How To Quickly Contact Your Spirit Guide For The First Time

Your spirit guides are always with you and are reaching out to help you through their subtle signs and messages. However, they will assist you best when you directly reach out and ask for their help. So the fastest and simplest way to contact your guides, even if it’s your first time, is to raise your frequency and then simply speak out and ask for their guidance.

There are many other methods, some much more advanced for deepening your connection and for communicating with your guides.

However, if you’re unsure of where to start, I’m going to share how to contact guides in 5 easy steps that work even if you’re a complete beginner.

And the most common reasons why many people struggle to connect with their guides.

What can prevent you from connecting with your spirit guides

Just before I go through a process for contacting your spirit guides for the first time, I’d like to share 5 of the most common reasons why a lot of people struggle to connect with their guides...

And how to deal with them so you can connect more vividly on a deeper level.

Reason #1: False list of requirements

Many people have the misconception that to contact their spirit guides or for their guides to communicate back.

That they have to be some saintly enlightened being who is made of pure love and never does anything wrong.

We are humans and we all make mistakes...

You are here to learn lessons, and a part of your journey is to make mistakes and to learn from them.

Your spirit guides are teachers and expect you to make mistakes and are here to help guide and assist you.

Regardless of any perceived mistakes you may have made or thinking you need to be dedicated to some advanced spiritual practice.

Your guides will assist you, as long as you ask for it.

Reason #2: Limiting beliefs

Expanding on from the first reason, if you believe you’re worthy or deserve assistance from spirit guides.

How do you think this will affect your thoughts and frequency?

You are a divine being that is deeply loved by your guides, even if you don’t feel worthy or experiencing little love and support in this physical realm.

Your guides are lovingly cheering you on from the spiritual realms and will gladly assist you regardless of where you are on your journey.

Reason #3 Giving up to soon

If you read comments on social media about people having such wonderful vivid experiences with their guides, and yet you don’t seem to experience anything.

It can be discouraging and it may lead you to believe that you can't do it or that there is something wrong with you.

Just like anything certain things come more naturally to others and the more that you practice the better you will get at it.

But it can also be that you just haven’t found the method that works best for you.

There are many different ways of contacting your guides such as through visualization, automatic writing, different forms of meditation, and much more.

Keep practicing until you find the method that works best for you.

Reason #4 Energetic blockages

Energy blockages make it harder to connect with the spiritual realms and can limit psychic abilities, which can make it difficult to receive messages.

By learning how to spiritually cleanse and how to ground and shield yourself,your frequency will raise and it will be much easier to connect with your guides.

Reason #5: Dormant energetic center

Your energetic center, also known as your third eye is the gateway between you and the spiritual realms.

If you have a blocked or dormant energetic center this is like pulling the curtains over your spiritual vision.

When you have cleared energetic blockages, and activated your energetic center this makes connecting to your divine support team much easier.

You can do this through various techniques and guided meditations, set the intention and become aware of the signs that come to you.

How to connect with your spirit guides in 5 simple steps

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So now here are 5 easy steps for connecting with your spirit guides even if you have never contacted them before.

I recommend only using these steps when you’re in a quiet location and a time when you won’t be disturbed for at least 15-20 minutes.

Step 1: Be willing to receive guidance

Before even attempting to contact your guides, you first want to be willing to receive their guidance and the answers that they give you.

This may sound obvious, but your guides will only assist if you generally want and ask for it.

They won’t interfere or do anything that causes you to be uncomfortable unless there is a need for your own benefit and spiritual growth.

However, you need to be willing to listen to their guidance even if you don’t like what they’re suggesting.

Although it is always up to you whether you follow their guidance or not, your guides will never force or pressure you to do so.

Most of the time contact and communication with your guides is very pleasant, but it’s best to come from a place of gratitude and seeking guidance.

Just like you would a teacher in the physical realm.

Rather than contacting your guides with your mind already made up and just looking for confirmation for what you already think.

Step 2: Become present and turn your attention inward

Now begin to slow down your breathing while focusing on both the inhalation and exhale.

Repeat this for a few minutes until your body and mind begin to feel relaxed.

Now turn your attention inwards and if you haven’t done so already close your eyes.

Focus on how the different parts of your body feel such as your legs, arms, body, and chest...

And then place your attention on the center of your heart.

Step 3: Asking for guidance

Now begin to ask your guides for help with anything you want assistance with.

You can ask them questions such as:

“What can I do that will bring me peace of mind right now?”

“What am I overlooking that if I changed in my life will help bring me inner peace and joy?”

“Does John have my best interest in mind?”

You can communicate with your guides either speaking out loud or within your mind, the important thing is to ask like you’re speaking to someone who’s in the room with you.

Feeling your questions going out to them.

Step 4: Becoming aware of their guidance

After spending a few moments asking for guidance, allow your body and mind to settle and remain relaxed.

Becoming open to any sounds, images, touch, and sensations that may come to you.

Your guides will contact and assist you in many different ways including...

Examples that your spirit guides are with you:

  • Feelings of inner knowing.
  • Certain objects or books falling to grab your attention.
  • Loud noises.
  • Unusual touch and sensations including feeling a hand, brush against your hair or shoulder.
    Repetitive thoughts.
  • Seeing certain images flash in your mind.

And many more.

Step 5: Follow their guidance

When you have received and become aware of your spirit guides messages, if you decide to follow their advice.

This encourages your guides to keep contacting and assisting you further whilst deepening your connection to them.

Take your time if you’re unsure of what they’re advising, especially if this is your first time contacting your guides.

You can always repeat these steps at another time and see if anything else comes to you.

How to know if your spirit guides are contacting you

When you start asking for assistance from your guides unless you’re naturally very psychic their communication will be subtle at first.

Such as when you’ve asked for a sign or what you should do next, you will feel inner guidance similar to intuition to what the answer is.

Or you might notice signs such as someone spontaneously telling you what you need to hear or seeing a sign appear on the TV with the answer.

Knowing the most common signs that your spirit guides are trying to communicate and with practice will make it easier to communicate with and understand the messages coming from your guides.

Deepening your connection with your spirit guides

Now that you know how to contact your guides, it is worth experimenting to find out what method works best for you and how you can start receiving spiritual guidance today.

With Love

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