Easy Way To Communicate With Spirit Guides Using Their Frequency

It can be difficult to deeply connect with benevolent Divine spirit guides if you aren’t in a high frequency. You see our spirit guides, especially light beings live in a higher realm of existence.

And I think you will agree with me when feeling low, or when you have to focus and deal with one stressful situation after the next...

That it can feel very difficult to reach or remain in a high frequency, and If only there was a way to get help from a divine support team, to make things a little less overwhelming.

Well, the great news is, you do have a divine support team, by raising your frequency you will be able to ask effectively, which I’m going to share how throughout this article.

essential tips for raising your frequency for connecting to your spirit guides

In case you’re wondering what frequency you should listen to for spirit guides, here is a brief list that will help you connect with your spirit guides and higher realms:

  • 417hz- Clear negative energy
  • 852hz – Awaken Intuition
  • 963hz – Connecting with Oneness

However, with that said, what is even more important and powerful when it comes to connecting with your guides, is to spiritually cleanse yourself of negative energy.

Otherwise, these energies will linger and lower frequency, and also attract the attention of lower-level entities and energy vampires.

How being stuck in your left brain can lower your frequency

Another important tip is that, if you get too involved with left-brain thinking and focusing on your thoughts, it can cause your mind to become numb.

Making it difficult to work with and feel energy, which is important for connecting with spirit and raising your frequency.

There are many different solutions to this, however, and one method I found to be exciting, because it's fast and easy, to do even for beginners.

Is specially designed guided meditations for receiving the healing powers of spirit guides.

How opening your heart will help you connect to the higher realms

Another key for raising too spirit guide frequencies is to open your heart center. Love is the highest frequency in the universe and by coming from a place of love which is from your spirit.

And avoiding coming from ego, negative energy will start to melt away. There is nothing that repels lower-level entities more than the frequency of love.

How regularly connecting with your spirit guides will raise your frequency

Another useful tip for deepening the connection to your guides is regularly connecting and working with them.

The more you work with your guides and raise your frequency to the higher realms, the easier it is to reconnect to them.

And the best part is you will strengthen your energetic connection to particular spirit guides you continuously work with, making it even easier for both of you to communicate.

If you would like to know a fast way for opening up a connection to your divine support team, click here to find out more.

Connect to spirit guides

So that’s all there is to it, if you’ve been struggling to connect to your guides, you just need to raise to the higher realms by raising your frequency. I hope you have found these tips useful

Wishing you all the best