Unlock Your Divine Essence With This Free Spirit Guide Energy Cleanse Meditation

Do you find overwhelm, stress and worry distorts your energy and lowers your vibration?

This stress and worry in our daily lives can hinder our abilities because it puts your mind into the left-brain world…

Never being aligned with intuition, faith, or your true divine essence.

This is something I struggled with regularly until I discovered the importance and divine power of opening my heart.
In this post, I will share the divine power of opening your heart including a specially designed spirit guide meditation where you can call upon your spirit guides and receive their help in opening your heart.

The divine power of opening your heart and aligning with love

You have likely experienced it yourself when you feel stressed or fearful, your energy and vibe contracts and turns inwards.

It is a very closed and guarded feeling, you may have even noticed in other peoples or your own posture being closed off as well.

But with the power of love having the complete opposite effect it is a very open and expanding energy and feeling.
When vibrating high with love, you can’t help but to give and expand out and connect with others.

This same divine vibration is what expands and connects us to the universe including everyone and everything.

How opening your heart will bring you into alignment with divine essence.

When you open your heart you’re opening yourself, and your heart chakra to receiving divine love and shining your light to reconnect you with your divine essence.

Divine essence is like coming home, to your true authentic self and aligning with your higher self and true purpose.
This alignment also brings a life full of joy, happiness, and a lasting fulfillment, because your soul will be screaming in delight.

How Meditation can be used as an energy cleanse to open your heart

There are many different types of meditations out there, the one I’m about to share below will connect you with your spirit guides.

Your guides when called upon know exactly what you need to clear distortions and blocks in your energy and to aid you in reopening your heart if it isn’t already fully open. 

Restore Your Power With Energy Cleanse Meditation

In this revitalizing energy cleansing session, you will be guided through various trance states ideal for working with your spirit guides.

Whilst experiencing a beautiful divine forest, connecting with nature and Gaia energy.

You will then with the help of your guides be guided to removing disempowering beliefs and negative stagnant energies and then receiving an energy boost cleansing your energy.

At the end of this session, you will come out feeling relaxed, energized, and with your heart center reopened and moving in the path of your divine essence.

Let me know how you found this session in the comments below.

With Love