Experience A violent Flame Invocation With Divine Assistance

Discover what the violet flame is and How it Can Change Your Life

The violet flame is the most effective spiritual tool to transform your life.

It has been a hidden secret for centuries and was only taught to a tiny selected few who were deemed worthy.

It’s a spiritual fire that can only be seen through spiritual vision in the astral and etheric planes because it’s a spiritual energy that cannot be seen through our physical senses.

It’s incredibly powerful for clearing away clogged-up disempowering energies and limiting beliefs.

What’s also interesting unlike a physical flame, it isn’t hot and it’s safe to touch.

However it will cause anything holding you back from your spiritual growth to be melted away.

Violet fire comes from violet-ray energy which if you were to view a chart of visible light, violet has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

Making it the color closest between both the physical and spiritual realms.

Its frequency is also very close to the elements and compounds in our physical universe.

With the power to transmute anyone or anything into inner harmony and its own unique perfect frequency.

Benefits of using the violet flame:

The violet flame can easily transmute negative into positive energy and remove limiting thoughts and beliefs.

If you ever feel stuck or disempowered then it is the ideal tool for becoming free and taking back control of your life.

It can also be used for transmuting negative or limiting perceptions including:

  • Fear into peace.
  • Anger into love.
  • Nonforgiveness into forgiveness.
  • Jealousy into admiration. 

The seven qualities of the violet flame

The seven qualities of the violet flame are:

  1. Mercy.
  2. Forgiveness.
  3. Freedom.
  4. Opportunity.
  5. Alchemy.
  6. Diplomacy.
  7. Transmutation.

If you want help with being able to forgive, the violet flame can make this happen quickly, including finding emotional and spiritual freedom.

It helps to find new opportunities especially when it comes to spiritual growth.

It assists with resolving conflict within yourself or with others.

And also purify and heal distorted energies and can be used to start the activation of your light body.

The sacred gift of the violet flame

The violet flame was very much kept a secret until recently in the 1930s when ST Germain decided to reveal its powers publicly to help uplift humanity through the I am activity.

ST Germain then revealed even more to the summit light house activity founded by Mark Profit whilst following the guidance of ascended master L. Maria.

Mark and his wife Elizabeth both went on to teach these new understandings of the violet flame with Elizabeth continuing to share this gift even after Mark passed away in 1973.

Making them some of the leading pioneers of revealing the gifts brought to us from ST Germain about the violet flame to the public.

Saint Germain and the violet ray

ST Germain is an ascended master that has ascended the physical planes through passing the lessons of the physical domain and his karma.

He reunited with God and decided to help the human collective's spiritual ascension…

And also a master alchemist and knows exactly how to use the violet ray for healing and transmutation.

Leading to accelerated spiritual growth for an individual and the human collective.

Our main spiritual goal is to ascend above the limitations of the physical plane and to learn from its lessons just like ST Germain.

Invoking the violet flame with the help of ST Germain is one of the best combinations you can use for spiritual ascension.

Experiencing and invoking the violet flames light

pinterest pin with violet flame at the top with text underneath saying  Experience A Violent Flame Invocation With Divine Assistance

Unless you’re clairvoyant it is difficult to see the violet flame, however you can be assisted to call upon and see it with the assistance of your spirit guides.

It’s worth knowing that the violet flame is conscious, alive and aware.

Whenever invoking or interacting with the violet flame it’s important to treat it with respect j just like you would treat an advanced spiritual teacher.

If you’re an empath you will likely feel the vibrant aliveness and healing energies of the violet flame whenever you invoke it.

Here are some ways in which you can invoke and experience the violet flame:

  • Meditation.
  • Mantras.
  • Decrees.
  • Prayer.
  • With the assistance of St Germain and spirit guides

What’s also important to know is that the higher your frequency and the spiritual realm that you reach, the more powerful the violet flame you will be able to invoke will be.

Which can be much easier after doing a violet flame cleanse.

It’s a great honour and blessing to have available such a powerful gift given tool from ST Germain! In that we thank you.

What is a violet flame meditation

A violet flame meditation is designed specifically for invoking and merging with the violet flame.

It will elevate you to a higher frequency and elevated state of consciousness.

Making it easier to connect with the higher spiritual realms.

It also helps with calling upon spiritual guides, ascended masters.

Including ST Germain for assistance with invoking violet flames from very high spiritual realms.

Violet flame meditations are usually combined with sacred mantras, prayers, and decrees so you can draw upon the magnificent healing power of the violet flame.

Experience the Violet Flame when you watch this short video now:

Ready for a premium Violet Flame Meditation?

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5 powerful Violet flame mantras

A mantra is a phrase or sentence spoken out loud repeatedly to embody a desired state of mind.

It is important to chant them with intensity and say them like you mean it to get into a high resonant frequency, which will help you invoke the violet flame.

Use the following mantras to assist you in invoking the violet flame while visualizing a violet fire in front of you:

“ I am a being, of pure violet light!”

“I am the violet flame.”

“I am one with the violet fire, I am an intention of gods desire.”

“I am the violet fire in action.”

“I am being of violet fire, I am the purity of gods desire.”

Violet flame decrees

A decree is a form of scripture speaking God's word for spiritual purposes.

A violet flame decree is used to assist with invoking violet fire.

Try the following violet flame decrees for yourself and notice how your energy rises:

“I AM the violet fire, living to inspire, uplifting every hour.
I AM the violet flame, raising like the sun, helping to illuminate everyone.
Shining through the darkness with incredible violet rays.
Stepping and merging with the light.
Regardless if it's during the day or at night.”

“I AM scared violet fire
Ignited through me now
I AM sacred violet fire
With blessed healing power
I AM God’s bestowed light
Illuminating everyone
I AM the violet flame
Divine light in physical form
I AM the violet flame
Cleansed and purified.”

A well known and commonly used violet flame decree from the Summit Lighthouse:

“I AM the Violet Flame
In action in me now
I AM the Violet Flame
To Light alone I bow
I AM the Violet Flame
In mighty Cosmic Power
I AM the Light of God
Shining every hour
I AM the Violet Flame
Blazing like a sun
I AM God's sacred power
Freeing every one”

Get the most from a violet flame decree

Use the following steps for the best results.

  1. Focus your attention inward and relax.
  2. Visualize powerful violet flames.
  3. Speak the decree until you can really feel it.
  4. Focus on your elevated energy levels.
  5. Send love and gratitude from your heart center out through the universe.

Violet flame prayer

Prayer is another powerful tool for calling upon violet flame because prayer is a clear intention that connects you to the spiritual realms.

Use the following prayer to call upon the violet flame.

“All mighty cosmic power, hear me now as I wish to fulfill God's desire.
Shining the violet flame through every hour,
Raising my frequency and living with purity.
Merging with the light, regardless if it's the day or the night.
I AM the violet flame.
And so it is, and so it is done.”

You can use this prayer at any time of the day but ideally use it at a time and in a location where you won’t be disturbed.

Violet flame invocation

Here is another method for invoking the violet flame I have channeled through the assistance of my spirit guides:

Together we call upon the many guides and masters of the sacred ray, to guide us in invoking the violet flame.

Allow yourself to relax, turn your attention inward as you begin to see and feel a frequency of violet light in front of you.

You might see it small or very large, dim or very bright, or unable to see anything at all.

Know that the violet ray is with you now as it begins to form a circle on the floor around you.

The circle of violet-ray now begins to burst upward as violet fire.

Know that these flames are safe to touch and will not burn you.

This sacred fire will melt away any negative thoughts and limitations.

Take a big deep breath in as you inhale the violet flame deep into your lungs.

See and feel sacred fire being carried from your lungs into your bloodstream.

Circulating through your entire body, expanding out and transmuting both your physical and energy body to a higher frequency.

As you begin to embody the violet flame.

Further connecting with the help of your spirit guides

Know that you have many different types of spirit guides that can help you get the most from the violet flame, including light beings and healer guides.

As we now request divine assistance to help us on both a conscious and subconscious level.

On a physical and energy level to help us embody and begin to merge with the violet flame now.

Feel the loving grace of your guides as you feel closer and more connected removing limitations and distortions.

Raising into the higher realms allowing you to invoke an even more powerful violet flame.

Light body activation

Invoking a powerful violet flame begins the process of activating your light body which is vital for transitioning into the new earth.

The planet is currently shifting into a higher frequency and every living system and being has to transition with it to remain here.

Otherwise, they will have to continue their spiritual journey on a planet at a similar frequency to their own.

Everything in the universe is made of light, just like a plant exists because of its ability to absorb sunlight.

Humans absorb light through the plants they eat and through the sun.

For your physical body to become less dense so you can ascend to the higher realms and closer to the divine light behind all of creation.

You must activate your light body and one of the fastest and most powerful ways of doing this is with the violet flame.

Continue to invoke and embody the violet flame as it will accelerate your spiritual growth and help you on your own unique and divine journey.

And know even though you are currently a third-dimensional being, ascending your current dimension is just the first step in ascending.

You will continue to ascend beyond many different dimensions of reality and move into divine light and unconditional love.

Continue to step into the light and call upon the guidance of the violet flame.

And so it is and so it is done.

With love and light

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