Divine Light Consciousness For Accelerated Spiritual Growth

If you’re a beginner on a path of spiritual growth or even advanced in the teachings of spirituality…

Then discovering how to invoke divine light consciousness is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your spiritual journey.

Many people have discussed using divine light but it is often difficult to work with. That’s why in this article I’m going to reveal 5 steps to can invoke this power to reach higher states of consciousness 

What does light represent spiritually

Light spiritually represents the awakening to the truth of who we truly are, bringing the unknown into known, bringing what is in shadows of the subconscious into conscious awareness.

Light also represents and symbolizes illumination, being on the path of goodness, divine knowledge and wisdom.

However most importantly of all, light represents the essence behind everyone and everything in existence, and it's by ascending the 12 stages of light body awakening you will reach the height of your spiritual path.

The significance of divine light

Everything in both this physical and the spiritual realms are made up of divine frequencies of light.

So nothing can exist without it and by learning how to work with divine light.

You can create changes on both a physical and spiritual level, helping you to manifest the life that you want and develop spiritually.

Earth is currently changing into a higher frequency as she is also an energetic living system also made of light.

And it’s becoming essential to awaken your light body to raise with the frequencies of the earth.

Which is now easier than ever before with these shifts on the planet.

As you ascend on your spiritual journey, your body will become less dense and absorb more light bringing you closer to the divine and all that is.

There are many benefits to calling upon divine light including:

  • Healing.
  • Protection.
  • Cleansing.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Improved well being.

Invoking divine light prayer to reach higher states of consciousness

Pin with image at the bottom of two hands in the clouds holding a golden light with text above saying Discover how the top psychics accelerate their spiritual growth with divine light in just 5 simple steps.

Use the following steps for invoking divine light and to help you accelerate your spiritual growth.

Step 1: Prepare and clear your mind

At a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed, sit upright and get comfortable.

Focus on the different shades of light in the room that you’re in, noticing how certain parts of the room are brighter than others.

Noticing any shadows, becoming present and deeply aware of the light all around you.

This will relax your body and mind to raise your vibration and align you with higher light frequencies.

Step 2: Invoking the light with the assistance of your guides

Either place your hands together or keep them where ever you feel comfortable ,and call out loud to your guides and say.

“I call upon my guides and divine beings of light, to assist me with invoking golden light, that will accelerate the awakening of my crystalline light body.

Assist me in tuning in and becoming one with divine light, and so it is and so it is done.”

This will call upon your spirit guides and light beings to help you invoke divine light.

Step 3: Absorbing the light

Now take a big deep breath in, and as you exhale out through your mouth close your eyes.

Now see and notice within your minds eye, the various spirit guides and light beings that are with you now.

If you can’t see anything just know that this is happening and focus on the sensations.

Now notice a golden orb of energy in front of you, this divine orb is made of cosmic light.

Becoming aware of it entering into your heart center, see and feel the golden light spread out filling your entire body.

With each area, it touches, notice how you feel a warm relaxation in that area, you might also feel lighter because of your vibration rising.

Step 4: Healing power of the heart center

Now as you bask in the illuminating golden light, place your attention back onto your heart center as the light in this area becomes more intense.

See your heart center begin to glow as divine energy travels up and down your spinal column as it illuminates all of your chakras.

Feeling bursts of energy flowing through each chakra and rejuvenating your entire body.

Step 5: Moving forward with divine light

Now that you’re starting the process of awakening your crystalline light body, it’s important to remain with the light to continue with the awakening process.

You can do this by acts of kindness and only allowing yourself to do what is in alignment with truth.

Getting more sunlight and eating plant-based foods that have absorbed sunlight.

However, another method to align with divine light is known by many mystics in the east and west, is to awaken and open the heart center.

And this method to awaken this power allows you invoke the most incredible light you’ll ever experience.

Love and light.