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Discover 4 stages Of Raising Consciousness For creating A Powerful View Of The World

One definition of consciousness is the state or level of awareness and response to one’s surroundings.

In a spiritual context, it can be described as how aware of the present moment and at higher states of consciousness aware of our true spiritual nature.

I stumbled across various models on levels of consciousness that made it easier to pinpoint my own personal blind spots. Which can also be used to raise levels of consciousness.

Improve general well being and overall quality of life which I’m going to be sharing in this article.

A powerful but simple model to follow for raising your consciousness

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When it comes to understanding anything that can be complex such as consciousness having a model to follow makes it much easier for the mind to grasp and understand.

Even more importantly it makes it easier to take information from the model and apply it. The following model I’m about to share was created by David Hawkins.

He created both a chart that shows different states of emotion and levels of energy to represent different levels of consciousness.

As well as four main stages that different levels of consciousness can be categorised into which this article is going to focus on.

With this simple but powerful understanding you will be able to practically apply it to create big changes in your life. As well as notice challenges faced by others.

The four stages of consciousness that by understanding can change your life

I will start with a brief description of the four stages of consciousness and then later give a more detailed explanation with tips on how to advance to higher stages. The four stages of consciousness are as follows...

Stage 1 To me

Anyone living in this stage of consciousness sees things in their life as happening to them. The perception is things are done to me.


I always have bad people taking advantage of me or that God or some form of higher power is punishing me.


People living in To Me are generally victims to their circumstances and don’t see a viable option or even believe that they can improve their circumstances and avoid taking responsibility.

Creating the illusions that they don’t have the power to change their circumstances.

Stage 2 By Me

People living in By Me perceive situations in their life as a result of what they themselves have created. That if they want to create changes in their life that it is down to them in order to do so.

People living in by me fully take responsibility for their circumstances in life that they can control. If something in their life isn’t to their liking they will take action and make the changes necessary happen.

Stage 3 Through Me

People living in Through Me perceive situations in their life as a result of a higher force, greater intelligence whether it be God or the universe as co-creating their reality and is done through them.

Similar to people living in By Me they take responsibility for the circumstances in their life and take the required action to change situations they’re dissatisfied with.

The main difference being they don’t force changes relying solely on their own capabilities but trust and follow the guidance and power of a greater intelligence.

Stage 4 As Me

People living in As Me could be described as enlightened spiritual masters such as The Buddha who perceive things are done as me.

They don’t perceive any separation between their circumstances and who they are. They are as one with themselves and their surroundings.

how understanding the 4 stages of consciousness will help you

Later I’ll mention various methods and techniques you can use such as meditation to raise your level of consciousness but without this understanding first of these 4 different stages of consciousness.

You are far less likely to get the full benefit out of them and will be more likely to miss key areas that may be preventing you from progressing into higher stages.

How To raise your consciousness through the four stages of consciousness

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Now that a brief description of the four stages of consciousness model has been given I will go through what keeps people stuck at various stages and how to progress and advance to higher stages.

Progressing from living in To Me To By me

All human behaviour as crazy as it may seem meets some if not all of our 6 human needs. If you’re not familiar with the 6 human needs that ALL of our behaviour in some way is to meet I recommend reading 6 Human Needs Made Simple To Take Empowering Action.

Even living in states of depression (and I don’t say this lightly to disregard what it can be like as I have suffered through many years of depression personally) or blaming outside circumstances can meet our needs.

By remaining in a specific state even a disempowering one or by avoiding to take responsibility this can meet our need for certainty as we’re certain on the emotions that we’ll experience and the results or lack of by not taking responsibility.

By having problems happening to us we can get sympathy or attention from others that causes us to feel love and connection.

By not taking responsibility it doesn’t meet people living in To Me needs at high levels or causes them to be fulfilled but it meets them enough for people living in To Me to be comfortable enough to continue the behaviour.

The main remedy for moving from To Me into By Me is to take responsibility. It can feel comforting to know something else is to blame for one’s circumstances. But if something else has the responsibility that means you no longer have the power to change it.

Progressing from living in By Me To Through me

Living in By Me is a big step up from living in To Me and it can be very rewarding for someone to receive the fruits of their labour. To see the hard work they put into various aspects of their life creating desired changes.

The limitation arises as it isn’t taking into account how there are forces outside of the physical reality that we perceive through the five senses that also impact and create our reality and our circumstances.

Someone living in By Me could be presented with signs or constantly find doors are being shut on them and ignoring their intuition. Even when exhausted could continue to push on and fight against life and the universe.

Causing a lot of unnecessary energy to be wasted when working towards manifesting changes in their life. For someone to move from living in By Me into Through Me requires them to let go of their tight grip on reality.

That life must progress in a linear fashion of how they perceive it should be and that it is down to them alone to create the changes. 

But instead to know life is happening through them and they’re being guided by a higher power and to trust the flow of their life but to continue to take necessary action as it arises.

Progressing From living in Through Me To As Me

This is much more difficult for me to describe compared to the previous stages of consciousness as living in As Me is something I haven’t achieved and only experienced glimpses of.

So I can’t give an accurate answer or description of what it is like or how to get to this stage. What I can say is this is a stage that someone no longer identifies with their false sense of self and are as one with their true self and the universe.

Reaching this state will come from following various spiritual paths that lead to no longer identify with the false self the ego.

Practices for further raising Consciousness

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The following are practices you can apply to further help raise your level of consciousness to expand upon what has been previously mentioned on the four stages of consciousness.

#1 Meditation

You’re likely already aware of what meditation is and the benefits if you’re still reading this article so what I will briefly mention are some tips to get more benefits from meditation.

- Avoid trying to achieve or reach a certain state.

- Observe your awareness of what you can perceive.

- Avoid trying to silence the mind.

- Accept that your mind may continue to keep creating thoughts that you can’t control.

#2 Form a mindfulness practice

A mindfulness practice isn’t discussed as frequently as meditation but is actually a more convenient way of raising your level of consciousness as it can be done whilst spending time on tasks you’re already doing.

You can practice being mindful by:

- Focusing on the sensation of water touching your skin whilst washing your hands or having a shower.

- Being present to the moment when eating and focusing on all of your senses.

Whilst walking anywhere especially if you’re alone focus on your thoughts just like meditating but also focusing on moving your body.

- Almost any other daily task/chore that you have to do you can do it whilst being mindful.

#3 Letting Go

We all have subconscious associations to what something means and anchors that once triggered cause us go to into certain states which can be either empowering or disempowering.

We all also have rules, some people have rules much stricter than others on how situations and people should be which can cause unnecessary stress and suffering.

By practising sitting with an emotion as it arises and consciously asking yourself questions such as “What else could this mean?” or “Will this matter 10 years from now?” Can break subconscious patterns.

And allow you to transcend situations that used to pull you into lower levels of consciousness. By attaching a new meaning and no longer fighting with negative emotions as they arise but accepting them.

Which doesn’t mean avoiding taking action to improve a situation as emotions including those we class as negative can be very beneficial for giving us drive to take action. 

#4 Know the difference between blaming yourself and taking responsibility

Taking responsibility for your state and well being, the aspects of your circumstances that you can control and the thoughts and actions that you take is not the same as blaming yourself for making mistakes.

One of the main reasons why people don’t take responsibility for the circumstances in their life is because if they did subconsciously there is a risk of the fear of failure which means they won’t feel good enough.

As by taking responsibility it means they are able to create changes and it is down to them. Everyone makes mistakes including those who take responsibility and take action towards improving their own life and the lives of others.

By being able to see that a mistake is a lesson learned bringing you closer to the right approach that will work isn’t actually a failure. But rather it is a lesson that has brought you closer to your goal/s.

And by taking responsibility this basically means that you’re not at fault but rather now you can decide whether you want to accept a situation or to change it.

#5 How to loosen your grip on reality and to trust in a greater intelligence

We experience our physical reality through our five senses which are then filtered and given meaning by the brain. Which greatly distorts reality and can make it very convincing that we live in a physical universe.

You may have come across various teachings on the law of attraction or other schools of thought on attracting different circumstances into your life based on the power of your thoughts and emotions etc.

But until you start to know deep down into your core that it isn’t just your physical actions that create your reality but also that there are spiritual forces that have an impact.

It is very difficult to flow with life and to allow what we want to manifest and to live in higher states of consciousness.

If you want to know ways you can practically come aware of the power of your reality being created by spiritual forces I recommend reading Warning! Don’t Even Think About “Is The Law Of Attraction Real” Until You Read This.

Some ways you can do this if you didn’t read the above recommended article

- Keep a journal of your day to day thoughts and experiences so you can reflect and link up synchronicities.

- Ask the universe or some higher force for signs within a 48 hour period.

- Aim to attract small but weird things that you don’t care about as this is much more likely to manifest then something you perceive as big and important.

#6 Let go of the identity of a spiritual seeker and focus on seeking the truth

This is harder than it sounds and is a bit of a paradox as a spiritual seeker could be described as someone who seeks the truth.

What I mean is being open to whatever spiritual seeking that you may come across could be wrong or you have misunderstood them.

As becoming dogmatic can blind us from the truth even if it is presented clearly in front of us. As it can be very painful for the ego to admit that it was wrong.

And be open to following a new path other than the one it already believes it should follow. This can also cause people to resist and reject signs they’re constantly being presented with or even become oblivious to them.

Form the habit of trying to prove yourself wrong rather than right as you may find some of your beliefs and the reasons for following a certain path have been in your subconscious and aren’t actually right for you.

If you want to read some great spiritual teachings and quotes by spiritual teachers through the ages I recommend looking at Transformative Spiritual Quotes That Will Empower Your Journey.


• It is easier to for the mind to learn and practically apply information that has been turned into a structured model.

• A simple but powerful model to follow for raising consciousness consists of four stages which are To Me, By Me, Through Me and As Me.

• People who live in To Me blame reasons outside of themselves for life, how they feel and their circumstances. To Move out of To Me into By Me you must take responsibility for your life and your well being.

• To progress from living in By Me into Through Me you need to loosen your grip on reality and trust in the flow of a greater intelligence that guides you co-creates your reality.

• Forming a mindfulness practice will help you raise your level of consciousness.

• Letting go of and having easier rules for how you perceive life should be will cause your experience of life to be much easier and will naturally raise your level of consciousness.

• Taking responsibility isn’t the same as blaming yourself, if you’re the one responsible for the circumstances that you can control you’re the one who can change it.

• Forming a practice to know that there are spiritual forces creating your reality will make it easier to flow with life rather than resisting it.

• Let go of the identities related to spiritual seeking as they can cause biases and blind spots when it comes to spiritual truths.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.