How Many Spirit Guides Do I Have Quiz

Most people have 33 or more spirit guides at a time which doesn’t include the various angels assisting them.

However, you will have a much smaller number of spirit guides and different types of guides assisting you regularly.

With that said there are countless numbers of guides available to be reached out to...

What is also interesting is that when you raise your state of consciousness and vibration, you will have access to more spirit guides.

If you’d like to find out what type and the number of different spirit guides you have assisting you regularly, answer the following 5 questions.

What to do next

It’s important to remember that this quiz reveals the number and type of spirit guides that are assisting you regularly, and that you will have other guides come and go more overtime.

If you’d like to find out how to activate your energetic center to access more spirit guides and know if they’re with you I recommend checking out the 5 most common spirit guide signs.

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