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How to manifest what you want the truth revealed

Did you know hearing what you want can cause more harm than good?

Feeling comforted, seeing a sign pointing towards a light rather than how to actually get to it.
That gives a false glimmer of hope, like a cheap gift in fancy wrapping paper that isn't what it appears to be on the surface.

If you're someone like myself who would rather hear constructive feedback that is from a loving place for their own personal growth and development.

Rather than something that is comforting only for the short term, but in the long term actually causes more disappointment and unnecessary suffering.

This article is for you when it comes to manifesting what you want.

Why being told how to manifest what you want is aiming to comfort you rather than empower

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I have covered in Why Being Told How To Manifest Anything Is Wrong that by demanding that the universe to give you EVERYTHING that you want.

Is the equivalent of telling the universe that you know what is best for your life and spiritual development.

Most people tend to overestimate the changes they can create and attract by being introduced to metaphysical teachings on attraction over a short period of time.

But then massively underestimate what they can manifest over a longer period of time especially with consistent practice and improving their knowledge around how manifesting works. 

If you're wanting to know how to practically manifest practically in detail I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

Should you be empowered or comforted?

It is useful to find hope and inspiration when it's lacking.

However, I'd say it's even more important that the inspiration that comes leads to an empowering result that actually benefits the individual in the long term.

As someone could be inspired to keep excessively drinking or gambling which if overindulged can have a disempowering effect on their life.

In contrast, being led in a direction that leads the individual to empower their own life.

Will allow them to create changes and be inspired to move towards more beneficial circumstances.

What are the two sides of this coin

This issue I'm trying to describe could be described as two sides of a coin as on the one hand, the majority of people don't realize.

The power and intelligence of what they and everyone else is connected to.

But then on the other side being told, you can manifest anything you want especially in a short period of time is the equivalent.

Of telling someone with no prior business knowledge that they're going to be the next Richard Branson in a couple of weeks.

What is realistic when it comes to manifesting

I can't answer what is realistic as that would be the same as claiming I have the knowledge of the creator in my conscious awareness.

What I can say is miraculous events are not only possible but happen all of the time. But we tend to shut ourselves off from these events and don't allow them into our lives.

As we either expect everything to fall onto our laps or get disappointed and want to give up hope when they don't come when we initially expect them to.

This is why so many people including myself for many years have heard of such teachings but don't truly believe in them.

As we're told what we want to hear rather than what will actually empower us to learn how to get actual results and why we might not get what we think we want.

What holds you back from knowing How to manifest what you want in an empowered way

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Before going into and becoming aware of methods of how to manifest and go after what we want. We first need to become aware of what is holding us back and disempowering us.

I have mentioned this a few times but it is a very important concept to understand to avoid feelings of disappointment or even abandonment from the universe and that is...

not getting what you initially wanted might actually be because you're being directed towards something much greater that is aligned with your true purpose.

When aligning and asking for big changes that are also in alignment with your true purpose this in when the greater intelligence we're connected to.

Will co-create along side us to shift and move towards that new reality. What is often overlooked is that the universe takes the path of least resistance.

So circumstances may initially become much worse before they get better to open up space to manifest the desired outcome.


I like using this example as there are many real-world examples of this, people setting the intention to become a successful author suddenly losing their job.

Which results in them writing the book they were putting off that becomes a number one best seller.

Not everything you want is the best thing for you, and the best things that will come to you will likely come in unexpected ways.

As mentioned above the universe takes the path of least resistance so what will come to you will likely come via means you don't expect.

Why avoiding taking action is actually going against the universe

Most people have the view and realization of if you want to achieve something you have to take action.

Then on the flip side people come across teachings you have to align yourself with the desired reality and the universe will give it to you.

What these two viewpoints tend to be missing is that in order to truly manifest the desired it has to go from being a desire and turned into an intention.

An intention can be described as the commitment to have and act. We live in a physical universe and haven't been born into this physical reality to not take part in it.


You can't become a Doctor without studying and working through medical school.

The laws of this physical universe don't allow it no matter how much you try to visualize it.

And by not studying and working through medical school you're actually out of alignment with that reality as by being in alignment you would be physically moving towards it.

It is your unconscious mind that is connected to a greater intelligence and that contains the power of manifesting your desires not your conscious mind.

And your body is linked to your subconscious mind and by moving towards the reality you're also sending out vibrations in alignment with that reality.

Does this mean I have to work hard for what I want?

Not necessarily we tend to attract our own problems by being out of alignment with the universe demanding are intentions come in ways that we demand.

Rather than allowing the universe to take the path of least resistance, by also going with what is in alignment with your true purpose you will be full of joy during the process.

And find doors will just open up for you as this is the direction the universe is guiding you to move towards.

How to manifest what you want in an empowered way with practical steps

Now you're becoming aware of what's stopping you from leading towards and attracting what you truly want, in order to manifest what want you first need to make sure it is what you actually want.

By this I mean most of us follow unconscious drives that have been conditioned into us by society from the people around us, school, advertisements and much more.


You might intend on losing weight so you will feel more attractive so you can attract your ideal partner.

Rather than intending and focusing on meeting that partner and deciding to lose weight for your own benefit such as improvements in health from a feeling of empowerment rather than not feeling good enough.

Here are 3 steps to start manifesting what you want in an empowering way:

Step 1: Become clear on what you want and why you want it

Following the previous example first, you need to be clear on what you want and why.

Because if you're going for something for the wrong reasons you'll have internal conflicts that will cause you to be out of alignment and are unlikely to manifest the desired outcome.

Which quite often causes people to give up and stop trying any manifesting techniques or practices.

You can do this by:

1. Making a list of the most important areas of your life you want to change or improve.

2. Put a number by the side of them in order of which is the most important.

3. Take the top 3 and go into detail why you will change them and what impact it will have on your life.

4. Look for similarities between these top 3 areas as the reason why behind them likely link to what you're truly after in your life that you may have not been consciously aware of.

Step 2: Intend and move in alignment with your new reality and drop any expectations

First I will be clear on what I mean by this and how it is initially more challenging then it may sound.

An Intention can be described as the commitment to have and act which means you have already chosen your new reality. So there is no doubt about it you already know this has come to pass.

By truly being in alignment you will have already moved towards your intended reality or if you can't do anything physically to influence its manifestation don't waste time worrying or complaining.

As that is the exact opposite of intending and being in alignment with the desired reality.

How the ego causes us to be out of alignment

By ego just to be clear I don't mean being egotistic thinking you're better than or above other people. What I mean is the eastern philosophy of the term meaning the "false self"

The reason this is so difficult for the ego which can be described as the lower versions of ourselves that we think we are.

For its own survival, it wants to remain in control and decide how life works and creates its own destiny. Which only creates fear and causes us to be out of alignment.

You can help reassure the ego and for it to loosen its grip by applying these following steps:

1. Creating a list of actionable steps that can be taken to increase the chances of what you want to manifest.

2. Ask yourself what you can do as if you don't attract your intention. As this will reduce fear and the level of importance on its manifestation making it easier to remain in alignment.

3. Remind yourself that the universe takes the path of least resistance and leading your to something much greater then you had initially intended in an unexpected way.

Step 3: Learn to let go and to stop resisting

A very important point to first make is this step isn't to be confused with atrophy. Many people in the "spiritual" community including myself have mistaken atrophy for being a high level of consciousness.

Which actually comes from lacking inspiration and not being aligned with your true purpose.

By letting go I mean you already see the beauty in life and grateful for what you already have at the same time moving towards and striving for more from a place of already being enough and abundant.

From this state of consciousness it is much easier to trust and let go if something doesn't manifest according to your plan and to let go of being in control.

Which ironically causes you to have more control over what you're wanting to manifest into your life as you'll be much more aligned with your higher self.


If you have made it this far I'd like to congratulate you on taking steps towards empowering yourself and looking into improving your own circumstances.

We have covered how expecting to be able to manifest anything, actually causes to be out of alignment with the universe and causes us to become disempowered and fearful.

That the universe works through the path of least resistance and leads us towards what we truly want and not what we initially think for the moment if we trust and align ourselves.

Moving physically towards our intentions is being in alignment were as not moving is usually out of alignment.

letting go is often from a place of atrophy and being uninspired rather than from a place of accepting and being grateful for how circumstances are already.

By learning to trust and let go actually gives us more control of our reality.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.