How Divine Light Beings Accelerate Your Spiritual Development

Working with Divine light beings have a profound effect on accelerating your spiritual development…

from healing, protection, and cleansing and so much more...

After many years of working with a large variety of spiritual guides...

I have always found working with light beings to be some of the most rewarding experiences.

In this post, I will share what light beings are, how they can help, how to communicate with them, and how to know if they’ve contacted you.

What are light beings and why are they here

Light beings are multi-dimensional beings made of pure energy.

They have very high vibrations and are capable of creating changes in both physical and spiritual domains.

Some have lived for eons and have vast spiritual wisdom we can learn from.They can also send bursts of healing energy from their loving vibrations.

They are usually in higher dimensions but can also appear physically although this is far less common.

This includes ascended masters who through many lifetimes...

Have Learnt the lessons required from their karma to ascend beyond this physical domain.

They are some of the most powerful light beings that have also overcome and can relate to the challenges of this physical domain.

Why the top Psychics Use Divine light beings as a powerful tool

Many of the top psychics work with highly spiritually developed beings to improve their development in psychic and healing abilities.

Light beings can help with this by channeling divine light energies...

Such as white light which can be used for spiritual cleansing and to ward off negative energies.

And golden light for psychic protection to block out and cut cords to energy vampires and lower-dimensional entities, that’s hold you back from spiritual growth.

They also help with many other divine light energies, most of these light energies can be accessed without their help...

But they are much more powerful with their help which can also help with clearing energetic blocks.

How to communicate with light beings for accelerated development

Light beings communicate with us telepathically which we experience through either an internal dialogue similar to our own thoughts.

Or through making us intuitively feel what they want us to become aware of.

There are many different ways to communicate with light beings...

But to get the most from the following methods, you first want to raise your vibration or pull energy from the universe.

Method #1 channeling

You can invite light beings in and ask for their assistance by opening your heart, taking some deep breaths, and calling out to them.

However, directly channeling a light being requires a high vibration and can be quite difficult, unless they are actively reaching out to deliver a message.

An easier method is channeling through automatic writing to receive messages and divine insight.

Method #2 Meditation

Meditation including guided meditations are a great tool for going into different states of consciousness...

That open gateways to high vibrational spirit guides including light beings.

Meditations are also a great way of calming the mind and will raise your vibration making it easier to communicate with light beings when you reach out to them.

If you’re unsure of where to start, just focus on your breath on both the inhalation and exhale. Or use a guided light being meditation that is designed for what you want help with such as healing or cleansing.

Method #3 Dream communication

Before going to sleep set the intention to be visited by a light being, this can be done through affirmations such as:

“It is my intention that I will be visited by light beings in my dreams.”

“I easily and effortlessly communicate with high vibrational light beings in my dreams.”

Dreaming opens up a portal to the astral realms which can be used to communicate with spiritual guides.

If you want to use this method I recommend using some form of protection prayer beforehand.

How to know if you’ve been contacted by a light being

Being in the presence of or being contacted by light beings will make you feel uplifting loving energies.
Which even if you’re feeling sad, fearful, or angry will raise your vibration.

You might be introduced to them in a way that will almost seem random such as through a book, podcast, or anything else that teaches about light beings.

This will happen through a series of synchronicities that the light beings have guided you to...

Making it easier for them to reach out and communicate.

If you suddenly have strong feelings of inspiration or insight into solving a problem, then there’s a good chance a light being is reaching out to you.


Almost every spiritual goal you have can be helped or improved with the help of light beings. They actively want to help you, but you first need to ask for their assistance.

If you’d like to know more about how to communicate with light beings.

Knowing what your spirit guides are trying to tell you will make it easier to communicate with them and other spirit guides.

With Love