List of positive affirmations in different colors

Highly Vibrate Your Energy With This List Of Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is “The action or process of affirming something.” In this context we’re using them to affirm and create positive beliefs.

Our experience of life whether we perceive it as positive or negative is greatly influenced by our beliefs.

Affirmations are a great way of creating beliefs that empower us which in this article contains affirmations for having a more positive outlook on life for specific areas which is even more useful during challenging times.

How to get the most out of this list of positive affirmations?

To get the most out of these affirmations you ideally want to use them either whilst exercising or first thing in the morning, again preferably whilst exercising or at least in an open space you can get your body involved.

The reason for this is because our physiology affects our biochemistry which has a very powerful impact on how we feel through our emotions.

The most important factor for affirmations to be effective is the emotional intensity you feel whilst you’re saying them.

Also first thing in the morning we’re naturally in more of a theta brain wave state which makes it easier to “place” what we want into our subconscious.

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Positive affirmations for motivation and inspiration

1. “I believe and trust in my own abilities.”

2. “I create my future and my reality.”

3. “I enjoy and pursue my goals to completion.”

4. “I am full of motivation and feel inspired.”

5. “I find motivation even in challenging situations.”

6. “I find it easy to succeed because I have positive encouraging thoughts.”

7. “The power of my subconscious mind makes me achieve anything positive I set my mind too.”

8. “I release my attachment to anything that no longer serves me. I refuse to let anything or anyone hold me back.”

9. “I take my goals seriously and consistently take the necessary steps to achieve my goals.” 

10. “I remain focused on my true purpose and remove any unnecessary distractions and obstacles.”

Positive affirmations for improving general well being

1. “I am full of love and joy.”

2. “All I need is within me now!”

3. “I live in beautiful states.”

4. “I am truly blessed and my life is amazing.”

5. “I am ecstatic and so grateful.”

6. “My life is a wonderful adventure.”

7. “I live an inspired and exciting life.”

8. “I find joy and happiness in almost every moment of my life.”

9. “I focus on all of the abundance and many reasons to be grateful in my life.”

10. “All the excitement I need is within me now.”

Positive affirmations for self love and confidence

1. “I love and respect myself.”

2. “I learn from my mistakes.”

3. “I am not my mistakes.”

4. “I am already good enough I only choose to develop myself when it improves the quality of my life and those around me.”

5. “I honour commitments to myself.”

6. “It’s ok for me to say no to others and yes to what I want.”

7. “How I define myself is who I’ll become and I’m courageous, loving and confident.”

8. “I have inner peace even whilst working to improve myself.”

9. “It is only me who can make myself feel insecure not the words of others unless I allow them to which I choose to remind myself that I am already which I seek.”

10. “I’m confident in the decisions I make.”

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Positive affirmations for health

1. “I’m full of peak health and vitality.”

2. “I eat healthily.”

3. “My body is my temple which I take great care of.”

4. “I am grounded and centred.”

5. “I prioritize my health.”

6. “I find joy in exercise as I vibrate vitality, energy and feel vibrantly alive.”

7. “I have discipline and self-control over what I choose to eat.”

8. “I enjoy experiencing my body becoming fitter and healthier.”

9. “Exercise gives me fuel and drive to succeed in all other areas of my life.”

10. “I easily fall into deep rejuvenating sleep.”

Positive affirmations for abundance

1. “I easily attract wealth and abundance.”

2. “Money flows to me consistently.”

3. “I’m so happy and grateful that money flows to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources on a consistent basis!”

4. “Gods/the Universes (Whatever you believe is your creator) wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance, all my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously by infinite intelligence!"

5. “The universe provides me with plenty of opportunities for success.”

6. “I deserve great wealth, the wealthier I am the more my life will improve and the lives of those around me.”

7. “I deserve great wealth.”

8. “I believe in the work I’m doing and deliver which attracts new opportunities.”

9. “I easily attract work/business opportunities.”

10. “I embrace success with confidence and bravery and trust that I can handle any new responsibilities.”