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Before Using The Secret Law Of Attraction Discover What Was Never Told

If you ever watched the secret and wondering is there more behind the law of attraction then was covered in the movie. This article is for you as I’m going to reveal what I discovered from various teachings.

After watching the secret once applied will not only skyrocket your results, it will make the result more enjoyable. With the secret only being just 90 minutes long there wasn’t enough time to cover all of these teachings.

The Secret Law Of Attraction Next Steps

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There are three steps behind the creative process that are taught in the secret on how to attract what you want into

your life which are:

Step #1 Ask:

Which explains you need to get clear on what you want and to place your order. Ask the universe what you want by writing it down, asking it out aloud or by asking in your mind.

step #2 believe

Believe that it’s yours, you don’t need to know how it will come, your job is just to believe that it’s yours and the universe will bring it to you.

step #3 Receive

The final step is similar to the previous step of believing but with extra enthuses on already believing that it’s yours.


By visualizing the car that you want is already yours or visualizing experiences such a test driving the car causes you to feel like it’s already yours.

The universe likes speed by holding in mind and feeling what you want is already yours, it will be given to you.

The missing discoveries behind the creative process

These steps if applied can be used as a powerful process for attracting what you want but there are aspects missing that will greatly improve your results especially areas that are a little bit vague.

Such as how exactly should you ask in the most effective way, how can you get yourself to believe in something that you’ve always struggled with.

What is the best way to receive and a key area that is overlooked is when and how much physical action is required amongst these 3 steps.

These questions will be answered in the following 3 step process.

Step #1 Get clear on what you want and why you want it

By getting clear on what you want and why you want it you will create an inner drive that pulls you towards your desired result.

This is also important because when challenges occur which they will, by being clear on the reason why you want the result you will be inspired to keep persistent in your request.

By placing your order you also have to have faith as you might attract obstacles along the way.

By getting clear on why you want it you’ll be able to recognize whether you want it for an empowering or disempowering reason such as to prove to others that you’re good enough.

To help distinguish the difference between aiming to attract something that is for empowering or disempowering reasons or why we don’t always get what we want I recommend reading Why Being Told How To Manifest Anything Is Wrong.

Step #2 Set an intention for what you desire

When it comes to asking for what you desire, the question is who or what do you ask?

Is it the universe, God, your higher self, guiding spirits or simply programming your subconscious mind?

The answer to that question will come down to your own philosophy of life, what I will say however is that a desire is simply just wishing or dreaming for something to happen.

Were as intention can be described as the commitment to have and act, which could also be described as that you have simply decided the desired result is yours and that you’re already in full alignment.

And you simply move towards and achieve the desired result. Also the true power regardless of belief comes from the subconscious and unconscious minds which are outside of our awareness.

You want to transmute a desire into intention and drive it into your subconscious mind.

You can drive an intention into the subconscious mind by:

- Consistently writing down what you want to attract.

- Repeating affirmations with strong emotional intensity.

- Taking part in experiences that make you feel the sensations of already having such as test driving a desired car.

- Visualizing the desired result, ideally from different angles such as from a first and third person perspective of seeing and feeling yourself living that reality.

Step #3 Let go of the how and move in alignment

Once you have gotten clear on what you want, why you want it and have set the intention to have it. You want to let go by accepting the result might not come and to move towards what you’ve intended.

By letting go I don’t mean accepting that you may have made a mistake and it doesn’t appear to be possible, but rather you trust put trust in a greater intelligence that knows what you truly want and need.

And the desired result will be presented to you at the right time as it isn’t up to us to decide when something should manifest or what is necessary for our best interest.

By trusting in a greater intelligence that has our best interest in mind it will reduce concerns over the result and how it will be manifested which is vitally important.

As having concern is out of alignment with the originally desired result and is actually pushing it further out of your life.

This also includes following your intuition to know when appropriate action should be taken and when to follow opportunities that are presented to you.

Key hidden discoveries not told in the secret law of attraction explained

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The following will expand on the previous three steps in more detail regarding how to apply them and what needs to be understood in order to greatly improve your results.

Are you asking for what you truly want?

Expanding on step 1 most people including myself originally get into and follow teachings like the secret because they want to attract better circumstances due to having challenges in certain areas of their life’s.

Such as finances and relationship problems. Once applied some people do get great results and get the results they had wanted. But most of the time people are focusing on short term improvements or desires.

Rather than intending to move towards a life that they would no longer need to manifest short term changes for example a quick influx of cash or a vacation.

If you become aware of what you truly want overall which is alignment with your life’s purpose every area including, finances, relationships and more will be attracted as a by product of the life that you’ve created.

Getting more precise on what you truly want to more easily attract it

A lot of people think that their life’s purpose has to be some huge plan that changes the world or earns them millions or billions of dollars. When it might be having a positive impact on your friends and family.

By simply being loving and kind that has a positive ripple effect on everyone they interact with. If you’re able to put aside concerns, fears or stories that you have told yourself for why you can’t have what you want.

And listen to your intuition that comes as a sense of knowing, you will follow the right path towards what you truly want. Even if what you initially and intuitively feel is the right decision doesn’t end up being the right path to follow overall.

It will eventually lead you there. If you’re wanting to know more about following your intuition and manifesting in much more detail I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

We all need a sense of purpose by having even just a vague idea of our purpose and moving towards something greater than where we are currently right now.

Which will cause us to grow even without any results It will also make us feel more alive and naturally in a higher vibration which makes attracting better circumstances much easier.

Shift your identity to match your desired reality

Our identity and what we believe we’re capable of effects all of our other core beliefs which impacts both what action we’ll take and the vibrations we send out.

“The most powerful force in the human psyche is people’s need for their words and actions to say consistent with their IDENTITY – how we define ourselves.”

-Tony Robbins-

Our identity determines what we think is possible for us to attract or what we’re capable off in the first place. If you change your identity you’ll change your reality.

If you see yourself as someone who easily attracts beautiful and fulfilling circumstances. That wealth comes to you easily and that you can overcome any obstacles in your life.

You will like anyone still face challenges but will find it much easier to attract what you want and even have more joy along the journey. 

The power of enjoying the journey

The society that we live in allows us access most of what we want and need to survive such as instant access to food, entertainment and even dating which can lead us to forgetting.

That even though it’s great to achieve goals and attract big changes into our lives. That by being able to find reasons to be grateful along the way it makes it easier to not only attract what we want.

But also enjoy much more along the way rather than waiting for the future to be happy.

If you want to have an extremely powerful and lasting impact on what you attract into your life and finding more joy along the journey.

Change the state that you habitually live in for the majority of the time from a state of wanting to a state of gratitude.

How to create a beautiful state to create a beautiful reality

I cover the importance of and how to change your state within Raise Your Vibration To Unblock Your Success.

But to briefly cover it now the state that we’re in could be described as how we feel moment to moment.
If you’re in a lousy negative state you’re more likely to snap at people who have done nothing wrong.

The opposite being you might be in a beautiful state which makes you feel joyful even when having to take on challenges that would normally ruin your day.

You can change your state by changing what is called the triad which is made up of:

1. Physiology – How you move your body has been proven by studies that it literally alters our biochemistry and holding what are known as “power poses” can raise testosterone and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

By changing how you habitually move and hold your facial expressions to match how you want to feel, you will eventually begin to feel like it. If you maintain a genuine smile over a certain period of time you will start to feel happier.

2.Focus – Whatever we focus on and then attach a meaning to is what we’ll experience whether the meaning that we attach is true or false. It isn’t our circumstances in life that affects how we feel it’s the meanings we attach to them.

By changing what you focus on and the meaning you give to a situation you can have a totally different experience.


Two people can go to the cinema and watch the same movie but have two totally different perspective and experiences of that same movie.

The same can happen with our day to day experiences, if you want a different life change the meaning.
You can shift the meaning by simply asking yourself “What else could this mean?”

3.Language – Whenever we put words to an experience it changes it, especially if the words we use are associated with strong emotions.

If you want to shift how you feel and also more powerfully request what you’re wanting in your life whilst doing affirmations say them with absolute certainty that what you’re saying is true.

The states that we habitually go into is eventually who we’ll become, change your habitual state to change your identity.

If you make this paradigm shift you won’t have to change all of your disempowering beliefs

When it comes to using our thoughts to attract what we want into our lives we’re conditioned especially in western societies that everything only comes from what we can experience through our five senses.

Which can make it very difficult to truly believe and trust in a greater intelligence and be able to attract different circumstances into our lives.

Imagine how much easier it would be to attract what you want if you absolutely knew you had the capability to do so without having to try and trick yourself without having fear and doubt holding you back?

This is only possible unless you believe this already by having a paradigm shift which is basically how you view the world. Which can come from a single very emotionally charged experienced.

Or by meeting rules that we have subconsciously on what has to happen in order for us to truly trust and believe in something.

By having such an experience around attracting this can cause such a paradigm shift that makes it see the world differently in terms of what we attract into our lives.

Creating paradigm shifts to more easily create your reality

The parameters for creating a onetime event using the law of attraction that causes you to truly believe in it will vary from person to person.

As one person may only need to do a money visualisation one time, have money unexpectedly attracted to change their paradigm and worldview forever.

Likewise slower learners like me may need the universe to slap them several times and literally have objects which could be described as magically fallen in front of them at synchronistic timings.

And still not believe in a greater intelligence. If you’re anything like myself or still having some doubt a very useful and easy exercise to do is to simply aim for small and believable circumstances to be attracted.

And keeping a journal of the synchronicities you have as this will eventually lead you to believing more and more on how what you’re intending is creating your reality.

Key discoveries that are not told in the secret law of attraction – letting go

figure of someone sat meditating with affirmations all over them

Once you have shifted your paradigm around how you can attract, create a better life, changed your identity and habitual state.

This will naturally make intending for desired results and following step 3 of letting go and moving in alignment much easier.

How to start letting go and move into alignment

When moving into alignment with what you want you’re no longer trying to focus, force or hope that what you’re wanting is coming to you.

Even the word want wouldn’t be accurate as you will already feel like you have it so it will no longer be a desire. As you trust in a greater intelligent or higher part of yourself that your order is on its way.

This also includes a very important step that is often overlooked is that once you’re in alignment you no longer keep focusing on the desired result unless it is necessary whilst physically moving towards the goal.

Constantly meditating, visualizing or doing any law of attraction technique can actually push the desired result further away as this is telling your subconscious you don’t truly believe that it is yours.

When should you keep focusing and doing techniques to attract a desired result

You only want to do some form of manifestation technique or visualisation initially when you first decide on attracting something different into your life.

With the purpose being through enough repetition and emotional intensity it will go into your subconscious. As this will without even your conscious participation alter your behaviour.

And the vibrations you’re sending out leading you to attract it. You should only repeat manifestation techniques or consistently visualize the desired result whilst you don’t congruently feel like it’s already yours.

However if you can never conjure the feeling of having the desired result you may want to go back and work on intending for smaller results that will lead to shifting your paradigm.

Changing your view on how situations and circumstances are attracted into your day to day experience so you don’t have to try and convince yourself that you can attract changes into your life.

Being in alignment includes both the physical and metaphysical

In order to be in alignment you must be both physically and metaphysically moving towards the intended outcome.


If you want to meet a new romantic partner but you never leave your house whilst constantly visualizing what it would be like to have your ideal partner.

You might attract someone online or by some other means but you will likely be ignoring an intuitive feeling to go somewhere as a greater intelligence is trying to guide you physically to bump into that partner.

We live in a physical world with physical laws by ignoring them it is making it harder for the universe to take the path of least resistance and to simply give you your order.

Practices for helping to let go

If you’re able to stay grounded and trust your intuition you will find far fewer problems are attracted along the way to your desired outcome.

You will also find it much easier to trust and believe as you’re more in touch with your higher self rather than being driven by fear.

Techniques and practices for letting go:

- Daily meditation practice starting from as little as just 5 minutes per day will help you quieten your mind and become more intuitive.

- Finding an alternative, plan B if you’re depending on one very specific result for example a client to pay you so you can afford your bills.

This makes it much harder to move in alignment and not come from a place of scarcity and fear in comparison to having another job opportunity as a backup plan.

- Everything we experience is based on the meaning that we attach to it, by placing a different meaning to what will happen and accepting failure in advance.

Will make it much easier to avoid focusing and worrying about worst case scenarios which will prevent you from attracting undesired results.


There are some great tips and steps that can be applied from the secret but with it only being 90 minutes long it misses some key aspects that can cause attracting what you want more challenging than it needs to be.

The main key points to take away are:

- Get clear on what you want and why you want it, as this will make it much easier to create a life that will cause you to attract more of what you want without having to focus on smaller specific areas.

- Changing your identity, how you view yourself will change your reality.

- The states that we habitually live in forms our identity.

- Having a paradigm shift on how you view the world when it comes to attracting different events and circumstances makes it much easier to attract more of what you do want. As you won’t have to try and convince yourself that it’s possible.

- Aim to intend for the desired result by moving in alignment and trusting in a greater intelligence.

- Letting go will cause you to be more aligned and attract fewer obstacles.

- The purpose of visualisation and any law of attraction techniques is to drive the desired result into your subconscious mind. Once you have fully aligned and conditioned yourself to believe in the desired result.

Follow your intuition and only focus on the result when you have to because of physically moving towards it.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.