Energy Cleanse With Spirit Guides Meditation

You have likely experienced it yourself when you feel stressed or fearful, your energy and vibe contracts and turns inwards.

This negative energy can take hold of your physical body, your aura and spirit and weaken your gifts.

But with the power of Spirit Guides cleansing energy, you can wash away disempowering energy, and uplift your vibes through your mind, body, and spirit.

When vibrating high with your Guides energy, you begin to open up to higher dimensions that help you access their healing and guidance at the highest levels.

This same divine vibration is what expands and connects us to the universe including everyone and everything.

How Meditation can be used to cleanse with your Spirit Guides

There are many different types of meditations out there, the one I’m about to share below will connect you with your spirit guides.

When you call upon your guides they will know exactly what you need to clear distortions, and blocks in your energy, and to aid you in opening to higher realms for receiving powerful energetic frequencies. 

Cleanse Your Energy With Spirit Guides Powers

In this cleansing session, you will be guided through various trance states ideal for working with your spirit guides.
Whilst experiencing a beautiful divine forest, connecting with nature and Gaia's energy.

You will then with the help of your guides, be guided to removing disempowering beliefs and negative stagnant energies.

At the end of this session, you will come out feeling relaxed, energized, and with your heart center opened and moving with more peace, joy. And clarity.

Let me know how you found this session in the comments below.

With Love


  • Elizabeth Pedano says:

    As I was accepting my spirit guides . I felt tears rolling down my face … Very uncomfortable !! Was that healthy I wonder .. I feel very relaxed and cleansed … Thank you ☺️

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Elizabeth
      Great question, but for clarity to best help you, it depends what healthy means for you, in terms of it being good for you…
      The tears, feeling relaxed, and cleansed after accepting your guides, may have released some negative stored energy which is definitely a good thing…
      But at the same time this could be the reason why you also felt uncomfortable.
      The negative stored energy could have sent out a feeling as it was leaving your aura.

  • Luca says:

    Very supraise ♥️🌈 this session Is fantastic

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