Discover What Your Higher Self Looks Like With This

Your higher self is formless, it is pure spirit outside of any physical realms. However, it can appear in many different forms based on what is right for you for your spiritual journey.

This may include appearing as a man, woman, or resembling something similar to an angel and many different forms.

If you’d like to know the best method for connecting with your higher self and steps for seeing it for continue reading.

Examples of what your higher self looks like

  • A loving caring mother type of figure.
  • A powerful masculine figure.
  • A very bright and caring angel.
  • Bright sphere of energy.
  • Formless sphere of energy.
  • May take the form of something with a unique symbolic meaning to you.

Methods for seeing what your higher self looks like

How Do You See Your Higher Self

Image of clouds and the stairs with text above saying How To Reach And Discover What Your Higher Self Looks Like

Meditation is the best way to connect and see your higher self because you have more conscious control over other methods and it’s easy to do.

Meditation helps you to quieten the mind, raise your vibration and change your state of consciousness making it ideal for connecting with spirit.

You can see your higher self by using the following steps

Step 1: Relax and focus on your breathing

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed...

Sit upright and get into a position you feel comfortable in.

Begin to slow down your breathing and focus on both your inhalation and exhalation, focusing on your breathing with curiosity.

Avoid trying to be forceful with your focus, keep it relaxed and curious.

Step 2: Ask for assistance

Your higher self is always with you and aware of your intentions and is available to assist, especially when it comes to deepening your connection with it.

Ask the following question to request for divine guidance:

“Higher self, I ask that you assist me and make me aware of how I can deepen my connection and begin to re-emerge with you now.”

Step 3: Ask to see your higher selfs appearance

You might feel a powerful connection or very little after step 2, either way, know that your higher self has heard your request.

Become present and give your higher self a few minutes to appear or to show you something.

If you haven’t received anything or it’s unclear say out loud or within your mind:

“Higher self, I ask that you make your presence and appearance known when it serves my highest good.”

Again wait a few moments and know your higher self may present itself to you during the meditation or at another time such as in your next dream.

Deepening your connection with your higher self

If you really want to take your spiritual growth, discovering your purpose and your connection with your higher self to the next level.

Then I recommend looking into how to merge with your higher self.

Love and light