions for the Akashic Records

If the above sample questions are different from what you want to know. The following 3 Step process will help you create your own questions.

Step 1: Get clear on what you want and why you want it

This step may sound very simple in principle but most of the time we’re feeling emotions and taking actions based on subconscious programming. We might want to find how to get a promotion at work in order to seek approval.

Rather than listening to intuition and going towards our true purpose. Think of what you want then make a list of reasons of why you want it. You might find you actually want something else and your original question was only scratching the surface.

Step 2: How to more precise answer through reverse engineering

After following step 1 you should be clearer on what exactly you want the answer to. Take the answer to what you seek and ask yourself what you’d need to ask in order to receive the type of answer you desire.

Step 3: Become open to the answer

Similar to the above mentioned point about letting it go and keeping it out of your conscious awareness. You may or may not receive the answer immediately upon meditating on the answer or whilst following any other Akashic Records technique.

The answer will regardless come through and be ‘decoded’ by the subconscious into a format that the conscious mind can understand.

I’m interested to know what you want to find out from the Akashic Records or if there is an area of questioning that I have overlooked you’d like me to cover. Let me know in the comments below. 

  • Candace says:

    Hello, how would you word a question to find out where your soul has reincarnated from , star galaxy or other.? Thank you, Candace

    • Adam Higson says:

      Hi Candace, it can be harder to receive very specific answers especially questions more spiritual in nature. Because there is knowledge we won’t be allowed access to until we are ready.
      With that said if you use the steps in this post and phrase it in a way such as “Who was I in a past life?” or “Have I had previous lives in different galaxies to my current life?” this can help you receive answers or being directed to someone or something that can help you get the answer.

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