How To Contact And Know If Your Guardian Angel Is With You

There are many different signs to know if your guardian angel is with you which is what you will usually find when searching the topic.

However, what most people are unaware of is how ascended lightworkers know when a guardian angel is with someone.

And in this article, I'm going to share how they know so you can do it yourself.

Three Step method to know your guardian angel is trying to contact you

The following is a fast method to discover if your guardian angel is with you.

However, there is some slight preparation involved and it takes slightly longer the first time doing it.

(And after doing this a few times you will be able to do this quite easily on your own)

Make sure you have a journal/diary before using the following steps.

Step 1: Turning inwards and connecting with your guardian

Take a moment to take a big deep breath in and exhale out through your mouth.

Focus your attention inwards and say out loud or within your mind and feel these words going out to the ends of the universe...

“Guardian angel that serves the light, show me that are you here as clear as daylight.”

Repeat this phrase several times until you intuitively feel that you should stop.

This sends a request out to your guardian so that they will make their presence known and easier for you to see them.

Step 2: Become aware of the signs and feelings

Now take a few moments to notice any intuitive feelings, flashes of images, or sounds.

You may know your guardian is with you straight away or notice some signs and synchronicities throughout the day.

This could be seeing a particular image in your mind or a unique feeling that you only experience when your guardian is with you.

It is also easier when you know common signs that your guardian angel is trying to contact you which I will be sharing later in this article.

Step 3: Get a journal to keep notes

Your guardian will communicate in ways that are unique to you.

Everyone is different so how your guardian gets your attention will be specific to you.

So after every time, you call out to your guardian keep a journal of everything that you experience.

Because eventually, you will pick up on common patterns of how yours contacts you.

Otherwise, you might not realize a particular feeling, image, scent, sound, or sensation.

Because it’s often subtle only occurs when your guardian is nearby and you might brush it off as a coincidence.

The 5 most Common Signs your guardian angel is contacting you

Knowing the following most common signs that your guardian angel is trying to contact you will make it easier to know exactly when your guardian is with you.

And most importantly…

When you know your Guardian is with you, it helps to recognize and understand the decisions to make in your day-to-day life.

This is why it's also useful to know the top 5 signs your spirit guides are with you.

Feeling a hand or a feather brushing by

A common sign is feeling a hand brushing against your shoulder or through your hair and even sometimes feeling a feather against your skin.

Despite at times being startling if you’re are not used to it because this will usually happen when no one else is nearby.

This is actually a beautiful experience because it's your guardian angel from the spiritual realms coming into your space in the physical.

Unique flashes of light

When your guardian is nearby or trying to contact you, it is common to see flashes of light either in your mind or in the corner of your eye.

Can you recall a time yourself when you saw a flash of light even though there was nothing nearby such as a camera to cause it?

This can be quite startling but the reason this happens is that your guardian is most often in the spiritual realms.

And is seen through your spiritual vision not your regular vision from your eyes.

Unique scent

One of the main reasons I recommended keeping a journal is because there are unique things that you will pick up on when your guardian is nearby.

This includes a unique scent which could be the smell of a particular flower, something similar to chocolate, like a unique fragrant/perfume, or something else entirely.

You might already be able to recall spiritual experiences you've had or a feeling of someone with you whilst being able to smell a particular scent.

Spotting specific angel numbers

Angel numbers are reoccurring numbers that you have been guided to see by your angels such as 1111 or 3333.

Each sequence of numbers has different meanings, however, when your guardian is nearby you will often see the same series of numbers.

Which is either to make you aware that it's nearby or depending on the numbers to send you a message.

Sudden changes in the atmosphere

When your guardian angel is trying to contact, you might experience a sudden change in temperature such as a sudden chill or loving warmth.

You might also notice the vibe suddenly feels uplifted even if you’re in a low vibration area or group of people.

This usually happens if you’re in a challenging situation and your environment isn’t supporting you.

Spiritually advanced methods for connecting and knowing your guardian angel is with you

Image with angel wings above some clouds with a purple box with text underneath saying How The Ascended Light Workers Know Your Guardian Angel Is With You

The following are different tools and methods you can use to deepen your connection making communication clearer and easier to understand.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a very powerful and easy to learn method for communicating with spirit.

When done safely and correctly, even if you aren’t psychically gifted you can use this method to get accurate guidance and communication with your guardian.

Spiritual altars

A spiritual altar is a space created to strengthen your intentions and connections to the spirit world.

And depending upon what type of spirit you want to connect with there are many different ideas for spiritual altars including altars for your guardian angel.

Place items which to you, represent your guardian or what it likes.


Prayer is one of the most ancient and effective ways of calling upon the assistance of angels.

And guardian angel prayers for protection are some of the most powerful.

Here's a simple guardian angel prayer you can use:

“I ask that my divine guardian angel, to shield me from darkness and to only reflect towards me the light of the divine.
To guard me on the righteous path and to guide me towards reaching my highest potential."

This prayer will help keep you spiritually protected, banish away negative entities, and call upon guidance for accelerating your spiritual growth.

Oracle & Tarot cards

Oracle and tarot cards are also a great tool for helping communicate with any type of spiritual guide including your guardian.

A simple technique you can use is to call out to your guardian or when you know that it's there with you.

Is to ask it a question such as:

“What can I do right now that will help me grow spiritually?”

And then simply shuffle your cards and pick one or two at random, if you aren’t experienced with the cards you’re using.

Look into what the card/s means and write down what it represents intuitively to you.

This will help you with understanding what your guardian is trying to tell you.


There are many different types of meditation but with the right type, even if you are a beginner and especially if it's a guided meditation...

You can be guided through the exact steps to form a deep connection.

Another great way of using meditation if you are inexperienced is to simply focus on your breath with your eyes closed.

And as you start to feel calmer and more in the present moment, either in your mind or out loud.

Call out for guidance and see what comes to you during the meditation and throughout the day.

Living a spiritually guided life with your guardian angel

Now that you are aware of the most common signs your guardian is with you and know of many different ways of forming a connection.

You might be interested to know what kind of spirit guide watches over you.

With love