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Learn how to bend reality and shape destiny to your vision

Whatever fundamentally shapes and controls destiny whether it’s our higher selves, the universe or any other higher power. We also have a part to play in what reality we’ll experience.

I used to always run into what I considered bad luck or that bad things happened to me and that good things never last. This was until I discovered the invisible forces that shape our reality.

These forces influence our behaviour, the actions or lack of that we’ll take, how we perceive life, gain fulfilment and what we’ll manifest.

In this article I’m going to reveal these invisible forces that allowed so you can reshape your reality.

The invisible forces that you must become aware of when bending your reality

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The forces behind what shapes our reality are primarily invisible, you may say that isn’t it action that will affect what results and fundamentally what we’ll experience?

I’d agree that action is an essential part of creating our reality but then the question is what controls what actions we’ll take?

This isn’t even taking into consideration what fundamentally manifests thoughts into our physical reality.

Before going into answering the second consideration it’s worth becoming more aware of the first when it comes to what forces control our behaviour.

The invisible forces behind human behaviour

Emotions such as love, hate, anger, jealousy, fear, excitement or any other emotion are all invisible forces that control our behaviour.

Beliefs, our blueprint/model of the world how we think life should be, what things mean impacts our emotions and what we’ll consider pleasurable or painful all influence our behaviour.

Our beliefs also impact the state we’re in which can be described as how we feel in a particular moment. If you’re in a lousy negative state you’re likely to snap at people who have done nothing wrong.

The opposite being you might be in a beautiful peak state which makes you feel joyful even when having to take on challenges that would normally ruin your day.

The state we’re in also changes which beliefs we gravitate towards the most as we have conflicting beliefs.


You may have the belief “He or she who hesitates is lost” and a conflicting belief of “Look before you leap”. Depending on what state you’re in will determine which belief you will gravitate towards.

If you want to learn the importance of and how to raise your state and vibration I recommend reading Raise Your Vibration To Unblock Your Success.

Your decisions shape your reality

The state that we’re in will also greatly influence what decisions we’ll make, such as what to focus on and what something means. The actions we take also come from the decisions that we make.

If we decide to focus on the obstacles in our lives and how we have failed or that we aren’t good enough. This will have a huge impact on what actions we’ll take and the vibrations we’re sending out.

“Whatever you focus on is what you get”

-Tony Robbins-

The opposite being true if you decided to focus on the opportunities that we all have available and on a compelling reason to achieve it. You will be much more inspired to move towards what you’re focusing on.

To start bending your reality you must first become aware of the decisions that you’re making.

Why you must become aware of what you decide to focus on

Whatever we focus on is what we’ll feel whether it’s true or not. If you focus on something with enough emotional intensity with repetition you will start to believe it’s real.

And look for evidence that it’s real even when it’s not. A very simple but powerful exercise to try is to right now spend about 10 seconds looking for as many things that are the colour brown.

If you’ve never done this before please do it before continuing to read as you will have a powerful realisation, keep looking for as many brown things around you.

Now that you have done that how many red things around you do you remember seeing. That has likely thrown you off expecting me to ask you how many things that are brown did you see.

The brown represents all of the “crap” we can notice and experience in our life. Now repeat the same exercise but look for as many things that are red, do this for at least 10 seconds.

If you did this exercise you likely noticed there is much more red than you expected to see after focusing on looking for brown, and you may have even taken things that aren’t quite red such as beige so you could find more red.

How to make better decisions by asking better questions

Our focus can be controlled by questions. If you ask a lousy question your brain will automatically look for a lousy answer.


If you ask “Why do I always attract bad circumstances” this question already makes the assumption that you always attract bad circumstances. 

And since our brains will always look for an answer it will come up with an answer that might not even be true such as because you deserve it or this is just how your life is.

Just a simple rephrase in how the question is asked such as “How can I attract more of what I want into my life” will get your brain to focus on exactly that, how to get the result that you want.

How to bend reality by applying invisible forces in the right direction

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Now that you’re becoming aware of the power of controlling your focus and decisions it is vitally important to become aware of where your decisions are directing you.

Including how you can take back more control over what you manifest. Which includes realising that we co-create our reality and that we’re not in total control.

Which makes a lot of people uncomfortable over the thought but this is actually in our best interest because the greater intelligence that we’re all connected to whether you call it god, the universe or your higher self.

Knows what’s in our best interest and by demanding that everything that should have everything that we want at every moment is the equivalent of a child arguing with their parent or guardian.

Over demanding something that will cause the child harm with the child claiming they know what’s best. I cover this topic in more detail in Why Being Told How To Manifest Anything Is Wrong.

Why focusing on what you can’t control only leads to stress

By focusing on what we can’t control including the weather, the economy, kids, friends and family will only lead to stress because there’s nothing we can do to resolve

what we dislike about it other than to change the meaning we’ve attached to it or what we choose to focus on.

You can influence people but you can’t control them, the same is true with every experience that comes into our life we can influence what we attract and manifest but we can’t control it.

By expecting to control every experience is overlooking opportunities and challenges that cause us to grow.
Also by no longer trying to control and fight life you will ironically gain more control over it, more will be covered on this point later.

Before making decisions you need to know where to aim

Most people in life are more aware of what they don’t want rather than what they do want, or they may actually know what they want but are in the habit of focusing on what they don’t want.

Following the previous points whatever you consistently focus on is what you’ll experience both emotionally and eventually physically as you will manifest it.

We live in a world that we perceive through our five senses and have been conditioned especially in western cultures to focus on using logic and reasoning to figure out and solve problems.

Which definitely has its place but causes us to overlook how there is both a physical and metaphysical duality to the reality that we live in.

Which also causes us to focus on how something should or can be achieved. It also influences what we perceive as “realistic” and possible for us to achieve.

Why you need to find a big enough why before focusing on how

It isn’t for us to decide how something should be manifested as the universe takes the path of least resistance, and maybe bringing what we’re aiming for but in a way even better than we initially expected.

But by focusing on how it can cause us to set limitations on ourselves that we have been conditioned to believe by society and reinforced by the experiences we perceive through our five senses.

Has there ever been a time you achieved something that you didn’t know how or even expected that you could but you still managed to?

What did you do in order to achieve it even though you didn’t know how, take a moment to answer this question in your mind before continuing to read any further.

You likely found you were that excited and compelled to achieve the result that you didn’t focus on how and did whatever you knew you could do at the time.

This is why we first need to find a clear purpose and why we want the result or reality we’re aiming for.

How to become aware of your why and purpose for the reality you want to create

A very simple but powerful exercise you can do to discover this is to write a list of exactly how you want your life to be or ideally for each specific area of your life that you’re wanting to focus on.

And once you have gotten clear on the result write down the reason why you’re going to attract and create this reality.
As once you become aligned with both your heart and mind with the direction you want to move towards.

Your subconscious mind will help you find the how with ways you wouldn’t have even been previously consciously aware off.

You will also attract circumstances that present the how to you. Although it’s important to become aware of the actual why whether it’s for an empowering or disempowering reason.

Such as if you want the result to empower your life or to prove to others and to make yourself feel good enough. Following your intuition is the best way to know whether if what you’re intending

to manifest is in alignment with your true purpose. If you want to know more about how to listen to your intuition and on manifesting I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

Bend reality by aligning both the physical and metaphysical

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After becoming aware of how to control our decisions by being clear on what it is that we truly want and by asking empowering questions.

It is important to become aware of how to work with both the physical and metaphysical so they’re in unison.
By taking aligned action with the reality that you want to create. There is a lot of misconception when it comes to

applying teachings such as the law of attraction or any other label that you want to use. Involving simply just thinking about the desired reality and you will experience it.

What you have in mind is a vital aspect of creating your reality but it doesn’t take into consideration

How aligned our thoughts truly are as if we were truly in alignment we wouldn’t be trying to manifest anything as we would just be, do and have.


If someone was in alignment with being a doctor they wouldn’t be concerned or spend all day meditating and visualizing convincing themselves that they’re a doctor.

Rather they would feel compelled intuitively and their unconscious would direct them to what they would need to do in order to become a doctor such as completing medical school.

Why you must create space physically for the metaphysical

Expanding on how both the physical and metaphysical must work in unison and following on the previous example.

By wanting to become a doctor it isn’t physically possible from what I’m aware of to become a doctor without completing some form of medical training.

There are laws in this physical universe that must be adhered to and by moving in alignment with these laws it creates space and allow the metaphysical to present opportunities to you.

Likewise if you’re constantly trying to fight life and focus on all the “brown” in your life and sending out low vibrational energy you’re much more likely to attract obstacles along the way.

Making it harder for opportunities to be manifested from the metaphysical causing our physical reality to be much more difficult.

The power of modelling people who have already achieved the result you want

Another very powerful and often overlooked concept is to model people who have already achieved a particular result that you’re wanting.

This doesn’t mean to become an exact replicated copy but rather that you can save years maybe even a decade by modelling people or a business that has attained a certain result.

As they will have already tried and tested many ways that do and don’t work. Which can give you a foundation to work from that you can reverse engineer to make your own.

Once you get clear on a process that needs to be followed in order to achieve the result whether it’s starting a business, improving your health or improving your relationships.

By modelling people who have already succeeded you will have already found patterns to follow in the physical that will make opportunities easier to also present themselves from the metaphysical.

the power of intention

A desire is wishing or hoping for something to happen, were as intention can be described as the commitment to have and act.

By intending you’re not sat wishing which is not serving you in regards of your physical actions and it’s also sending out vibrations of lack.

Intention is sending out vibrations of already having as you have already made the decision that it is yours and simply take the necessary action you’re currently aware of.

And follow opportunities that present themselves and follow what you feel intuitively to do. This is when both the physical and metaphysical work in unison by intending rather than wishing or desiring.

Why you should avoid consistently focusing on your desire

A lot more can be said about why you shouldn’t consistently focus on your desire than will be mentioned here. But the main point I want to mention is that the main purpose for consciously focusing on a desire.

Is that eventually it will go into your subconscious which will eventually through your unconscious communicate with a greater intelligence to attract what it is you’re intending.

Which isn’t always possible as at times you have to focus on the intended result but focus on making steps towards the result or already having rather than wishing.

As when something is in your conscious awareness it is no longer unconscious which can sabotage what you want to manifest.


- There are invisible forces that impact how we co-create our reality including emotions, vibrations which are all influenced by the decisions we make.

- Our decisions are influenced by what we focus on, we can change what we focus on by asking questions. Higher quality questions lead to higher quality answers

- Before deciding where you want to go or the reality you want to create it is first worth getting clear on what you actually want and why.

- How circumstances are manifested isn’t for us to know, what is important is knowing why we want it and becoming aligned with it.

- The physical and metaphysical must work and be applied in unison, one can’t work effectively without the other.

- Model people who have already achieved the result that you want as this will give you a process to follow.

- Aim to intend rather than desire as desire is sending out vibrations of lack were as intention is in alignment both physically and metaphysically.

- The power to manifest comes from outside of our conscious awareness, the initial aim of consciously focusing on the desired result is to drive it into the subconscious.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.