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How to read the akashic records the right way in 5 steps

You might be searching for How To Read The Akashic Records but that question in itself is misdirecting you. As any information from the Akashic Records is received similar to the sensation of having a flash of insight or a brilliant idea.

In this blog I reveal 5 practical steps including foundations so you can quickly start accessing information consciously from the Akashic Records today.

Working with the Akashic Records in 5 steps

To help clarify the introduction to why you can’t read the Akashic Records is because it’s an analogy for our finite minds to help grasp a concept of infinite intelligence, universal conscious, superconscious, mind of God amongst many other labels.

That we have access to and can receive information regarding all aspects of our lives. With that said it isn’t as simple as just asking a question and getting a clear answer such as doing a Google search.

If you want a more in-depth explanation of what the Akashic Records are I recommend reading Akashic Records Full Beginners Guide Revealed Access Sacred Knowledge.

The following 5 steps will show you foundations for effectively working with the Akashic Records and how to apply them in a step by step process so you can practically apply them.

Step 1: Clear The mind and disidentify with your personal identity and body

In a quiet room sit and use any technique that makes you feel calm and relaxed if you don’t have one in mind you can do the following.

- Starting from the top of your head imagine or if you struggle to visualize, feel that a scanning machine similar to an x-ray is scanning all the way down your body. Feeling the sensations in each area but not stopping on any regardless of how they feel.

- Focus on your breathing during both the inhale and exhale until your mind feels clear.

Then begin to let go of any preconceived concepts of who you are as our perception limits us to view reality in a distorted way which limits to what we can receive from the Akashic Records.

The more you let go of any concepts of who you are and that you’re a physical body the easier the next steps will be.

Step 2: Align yourself with what you’re seeking

When working with the Akashic Records you can simply ask clearly in your mind, let it go and often get an answer depending on its complexity and your current knowledge regarding the subject.

But an often more powerful method is to align yourself with what you’re wanting answers to.


If you want to discover a solution to a problem within your business or at work create the sensation of already having the answer. You can do this by visualizing or asking questions such as “How would I feel knowing I have discovered the solution to X(the challenge you’re aiming to solve)

You can also do this by visualizing but this becomes much easier when you have experience working with the Akashic Records as you will find it easier to believe that finding the solution is possible.

Step 3: Be receptive to whatever comes to you

After you’ve aligned yourself with the solution and created the sensations of already having it. You will attract thoughts of events that will lead you to the solution, similar to manifesting something materialistic you have desired.

The same principle when it comes to manifesting something physically you need to let go of the answer coming to you, avoiding consistently focusing on it and the answer will come through your subconscious either through synchronicities or as a flash of insight.

Step 4: Increase your knowledge where ever you around the desired outcome

A less discussed aspect of working with the Akashic Records is improving your knowledge around the area you’re seeking the answer to. As a big part of receiving information from the Akashic Records comes through intuition.

Intuition is a sense of knowing coming from an infinite knowing that is trying to communicate to our limited minds and relate it to something we already understand as this is how our minds learn something new.

If you imagine the Akashic Records trying to give the concept of an airplane to a caveman this is far too abstract for a caveman to relate it to their current knowledge.

In contrast a scientist that understands foundational scientific principles can far more easily understand concepts received related to science including new discoveries as it will be relatable to their current knowledge.

So to put it into practical use work on improving your knowledge around the problem you’re trying to solve as this opens up the information you can receive and most importantly comprehend from the Akashic Records.

Step 5: Letting go

This last point may sound like a contradiction to the previous about improving your knowledge as this forces you to focus on the subject you’re trying to find an answer too.

But I’ve put it at the end as quite often the answer will come during studying the subject if you’re focusing on the new material.

Rather than consistently trying to figure out the problem. By letting go I don’t mean never using any logic to figure out a solution or give up. But rather aims to have periods of time that you’re not focused on solving it.

And you will very likely attract synchronicities or have a flash of insight whilst doing something mundane such as having a shower.

These steps will become easier the more you’ve practised them as you will trust the unlimited potential of the Akashic Records to reveal to you what you’re seeking.

However I highly recommend that you start with questions/challenges that seem within your current scope of solving and not something that would be considered on the same level as a scientific breakthrough until you have experience.

Let me know in the comments below how you find these 5 steps and what you have or going to use them to solve or find the answers too.

  • perfectmind says:

    Okay, I read the akashic records and want to know how to decipher them. As an example I wanted to know the lottery numbers and was shown the book with them, only it was a list from inception onwards, with no dates, how do I then find the correct records for today/ tomorrow?
    The akashic records contain only two dates, your birth time & your death time. There are no dates anywhere else. As an example I wanted to be head CEO of a corporation, the records list as head CEO, only there is no date as to when. So all I know is that one day I will be head CEO going by my records.
    Hope this practical insight is useful.

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