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access the higher realms of the spirit world, and channel the healing powers of spirit guides
By Rick Khan
how to access the high realms of the spirit world, and channel the healing powers of spirit guides using powerful NEW guided sessions by internationally-Recognized intuitive coach and healer, rick khan

Introducing “spirit guide energy healing.

You Will Now Be Able To Discover How To Make Contact With Your Team Of Spirit Guides Fast, And Channel Their Healing Energy, IMMEDIATELY!

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Free Video Reveals How To Access The High Realms Of The Spirit World, And Channel The Healing Powers Of Spirit Guides

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Are You Prepared To Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides, And Channel The Healing Powers, Right Now!

Imagine for a moment…

When you find yourself in doubt about your decisions and situations…

When you need assistance with disturbing energies that wreak havoc with your emotions…

When you have, stress, worry and fear that holds you back…

And even…

When you’re feeling disconnected from yourself that makes you hide away…

That you can simply signal a team of healing guides, that channel their healing energy, and Deliver you protection, restoration, peace and certainty…

Bringing you back to the love and light, living life with your head held high.

Well, now you can!

You see, The reality is…

You can co-create your world and manifest your dreams with your team of spirit guides.

Introducing, “Spirit Guide Energy Healing Sessions.”

These are the first-ever sessions developed with powerful guidance and brainwave technology to help you tap into the high realms of the spirit world…

And Connect you directly to the Divine Assistance of your Spirit guides, so you can channel their healing energy Fast!

It really is The Only tool you’ll ever need for channeling their healing energy when you need it at any time.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What The “spirit guide energy healing” Will Do For You…

  • It’s the quickest and easiest way to let go of suffering, and sadness, by raising your Consciousness working with the love and warmth extended from your spirit guides.
  • Simply press play and all you have to do is relax and meet your Spirit Guides, as the uplifting frequencies guide you on your journey into the spirit realms of healing and magic.
  • Invoke powerful healing energy on another’s behalf, giving your loved ones unconditional love and compassion from your spirit guides healing energy.
  • No Wasting Your Time Trying to Trust yourself, healer guides always bring you into heart frequency giving you insights and certainty to make the right choice FAST!
  • ZERO Experience needed, these sessions are beginner-friendly even if you’ve struggled with meditations in the past because your spirit guides will assist you.
  • The #1 EASIEST way for deeper spiritual connection with the help of Your Spirit guides, so you can open your senses and intuition revealing your true psychic abilities.
  • Awaken your spiritual gifts, developing your sixth sense & unlocking powerful intuition working hand in hand with your spirit guides.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Get…

  • All New FIVE MP3 Spirit Guide Energy Healing Sessions, working with powerful high-frequency energies from your spirit guides.
  • Each session you’ll experience a different Unique Journey with your spirit guides, venturing across the universe, through the peace of nature, adventure through the ancient tribes of shamans, the tops of the Himalayas, and the howling winds of mother earth.
  • Instant delivery straight in your inbox, so you can stream or download to listen from any device you want at any time.
  • All sessions are enhanced with brain wave technology, inducing you FASTER in trance states, so you can effortlessly connect the deepest parts of the mind and heart and tap into the high-frequency spirit realms.

So the only question that remains now is…

“Are you ready?”

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It’s a congratulations for requesting and downloading the free Spirit Guide Message Meditation.

Because we know once you begin tapping into the high realms of the spirit world and work with your Spirit guides.

You will want to take a quantum leap forward…

diving into a deeper intimate relationship with your Team of spirit guides.
Just like the people below…

So if you want to embark on a journey with the healing energies from the divine assistance of your spirit guides.

Then simply click the button below…

You’ll be taken to the next page where you fill in your basic information, click the green button…

And you’ll receive an email within a few minutes, so you can begin downloading and listening to the 5 Spirit Guide Healing Sessions.

Samantha Matthews Wow! I felt your instructions as you spoke them, I got some powerful third eye visuals in the forms of words and some images. The message I channeled from guides, was that my words are healing for me and others. Which is further confirmation to me , as yesterday I was looking at how to publish my poetry to help others. thank you so so much!. I wish you love, blessings and light.

Ceilia Roberts I was guided into a deep trance, and felt infinite love and light and then guided to my senses in the moment and I was like in tears dude like trying not to hyperventilate so I could still be in the trance like I was aware of my physical surroundings but I was in that moment mentally. And once the moment was over, I envisioned a being, a bright light, that’s in form of a human but not a human and my hand just floated up and was in the shape of holding someone’s hand and my hand got stuck like that like someone was actually holding my hand and then they told me I’m now connected at a vibrational level to ask what I need to ask. I just asked what I needed to do and the words “forgiveness” and “trust” and I just started bawling even more. This was amazing thank you ever so much for this experience xx

Mary-Anne Van Eeden Oh my goodness, what amazing sessions. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I am feeling so energized and the healing was big. These sessions were probably one of the best meditation sessions that I have ever done. The healing that took place was huge and the feeling of being energized is magnificent. I can’t Thank you enough!

Sylvia De La Rosa As I started these sessions, almost instantly I felt a sense of electric tingling on my chest area and my head. I felt like I didn’t want to come back but it was never a feeling of needing to leave. There was some tears, tho I didn’t feel sad it felt like finally a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much I can feel my guides presence and healing love and light!

Jake King hi. thanks for real good meditations,its touches on calming,visualisation,feeling nature ,meeting guides and healing, I try to listen to it daily...thanks jk

Hannah brownlee This was so calming and reassuring I needed this

Clare Hardy These meditations have a calming voice that really helped me easily fall into a deep trance. Came to feeling energised and refreshed.

Em Wolf Amazing meditation sessions, its quite literally the best I’ve ever tried. Fantastic results my heart is so open and the light is shining, I didn’t want it to end! I’ll be listening over and over to embody this feeling and leading with my essence. Love and light xx

Pamela Pugh Feeling very relaxed haven’t felt this calm for a long time thanks to these meditations

Aska Sawicka After listening I feel a very deep trust and warm loving Harmonie and peaceful rest in my heart, thank you and God bless.

Steven appleby Very uplifting and calm ..will be doing this regularly..many thanks

Tracy murphy I struggle to meditate as my mind is so active, and I don't relax easy; but found these sessions very different and relaxing listened to it twice and will continue to use the healing energy it's given me. Love and light

Lesley Roxburgh I could feel the energy all round thank you so much

Amanda Sloan Thank you for this session. I felt this came into my life at the right moment. I have been seeking, purpose guidance and clarity on my journey. After hearing this it finally happened! I opened to see things more clear and positive that I can hear my guides the right way for me to understand their message. Thank you so much again!

Pau López Ulloa It's amazing! I loved it so much. Thank you

Sharon very peaceful experience. So relaxing. I could feel the warmth and love being extended to me

Ciayrra Parrish This was amazing thank you! This is definitely one of my favorite meditations will be coming back to this. Feel more healed and energized!

Angela Johnson Really good experience here. Like what i felt and would download more, thank you.

Maria peoples I felt lighter and and very relaxed I will do this again ty x

Amanda Thank you so much. I had woken up at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep so I was scrolling on my phone when I stumbled accross your meditations. It has been a stressful year and I have lots on my mind. I found the meditations so calming, I felt weightless as I listened. After it finished I fell into a deep sleep. I will listen to it many more times I'm sure. I really enjoyed it, I feel great now. Thank you

Karen Somervell Wow. That was amazing, I listened to it 3 times. Your voice is very soothing and relaxing. I feel very moved and I will listen to it again and again. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Bernardino Catalig Caswang Thank you, a wonderful morning strengthened by meditations lik these. A new world, a new gate and a new life, God bless us all.

Cathy Prior At first I couldn’t switch my mind off then I went into, what I can only describe as, trance and just before the end countdown I woke up suddenly and felt tingly and a bit cold. It has made me feel more aware of my surroundings and I feel more alert but very relaxed. Thank you

Larinia Jean Kurbah Wow the experience in these sessions are so real. I could sense see and feel the light. My heart is so light, feeling soulful. The feeling is so real that I wish to not disconnect myself from this Light. Thank you for this beautiful experience and journey is so beautiful it’s life changing.