How To Do Automatic Writing With Spirit

Knowing how to do automatic writing with spirit guides and angels can help with the development of your gifts and receive messages almost instantly!

However, I have found through years of experience that it is important to make sure you follow a structure…

For safety, to improve your results and get messages fast.

So I’m going to share in this post including a technique to raise your frequency for the most profound experience.

What is automatic writing

Automatic writing also called psychography which is an activity that involves channeling a spirit directly into writing. It works surprisingly fast and the answers can be both unexpected and amazing to experience.

Also, it's a psychic ability just like any other that can be developed and improved through practice. With that said it doesn’t take much to start getting immediate results.

How to start automatic writing in 7 steps

You can do automatic writing just once to find out if the practice resonates with you. However, over time to get the most from it, it’s worth getting in the routine of having it as a regular practice.

You can use a digital device such as a computer to write down answers you receive...

Although most people including myself tend to find pen and paper feels more organic and deepens the connection to the spirit you’re receiving guidance from.

Step #1 Schedule a time and at a location where you will be undisturbed

Just like you would set aside time to see a DR for guidance about your health, for best results you want to view automatic writing the same way and schedule time for it.

This is an important first step for setting the foundation for going into the state of consciousness and vibration required.

Step #2 Relax and raise your frequency

The easiest and safest way I have found to prepare is through raising your frequency to access the higher realms and connect with high frequency beings.

For me a technique I use to access high frequency fast is by activating your heart center.

And combining this with breathing exercises will put you into a more receptive frame of mind.

You can do this yourself by doing the following:

  • Start by taking a big deep breath in through your nose...
    and then exhaling out through your mouth...
    Repeat this 3-5 times.

  • Think of something or someone that causes you to feel deeply loved, focus on the images and feelings that come to you for a few moments...

  • Now see and feel yourself being surrounded by a bright white light, and take another 3-5 deeps breaths in just like before...
    But this time seeing yourself breathing in this white light into your heart...

  • Now see and feel this white light traveling up from your heart center and coming out from the crown of your head continuing all the way out to the universe and connecting you to it...

  • Now see and feel from your heart center this light going downwards and coming out of pelvis and going deep into the ground, connecting you to the earth...

Your heart center and your chakras are now aligned with your vibration raised with the highest vibration of divine love.

Step #3 Get clear on your intention

Now get clear on your intention for what you want to receive guidance for.

This begins the process of opening a gateway to the guides that are best for providing you the answer.

This also makes it clearer for both yourself and your guides what you actually want assistance for.

Step # 4 Introduce yourself and ask for only the highest guides

This step helps connect you to the best guide whilst helping to keep yourself safe by only asking for high vibration guides.

Here’s an example of what to write:
"Hi my name is [YOUR NAME] and I ask only my high vibrational spirit guides for support, assistance, and guidance at this time.”

Step # 5 Write down your question

After introducing yourself write just one question for now, and write it in a way that is asking for guidance and avoid asking for black and white yes or no answers.

Example 1:
Rather than asking...
“Will being with [PERSONS NAME] make me happy?”

Instead ask:
“What do you advise I should do for a happy relationship?”

Example 2:
Rather than asking...
“Will I get a job promotion?”

Instead ask:
“What can I do to get a promotion or to get a better job?”

Step # 6 Loosen your grip and see your guides giving you the answer

Loosen your grip on your pen or if you’re typing relax your hands and fingers...

If something at this point has already come to you skip this step and start writing it down...

If something hasn’t come to you yet, close your eyes and see and feel your guides giving you the answer.

This can take just a few seconds or even several minutes, ideally, give it between 30 to 60 seconds.

If nothing comes to you try asking a different question or asking the same question in a different way.

Step # 7 Write down the answer

When something comes to you just start writing, usually the feeling will be quite subtle although at times it can feel like a powerful rush or an aha moment.

And you will have more coming to you faster than you can write or type.

However subtle or powerful the feeling of guidance is, write what comes to you until you know intuitively you have written it all down.

Repeat steps 5-7 if you want to ask any more questions, ideally stick with just 3-5 questions in a single session.

in summary

Automatic writing is a method for receiving spiritual guidance through writing, but it’s important to prepare for safety and best results, which you can use the above steps for.

When you start asking for guidance from your spirit guides you will start noticing they start reaching out.

Which makes knowing what your spirit guide is trying to tell you useful to know.

  • Sheila Camacho says:

    Thank you for sharing,I hope I can somehow connect to what I’ve been sent to learn and therefore help others such as you have.Blessings

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Sheila, keep trying different methods until you find out what works for you, eventually it will if it hasn’t already 🙂 with the method above try asking what do you need to become aware of or what should you do next for your lifes purpose.

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