How To Communicate With Guardian Angels in 5 Instant Steps

Your guardian angel has been assigned to you from the moment of your birth and will be with you to your very last breath.

Like a parental figure or very close friend, your guardian is by your side and always available to assist you.

To communicate with your guardian angel you just have to simply ask for assistance or for them to make their presence clearer.

There are however tools, such as specific prayers, the use of altars including other methods for making communication clearer and more effective.

If you’d like to know step by step what I recommend people who have never had clear communication with their guardian before to follow, continue reading.

Step #1: Believe in the process

It can be difficult to believe you have such a close and personal angel that cares and is watching over you, and that their sole focus is on you.

However, through practice and regular contact, you will start to discover this is true for yourself and it is a delightful experience.

It is easier to recognize this when you know the different signs that your guardian angel is trying to contact you such as:

  • A sudden change in temperature.
  • Feeling like someone is with you.
  • Being able to smell unexplainable fragrances.
  • Finding feathers in random locations.
  • Unique cloud formations.

By consciously calling out and working with your guardian more and more whilst looking out for signs.

You will start to realize if you don’t already just how close and available your guardian is to always assist you.

By strengthening your belief you will form a deeper connection and trust in your ability to follow your guardian's guidance.

Step #2: Trust that inner pull

Another very common sign is those times when you’re not sure what decisions to make, such as should you go up or down.

And you feel a strong pull to go in a particular direction, but you decide to go in the opposite direction and the pull becomes strong and stronger. Until you realize you made the wrong decision.

And that you should have listened to that inner feeling, this was your guardian trying to guide you.

Become aware and know with every decision that you make in life, your guardian is nearby to assist you which will help you trust in both yourself and your guardian.

Step #3: Prepare for deeper communication

If you want to start communicating with your guardian angel you can simply speak out and start a conversation.

With that said here are some additional tools that you can use that will help you understand what your guardian is trying to tell you:

  1. Using oracle or tarot cards: When you call out your guardian and need help to receive the message.

    Shuffle your cards and spread them out faced down, and pick a card you feel drawn to.

    Your guardian will assist you with what card to pick and the chosen card will represent their message in a different form.

  2. Listen to high-frequency music: Angels love high-frequency music, music that has been made from a place of joy, peace, and love with natural instruments and melodies.

    Most classical music can help and it can also help relax the mind and put you into a more receptive state for receiving guidance.

  3. Use a spiritual altar: Spiritual altars have many benefits such as creating an atmosphere and location that will help you channel your energy and form a deeper connection with your guardian.

    Place items on your altar that show gratitude and appreciation for your guardian's help or anything that reminds you of how you’ve been assisted.

    This will help form a stronger bond for clearer communication.

Step #4: Speak like you can see your guardian angel

See within your mind's eye or if you struggle to visualize know that your guardian is in your space or ideally directly in front of you.

Avoid trying to force an image and allow your guardian to come in.

Focus on how your guardian appears in front of you and become more engaged with the experience.

Now just before saying anything, speak like you would as if you’re speaking to someone you know physically who is right in front of you.

Rather than saying words out randomly to the aether, speak your words directly as if it was just another casual conversation with someone you know.

Step #5: Ask for clarity and assistance

At this stage, you can now ask whatever you’d like, whether you want to know your guardian's name, how they can help you, or a specific question.

Now is the time to ask, if you’re unsure of where to start, here are some sample questions and statements that may help get you going:

“What is your name?”

“Can you please show me a sign soon that you’re watching over me?”

“What would you like me to place on my altar?”

“Do you have any recommendations for me?”

“Please guide me in finding myself and my purpose.”

It can also be useful to schedule regular times to speak with your guardian just like you would a Doctors appointment, although you can freely communicate anytime you wish that suits you.

Open yourself to the spiritual realms

The more you practice contacting your guardian angel and remembering you always have a personal guide nearby will improve your results and it will gradually become easier and easier.

If you’d like to know how being energetically healed can help you connect with the spiritual realms on a deeper level, I recommend checking out how to heal your energy centers with love.

With love