Discover a Unique Way To Chanel Spirit With Psychic automatism

For many decades secret groups of people have used psychic automatism for different reasons, one of the main being for helping unlock unconscious creativity for drawing and painting.

However, most people are not aware that it can be used for automatic drawing to channel and communicate with your spirit guides.

The majority of you will find this not only a useful article for discovering a different method for communicating with your guides...

But will also find it to be a fun process.

If you’d like to know how to use the ancient practice of automatic drawing to communicate with your spirit guides continue reading.

What is psychic automatism

Before going any further I will quickly define what a few words mean to make sure you understand what I am discussing.

Automatism – Is when actions are taken unconsciously/involuntary without conscious effort or intention, for example, sleepwalking, and breathing.

Psychic automatism - Is a process for creativity that has been heavily influenced by Freud's psychoanalytic theory.

It has been primarily used by artists to reflect what is in their unconscious mind to be expressed in their drawings and paintings.

This is often referred to as surrealist automatism...

Which uses methods and techniques that causes the individual to write or draw what comes to them without conscious effort, similar to automatic writing.

Which has been very popular among the surrealist movement also known as surrealism which was officially established around 1924 after the publishing of the surrealist manifesto by Andre Breton.

Using psychic automatism to connect with spirit guides

Although psychic automatism was never as far as I’m aware, wasn't created or intended to be used as a method for communicating with spirit guides.

It is useful tool for when you aren’t consciously aware of what your spirit guides are trying to tell you.

And it can be used with great results by people who aren't psychically gifted, or have a hard time using different methods and want to try something else.

A fun way you can do this is through automatic drawing

Automatic drawing is a method for drawing what and revealing aspects of the subconscious mind and can be used to channel spirit guide messages.

Can you recall a time when you felt an urge to draw or write something that seemed to have come out of nowhere, but gave you the answer to something.

It could have been the answer to a question you had been pondering on or it helped you write a novel, draw something or even answer a maths question.

These urges are usually from your spirit guides...

How to use automatic drawing to channel spirit guides in 7 steps

You might find automatic drawing doesn’t resonate with you...

And you might also find automatic writing much easier.

With that said, you’re a unique spirit and what works for others may not work as well for you...

And this is why I recommend people to give automatic drawing at least a couple of tries because it may come naturally to you.

You can use a digital device for the following steps, but I recommend using a pen/pencil on paper for best results.

Step #1 Get your equipment ready

You can simply use just a pen and a piece of paper...

However especially if you feel that you should intuitively, you can use paint, different colored pens, and pencils.

Or whatever drawing equipment you’d like to express what you channel from your guides.

Step #2 Schedule a time and at a location where you will be undisturbed

It’s important if possible to be relaxed and undisturbed, otherwise this will block your creative and subconscious flow which will negatively impact your results.

Step #3 Relax your mind cleanse your space

Cleansing your space helps with both removing stagnant negative energies and energetic blockages...

Making it easier to raise your vibration whilst also creating a space that is inviting for high-frequency spirit guides.

You can do this yourself by doing the following:

  • Start by taking a big deep breath in through your nose...
    And then exhaling out through your mouth...
    Repeat this 3-5 times.

  • See and feel yourself being surrounded by a white divine light...
    Inhale this light in through your nose, see and feel it coming into your lungs, and then expanding and filling your entire body...

  • As you exhale see and feel this light expanding out further and further throughout the room, and then eventually the building that you’re in.

Repeat this for a few minutes or until you intuitively feel it is time to move on to the next step.

Step #4 Creativity setting your intention

One of the great things about using automatic drawing for communicating with spirit guides...

Is that you can start freely drawing just for the fun of it, or for inspiration if you don’t know what to ask your guides.

You will eventually draw something that represents a question you want to ask...

During this process, you might even immediately draw something that represents the answer! This can be both fun and exciting, enjoy yourself and do what feels right for you.

Step #5 Ask and connect with divine guidance

Speak out loud or ask within your mind, as you feel your words going out to the ends of the universe as you say:

“I ask that the ascended masters, my guardian angel and my highest vibrational spirit guides...
To support and assist me now, with divine guidance, grace, and insight for my highest good and divine will...”

Now again out loud or within your mind ask your guides what you wish to receive guidance for...

Example questions to ask:
“What changes can I make that will help me grow the most spiritually right now?”

“What is currently holding me back from reaching my highest potential?”

“What do I need to manifest my desires?”

“Is there anything else you I should be aware of?”

Ask any questions that come to you, including questions to get clarity for the answers you get from your drawings in the previous and next steps

Step #6 Loosen your grip and allow the answer to come through you

At this stage, unless intuitively you feel not to, you should close your eyes...

And regardless of what you’re using to draw with, allow your arm to become limp, almost like a dead weight, and allow your hand to start drawing on its own.

Going with the movements that come to you, which you will feel through sudden bursts of inspiration and insight.

If you feel a strong urge to consciously draw something such as a particular person, shape or any object then draw it.

And then continue with your eyes closed, continuing until you intuitively feel like you should stop.

Step #7 Reflect on your drawing for divine insight

When you initially begin to focus on what you have drawn, you will usually have one of two reactions.

Reaction #1: What on earth is this, this is just some random scribbles on a piece of paper what a waste of time...

Reaction #2: Oh wow this reminds me of X(Whatever it represents to you) and this is deep down what I intuitively feel is the right answer.

If your reaction is similar to #1 don’t worry, as this is normal even after several attempts with this method.

What can really help is to either ask your guides for clarity to what you have drawn represents.

Or to repeat the process as quite often automatic drawings stack on each other to paint a bigger picture.

Making it clearer what your guides are trying to tell you. 


Automatic drawing or painting is a fun alternative to automatic writing, that you may find brings you better results for communicating with your spirit guides.

Being aware of common signs that your spirit guides are trying to communicate is very helpful to decode and understand the messages from the drawings that you create.

You may also benefit from learning other methods for directly connect to receive divine assistance from your spirit guides.

With Love