Discover How To Connect With The Ascended Masters For Protection

If you want the ability to find peace and sanctuary and to go inwards to nurture your spirit. Then learning to connect with the ascended masters for protection will be the most important thing you'll learn.

Ascended masters are spiritual leaders and teachers that have a divine frequency which can be described as angelic.
But unlike angels, they have experienced and ascended from ordinary human physical carnations and experiences.

They are enlightened beings of unconditional love and light, with pure intentions to help guide and protect you along your divine journey.

Who are The ascended masters

Ascended Masters are individuals who through many lifetimes...

Have Learnt the lessons required from their karma to ascend beyond this physical domain. To make this easier to understand let's briefly go through what karma and ascension is.

How Karma Relates To ascended Masters

We all have karma with the word “karma” meaning “to learn” which implies we all have lessons to learn. Which can be carried over from past lives and actions you've taken during your current life.

However, with every pure action, you take from a soul level, for the greater good coming from love.

This begins the process of clearing any “karmic debt” and putting you on the path to ascension and ending the karmic cycle of having to reincarnate in a physical human form.

Why ascended masters have special gifts

And you might be wondering...well if angels are available to help guide and protect me, what are the benefits of contacting ascended masters.

Well here’s the interesting part, unlike angles and many different types of spirit guides, the ascended masters have already learned from their karma in this physical domain.

By embodying love, peace, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and bliss mastering their mind, body, emotions, and spirit, causing them to ascend to higher spiritual realms.

Why it’s worth listening to the ascended masters

Aligning with divine qualities and their true soul's purpose and perspective, ascending above the limited views of the ego. Which has led to their enlightenment and ascending this physical realm.

Which makes them not only divine wise beings of love and light. They're also spiritual teachers that understand through their own experiences the struggles and challenges that you are going through.

Including heartbreak, betrayal, not understanding your true worth as a spiritual being, and how your temporary human form is just a drop in the ocean.

The ocean that we are all connected by as one, temporary being expressed as a single drop.

How Ascended masters can help protect you

Usually, most people will find that they feel more deeply connected with one to three different ascended masters. Which could be Jesus, Buddha, St. Germaine, and Mother Mary to name a few examples.

And by connecting to the ascended masters you feel a deeper connection with, they will help you raise your frequency, and by keeping your own space safe and secure.

They will also help you understand the importance of creating shields of protection. How to create them including how to keep safe and allowing love and light to flow even with people that don’t want to reciprocate.

And here’s the interesting part, we can channel and receive their divine guidance, and since the ascended masters have dealt with the same struggles during some of their physical carnations.

They know exactly what you need to ascend and grow spiritually.

And the best part is they will even guide you with removing negative energetic links that cause you to remain attached to energy vampires. So they no longer keep coming back for more of your energy.

If you would like to remove negative energy working directly with the Ascended masters learn more here.

How to start connecting to ascended masters

Connecting to ascended masters can be easier than you might think.

Just like working with spirit guides you first need to be open and willing to receive their guidance and then to reach out and ask for it.

Certain types of meditations can be used to deepen our connection to the spiritual realms including to ascended masters.

Here’s a quick meditation you can use right now for aid with divine protection from an ascended master.

Begin This meditation technique…

By focusing inwards, on your heart and taking several big deep breaths in through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth until you start to feel relaxed...

Now, get clear in your mind which ascended master you want to connect with and ask that master out loud or within your mind to come and assist you.

And then ask using calling the name of the ascended master…

“Ascended master, what negative energies are attached to me?”

Pay attention to your inner voice…

Listen to your heart and internal guidance…

Now ask, “Where is my energy being drained?… Is anyone or anything draining my energy?…
Is it people, family…low vibrational entities?"

Now focus on your heart…

And with this awareness, ask “How do I release these negative energies and attachments?…”

Now continue to focus on your heart…

Notice any signs or sensations that come to you and your mind, Allow the divine energy from the ascended master to flow through to and feel any negative energy begin to dissipate…

You are now Standing in your power… with this deep connection, ask to be protected by divine strength…

Feel and see a sphere of golden light surrounding you and filling your entire body...

Filling your heart…

Infused with love and joy…

Which are the highest and strongest protective energies that are now surrounding your aura.

Cleansing and releasing any stagnant low vibrational energies.

Now, thank the ascended masters and close the meditation.

Knowing now you’re surrounded with love and golden divine light.

It is done.

You can do this meditation at any time you need it…

Or, if you want to be part of a community that’s working directly with the protection of the Ascended Masters…
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Your divine journey of spiritual growth

Your path of spiritual growth is designed to help you grow and to become a higher version of your current self. Together with your higher self, and divine help, you will shine even brighter to further spread divine love and light.

With love and joy…

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    Thank you. What if, as in my situation, I have moved to place I am really not happy in to help my daughter and grandson but I. My heart if hearts feel being around her is not healthy for my soul. What can I do? I want to help her but I am unhappy?

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Virgina, Thanks for your comment, so you have moved to a place where you are unhappy but you’ve moved there to help your daughter and grandson. And it doesn’t feel healthy for your soul and are wondering what to do is that correct?

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