How To Read Energy As An Empath In 7 Steps

When it comes to reading energy as an empath you need to first get into the right state of consciousness, and energetically connect whilst keeping yourself protected.

In this article, I’m going to share the easiest and fastest way I know from years of practicing with various techniques as an empath to read energy.

Including an important and crucial step for empaths to prevent yourself from absorbing negative energy.

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Step #1: Recognize your gifts as an empath

As empaths, one of the main reasons that may prevent you from being able to read feel someones energy Is being hyper sensitive that blocks you from seeing past your own mind...

This includes self doubts and not realizing the amazing gift you have as an empath such as:

  1. Natural tendency for healing others:

    As an empath you’re a developed soul that is here to help uplift and heal the pain in the world.

    One of the most important steps for healing others is first identifying what it is they need help with.

    Which sensing what someone needs will come to you easier than it will for most people.

  2. Highly Intuitive:

    It will be easier for you to recognize if the vibe of an area, particular person or a decision isn’t right. It is often easier for an empath to sense what is someone’s best interest more so then they can for themselves.

  3. Loving:

    Empaths tend to be beautiful souls full of love and joy to share with others, which can be exactly what someone who is lacking love may need.

    By recognizing there are many strengths with being an empath, you will be in the ideal state of consciousness to start using these gifts to connect with others.

Step #2: Set Boundaries

Before connecting with someone on an energetic level, it’s first worth setting some energetic boundaries.

As an empath you can easily absorb energies which also includes distorted low vibrations.

Use the following technique to keep your energy safe when connecting with others:

Focus on the person or object's energy you want to read.

Now see and feel within your mind's eye a rose between you and the person or object.

Whenever someone is interacting with you or you’re focusing on their energy, feel their energy coming to the rose but never directly to you.

This acts as a barrier allowing you to sense the energy without it directly affecting you.

Step #3: Sense the vibe

Now that you have your protective rose to keep your energy safe, take a few big deep breaths in and allow your mind and body to relax.

Now place your conscious attention on the person, place or object's energy you want to read. If it’s a person’s energy you want to read, to use as an example.

Sense their energy or even their energy body coming towards the protective rose.

You might immediately pick up on their vibe depending on how empathic you are, or sense whether they’re in a good place or if something is wrong.

If you only sense a slight sensation or nothing at all, keep focusing on them with their energy coming towards you and even interacting with you within your minds eye.

Continue doing this until you intuitively feel you should move onto the next step, even if you can't quite pick up on their vibe yet.

Step #4: See them receiving what they want

Note: If the energy you’re reading is a place or object, skip to step 5.

Now that you have already formed a connection and sensing their energy, begin to see within your minds eye the person you’re reading receiving what they want.

If you struggle to visualize just focus on the feeling of it happening...

You might have no idea what they want or anything about who the person is, but if you trust your intuition and focus on what you can feel it may come to you.

If not just see the person being happy, not only will this help the person feel better, they will feel a bond with you without consciously knowing why.

This will help you read their energy on an even deeper level.

Step #5: Get Clarity

A great way to self-reflect on both how you feel or the energy you’re reading from someone else, is to ask yourself questions.

Use the following questions to gain a deeper understanding of what you’re sensing:

“What does my mind say about what I can sense and feel right now?”

“What does my spirit say about what I can sense and feel right now?”

“Is there any other meanings to what I am feeling right now?”

“Is there anything else I can do or focus on that will give me a deeper understanding?”

These are just a few examples, ask yourself questions about anything you’re curious about or want more clarity for.

Then remain present and allow your intuition to give you the answer.

Step #6: Observe the situation

To gain even more insight into the energy you’re reading, try looking into the person's eyes for a few moments.

Some say the eyes are a doorway to the soul and a lot can be received through looking into someone's eyes.

Also become aware of their facial expressions, posture, and the general movements they’re making. This can help you firsthand see if what you’re picking up is accurate.

If it's a place or object, try moving into different parts of the room or viewing the object from a different angle and focus on how the vibe changes.

Step #7: Remove any remaining negative energy

There will be times when you pick up on someone's low vibes and you may even unknowingly absorb some of it.

This is why it’s always worth doing a quick energy cleanse at the end of doing any form of energy reading.

Use the following technique to remove stored negative energy:

  • See and feel a swirling vortex of energy covering the center of the room/space you’re in.

  • Scan down your body starting from the top of your head, going all the way down to your toes, and stopping when you feel any negative energy.

  • See and feel the negative energy being absorbed into the energy vortex, and continue scanning down your body until all of the distorted energy has been absorbed into the vortex.

  • See and feel any remaining negative energy in the area being absorbed into this vortex of energy.

This technique is quick to do and you can use the energy vortex technique without the body scan to quickly help remove low vibes from any area you go into where you don’t feel comfortable.

Further enhancing your gifts as an empath

Remember you have a special gift as an empath and now that you have steps to read energy you might be interested in grounding and shielding techniques for empaths.

You may also be interested in how to keep yourself safe and protected using this psychic protection method.

With love