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How To Access Financial Energy By Bypassing The Conscious Mind

The power of the subconscious mind is often spoken about and many of you who are into any form of self or spiritual development are likely already aware of your subconscious mind.

What is often overlooked is the power and the effects the conscious mind can have on both placing new beliefs into the subconscious but also being a filter.

That makes it difficult to programme new empowering beliefs into the subconscious. If you’re anything like me you’ve had limiting beliefs holding you back in many areas of your life especially around finances.

To then come across various teachings on reprogramming the subconscious mind through using affirmations, vision boards, visualization and many other methods.

Which did give me results but required a lot of effort and repetition for often poor results. It wasn’t until I came across teachings on the power of the conscious mind.

And how one simple understanding of how the conscious mind can block new programming from going into the subconscious and block you attracting your desires which I’m going to share in this article.

Why you should focus on the conscious mind as well as the subconscious for creating new beliefs

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The power to attract what we want whether you believe that its god, the universe, spirits, your higher self or simply from creating changes physically comes from parts of the mind outside of our conscious awareness.

Before going into how the conscious mind can be used to reprogram or hinder reprogramming the subconscious mind It’s worth giving a brief description of them both and the main differences.

Conscious mind

The conscious mind is used for making logical decisions on what to do to achieve a certain result based on what we desire with the decisions being in our conscious awareness.

Everything that we’re aware of at any given moment from taste, smell, what we can see visually and anything that it’s in our awareness is in our conscious mind.

If I were to say to focus on sensations of your left big toe and you begin to focus on it this is an example of taking something outside of your conscious awareness into it.

Subconscious mind 

The subconscious mind takes in stimulus outside of our conscious awareness and stores information such as beliefs and past experiences outside of our conscious awareness.

This is essential as there is far too much stimulus we’re experiencing through our five senses at any given moment for the conscious mind to process.

Having learned habits in the subconscious is essential for us to be able to function such as being able to walk without having to consciously think about how to maintain our balance or how to move our limbs in the right sequence.

Habits stored in the subconscious are designed for our own benefit to allow us to make fast decisions that can be life-saving such as not having to consciously figure out how to open a door in a burning building.

Problems can arise from the subconscious when disempowering beliefs and habits are stored which are outside of someone’s awareness without the conscious mind being able to challenge the belief to its validity.

The subconscious mind accepts anything that it is given it doesn’t think logically like the conscious mind it doesn’t care if what it’s being given is “good” or “evil” or true or false. 

Why the conscious mind makes it difficult to consciously reprogram currently held beliefs

The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper for the subconscious mind monitoring what it allows in to pass its gates. Which can be useful as it prevents useless and dangerous information from going into the subconscious.

However at the same time what isn’t picked up by the conscious mind is picked up subconsciously which can lead to our decisions, habits, behaviours and beliefs to be influenced without us being consciously aware to why.

With the conscious and subconscious mind this can be both an advantage and disadvantage but by becoming aware of how these mechanisms work you can maximise the benefits whilst minimising the disadvantages.

The dangers and disadvantages of not understanding how the conscious and subconscious mind operates

The conscious mind doesn’t accept everything that it is offered like the subconscious which can become a barrier to creating new empowering beliefs if it goes against how the conscious mind views the world.

This is why it can take a long time for affirmations to create new beliefs as the conscious mind is in the way and usually rejects what is being affirmed by the affirmation.

The subconscious mind has the opposite disadvantage of accepting anything that it is given if unfiltered by the conscious mind.

This is why it’s essential to become aware of your surroundings and what you listen to including the lyrics in music, the media and who you surround yourself with.

If you’re constantly trying to change your beliefs with the conscious mind it can be slow and ineffective without knowing how to effectively change beliefs consciously. 

Why trying to constantly think about what you want to attract can actually push it further away

Outside of our conscious awareness higher parts of our self connect with a greater intelligence/s and manifest based on the vibration we’re sending out.

Whenever something is in our conscious awareness it is no longer in the subconscious which is actually slowing down the manifestation or can sabotaging it.

It isn’t the act of consciously thinking of a desire that manifests it but by thinking of it habitually enough with enough emotional intensity it goes into the subconscious.

It’s when a thought is outside of our conscious awareness and in our subconscious and unconscious parts of our mind that it connects with higher powers.

This is why when someone has wanted to attract their ideal intimate partner they will bump into them when they least expect it when it wasn’t in their conscious awareness or thinking.

Principles for getting the most from the conscious mind when attracting more wealth and abundance

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Before going into steps on how to utilize both the conscious and subconscious minds to work in unison to attract more financial abundance. It’s worth becoming aware key principles when it comes to attracting more financial wealth.

Why you must utilize forces from both the physical and metaphysical

Create and look for as many opportunities as you can to allow money to come into your life, we live in both a physical and metaphysical universe.

By only focusing on the metaphysical you’re reducing the number of opportunities the universe can present opportunities for financial abundance to be given to you.

When you intend to attract more money it will likely come to you in unexpected ways such as being guided to courses that will teach you a specific skill that will lead you to progressing in a job or business that increases your income.

How to use the conscious mind to create a financially abundant mindset

Expanding on what was previously mentioned on the uses of the conscious mind, it can also be used through effective questioning to challenge long-held beliefs that have been dormant in the subconscious.

This is essential when it comes to being in alignment with the level of financial wealth that you desire.


If you consciously or subconsciously believe that people with an abundance of money are evil or greedy and being evil or greedy goes against your values. Your brain by doing its job in keeping you safe will prevent you from ever being in that position or getting out of it fast.

Subconsciously it will be associated with pain which to the subconscious means danger which fundamentally can result in death. Which rationally to someone consciously doesn’t make sense.

But to someone with a negative association to financial abundance, this is a common example of exactly what the subconscious is doing.


You can become aware of the associations that you have around money by making a list of what money means to you positive and negative. Do this by writing positive and negative meanings that you have around money separate sides of a piece of paper.


You might write about how money to you will mean freedom, more time with your friends and family, luxury or any other positive associations that you have.

But on the disempowering side someone may put that money is the root of all evil, is not spiritual, causes wars, is greedy etc.


Once you become aware of any negative associations that you have, you can begin to use your conscious mind to challenge them by asking questions such as:

1. Is this belief true and accurate or is it inaccurate or even absurd?

2. Is this belief serving me and others around me?

3. What will happen I continue to believe this belief?

Why you must focus on spending rather than receiving when intending for more money

This is an important principle for attracting in general but even more so when it comes to money. Rather than focusing on receiving a certain amount you want to focus on the sensations that spending the money will give you.

The universe takes the paths of least resistant and by demanding a specific amount can work but it is limiting the countless possibilities that the result you actually want can be presented to you.


If you want to attract a sum of money to go on a specific holiday rather than focusing on the exact figure focus on creating the sensations that you will have by being on the holiday with it paid for.

As what we attract usually comes in unexpected ways. In this context rather than directly attracting the figure you have in mind you may win the holiday or by some means receive a huge discount.

When it comes to attracting anything the universe has countless possibilities, the universe is infinite, don’t limit its possibilities to give you the result by the rationalising how you should get the result by the thinking and limitations of using our finite minds.

How to use the conscious and subconscious mind together to create empowering beliefs causing you to align with and attract your desires

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A problem that arises when trying to consciously create a new belief is that it is being done with the conscious mind which is also filtering the information it is trying to place into the subconscious mind.

This is one of the main reasons why hypnosis is so effective because the patients conscious mind is out of the way whilst a trained hypnotherapist is consciously placing new empowering beliefs into the patients subconscious with the filter of the conscious mind out of the way.

Our brains are in different brain waves throughout the day based on the activity that we’re doing and our current state of consciousness.

By being in a theta brainwave state the conscious mind isn’t as active and filtering information being presented to it which can be used to our advantage to reprogram the subconscious.

Methods you can use for placing new empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind

1. Listening to subliminal audio – The easiest and most convenient way is by listening to subliminal audio as this can be done at most times throughout the day and even whilst going to sleep.

By listening to subliminal audio with theta brainwaves makes it even easier to get in a theta brainwave state as mentioned above.

And with the subliminal audio being outside of the awareness of the conscious mind it even bypasses its filter.

2. Meditating and visualizing first thing in the morning or before going to bed – The theta brainwave state is very close to delta brainwaves that we experience during deep sleep.

Which we are in naturally as we wake up and just before going to sleep. Which makes it an effective time to meditate or visualize changes that we want in our lives.

3. Placing affirmation messages outside of your conscious awareness – This will be more challenging for some than others depending on your work and living environments.

If you live or work in a suitable environment where you can place statements you want to believe in areas you will pass on a regular basis but are unlikely to look at and notice directly from your conscious mind.

This can be an easy and effective way for placing statements you want to believe into your subconscious.

4. Symbolically represent what you want – The subconscious works and understands symbolism. Unlike the conscious mind which likes complexity and logical explanations.

To influence the subconscious mind you want to symbolically represent what you want in your life.


If you want to attract more financial wealth into your life if you currently live in a filthy and cluttered home. By simply cleaning and tidying your home this will symbolically represent wealth.

As through various forms of media financial wealth is associated with being tidy and cleanliness and poverty with the opposite.

5 steps to bypass the filter of the conscious mind to reprogram the subconscious and to align with and attract your desires

1. Get clear on what you want to attract – If you’re vague or unclear on what you want you are unlikely to impress the desired into the subconscious mind as the subconscious is impressed through emotion not logic.

Write down physically what you want and why you want it including what will happen if you don’t have it as this will make it clear to the subconscious that this is important and will search for ways to attract it into your reality.

2. Get into a deep theta state – As previously mentioned by being in a theta brainwave state this makes it easier to bypass the filter of the conscious mind to gain direct access to the subconscious.

This is made easier by listening to theta brain waves and can be done by meditating ideally upon awakening or before going to sleep.

When you feel very clear minded and very close to being asleep, find it much easier to daydream and visualize vividly this is a strong sign that you’re in a theta brainwave state.

If you want a subliminal theta brainwave meditation for attracting abundance click here.

3. Transmuting sensations of lack into having – Focus on the sensation of not having what you want and how it’s affecting you. Then focus on how it would feel to know for certain that it’s already yours and that you have it.

Then visualize or if you can’t visualize very feel think of yourself a few years from now looking back at how getting what you desired has impacted your life.

4. Subliminally and symbolically place what you want into the subconscious – After getting into a theta brainwave state and transmuted a feeling of lack into having.

Using tools such as subliminal audio and having symbolic representations of what you want around you such as an item that you associate with a location that you want to move to and having a pair of keys that haven’t been cut for any lock.

Which both together can symbolically represent the keys to the new house you want in the desired location.

Do this meditation and listen to the subliminal meditation for a minimum of 5-15 minutes. This can be repeated in a single session for longer if desired.

5. Trust the session worked, pack everything away and forget about it – You will likely forget a lot that happened during a deep theta meditation which is a good sign as this means it bypassed the conscious mind and went into the subconscious.

Which can lead people to have doubts and questioning if they did everything correctly and consciously thinking about it which can create doubts and sabotage the meditation they had just done.

For best results go about your usual day to day activities whilst not thinking about the results until you repeat the meditation.


- Anything that is in our conscious awareness moment to moment is in our conscious minds and any stimulus being picked up that isn’t in our conscious awareness is being picked up by the subconscious.

- The conscious mind acts as a gatekeeper to the subconscious mind deciding whether to allow or disallow information to pass by and enter the subconscious.

- What is outside of our conscious awareness can more easily bypass the filtering of the conscious mind.

- The parts of our mind that connect with higher powers to attract changes into our life’s are outside of our conscious awareness.

The conscious mind is impressed by logic and complexity unlike the subconscious that prefers simplicity and emotion.

- When it comes to attracting financial abundance focus on the sensation of spending rather than receiving.

- The universe takes the path of least resistance by demanding a specific can make it difficult and reduce the possibilities for the actual result that you want such as being able to go on holiday to manifest.

- Use your conscious mind to become aware of what you want, why you want it and when it comes to financial wealth what your associations to it are.

- Using a theta subliminal audio is an easy and convenient way of bypassing the filter of the conscious mind and for creating new beliefs and associations.

- After following the 5 steps to attracting what you want keep it out of your conscious awareness until repeating the meditation.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.