How Do I know If My Spirit Guide Is With Me Or A Negative Spirit

Spirit Guides are all around us and they want nothing more to guide, support and assist you on your path in life.

And if you’ve reached out and contacted your guides before, you’ll know the blessings that’s available to you.

However, whether you’re working with guides or not, an important question you should ask yourself is, “how do I you know if my spirit guide is with me or if it’s a negative spirit.”

You see, unfortunately in the spiritual realms there can also be many negative spirits that try to disguise themselves as good spirits, as they need to feed on energy…

And knowing the difference between the two can help you eliminate any negative spirits that may be trying to attach itself.

So In this article, I’m going to share 5 signs to spot whether it's your spirit guide or a negative spirit.
And what you can do if you find there’s a negative spirit with you.

How Do You Know If you met your spirit guide

You will know when you’ve met your spirit guide when your communication and the vibe feel natural.

Like a close friend, you haven’t spoken to in years but your relationship continues like you had only just spoken to them yesterday.

Asking your spirit guide their name will also help you recognize if it's your guide and which guide you’re speaking to.

With that said here are 5 signs to make it easier to spot if its a spirit guide or a negative spirit with you:

Sign #1: A spirit guide will advise and not take control

Your divine assisting spirit guides whether it's an angel, an ascended master, a healing spirit guide, or any other authentic guide.

Will advise and assist you, if you ask them to.

You will also have the choice to ignore their advice without being pressured or guilt-tripped into doing what they recommend.

Unlike a negative spirit, which are usually forceful and try to manipulate you into doing what they want.

Here’s what you can do:
Ask the spirit guide for more clarity as to why they have suggested their advice and what will happen if you ignore it.

A spirit guide will give you a calm loving response such as feelings of reassurance, care and patience.

Unlike a negative spirit will be forceful causing you to feel on a gut level something is wrong and causing you to doubt yourself.

Sign #2: How the spirit feels when you sense its presence

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt like someone was behind you, even though no one was there?

Usually, you will be able to tell based on the vibe whether it's a spirit guide or friendly spirit when you feel loving, warm positive energies.

The opposite is the case when it’s a negative spirit you will feel cold, fearful energies.

Here’s what you can do:
When you feel a presence with you and are unsure whether it's a friendly or negative spirit...

Try asking yourself how does this spirit make me feel?

This is a good question to ask because if you feel unsettled, this is usually a warning sign that you aren’t aligned with the spirit and that it’s an indicator of it being a negative spirit.

Or ask the spirit Why are you here?

This will help you become aware of the spirits true intentions and help you become more aware of how the spirit makes you feel.

Sign #3: The Quality of spontaneous repetitive thoughts

A common sign a spirit guide is trying to communicate with you is through repetitive thoughts...

Such as a voice saying to check the garden which leads you to finding your car keys.

When it is your spirit guides communicating with you, these thoughts even though they can at times be repetitive and slightly annoying until we finally get the message...

Lead to positive outcomes and they will have a calm and often pleasant tone to them.

Here’s what you can do:
Try asking yourself what is this thought trying to tell me?

Or where is this thought coming from?

If you feel positive vibes coming from these questions if don’t initially like what the thought is telling you, but you can sense it’s coming from a good place then you will know it's your spirit guides.

If you sense that these thoughts are coming from dark low vibrational entities and aren’t in any way serving you, simply disregard them and focus on your heart center.

Sign #4: Uplifted or drained energy levels

Have you experienced your energy levels suddenly being far lower than what's usual for you?

And this may have continued for days even weeks, then there is a chance that an energy vampire or negative spirit has been draining your energy.

This isn’t always the case and reduced energy levels could come from stress or a health issue that is worth discussing with your Doctor.

Unlike a spirit guide that will cause your vibration to feel uplifted, including feelings of love, peace, joy, and many other positive feelings.

Here’s what you can do:
Use a prayer for spiritual protection to help uplifted your energies and to cut cords linked to lower-level entities.

A short but powerful prayer:
“I ask that my guardian angel, the ascended masters, and my highest frequency spirit guides to help uplift my energy...
To repel negative energy and entities, to make me aware of negative energy cords and connections that are draining me.

And to bring me into the light with divine love...

To uplift my frequency so I can bathe in divine grace...

And so it, and so it is done.”

If you’re experiencing a lower level of energy as a result of negative spirits knowing how to spiritually cleanse can also be very useful.

Sign #5: Feeling pain or healing

When a spirit guide is with you, especially a healer guide you might feel any aches or pains you have become weaker or fade away.

Pain from serious injuries or health conditions will usually come back but will feel different while the healer is with you.

You will often feel an insight into what you can do to help with your healing and recovery, However healer guides will usually only assist if you ask them for assistance.

The opposite can happen with a negative spirit, you might be completely pain-free and healthy...

And suddenly feel an intense headache combined with being able to sense bad vibes around you.

Here’s what you can do:
Ask the spirit to make their presence known and ask them why they are here. If you don’t like the vibe coming from the spirit you can ask them to leave or use the prayer in sign 4.

Usually what you will feel coming from a negative spirit is more subtle and you might not notice the destructive impacts they are slowly causing.

This is another reason why having a practice including spiritual protection and divine assistance is important.

Deepen your connection with your spirit guides

The more you work with your spirit guides, the easier it becomes to both communicate with them and to keep negative spirits away.

Knowing what your spirit guides are trying to tell you will also make this easier.

And if you want to know more about how to keep yourself safe spiritually you might want to check how to work with divine assistance for psychic protection.

With love