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manifesting the ultimate practical guide

You've heard it all before haven't you?

Follow these steps and you will have the life you've always dreamed off.

Focus on what you want and be grateful then the love of your life will spontaneously appear.

You hear stories of how it has worked for others but if you're anything like myself you have been disheartened.

And deeply disappointed on many occasions.

We have been led astray many times with gurus taking advantage of our deepest desires telling us life can be better.

To then only feel like a failure when we can't make any significant lasting changes.

You then have the occasional synchronicity but it hasn't been consistent or powerful enough to know deep down in your core.

If it was the latest manifesting technique you had tried that manifested it into your life or if it really was just pure coincidence.

Or you question is any of this manifesting stuff real at all and you're only looking into it out of curiosity.

As you've had these experiences that make you believe it could be true or that you want it to be true.

If any of this sounds familiar you're about to discover why previously failed attempts at manifesting haven't worked
how you can experience and find out for yourself practically that you're a powerful spiritual being that can manifest.

Why you should avoid manifesting everything that comes to mind

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Do you really want to manifest everything that comes to your mind?

Concerns about debt, ill health, friends and family concerns are obvious examples of what you want to avoid manifesting into your life.

By manifesting to make this clear I'm talking about bringing more of the experiences you want into your life and becoming aware of how to reduce the unwanted experiences.

Before going into any practical actionable steps you can take we first must go through the usual misguided steps people take and how to avoid them.

If you're wanting another how to manifest with just a few steps that everyone else mentions without any explanation then this guide isn't for you.

However, if you're wanting to know why sometimes you get results and what is happening behind the scenes explained with practical advice, keep reading.

Will following manifesting techniques allow you to create the life you want?

Following almost any manifesting technique can bring results but what you may not realize, what is happening behind the scenes that causes them to work in the first place.

This is why people get inconsistent results or the exact opposite of what they're wanting to attract.

Just following a technique is the equivalent of someone who doesn't know how to use a Mac or computer using them to access and use the internet.

Who follows a step by step process on how to switch on the machine and access use the internet.

will following a guide work when it doesn't explain the upcoming obstacles?

But with it containing settings that causes it to randomly disconnect from the internet. (negative unconscious programming)

Or even open up the wrong thing (like those embarrassing office party photos).

With using this analogy is why sometimes people will have the chance to access and get to where they want on the internet (manifest what they want)

but usually due to not understanding the settings (the unconscious programming) it causes them to get very poor results.

Why you should be cautious when applying a manifesting technique

If you want to attract more wealth into your life because you're struggling financially and don't know why you're doing the techniques in the first place you actually run the risk of making the situation worse.

following the previous example of a computer or Mac user that doesn't know what they're doing and trying to fix an issue and run the risk of making the settings even worse.

A big and common mistake is to believe it is just the conscious mere thought or focusing on an object or event that creates it.

When the power is within the unconscious mind.

More will be covered on this later.

Why you need to start seeing manifesting as a skill

Hand symbol affirmations manifesting various colours manifesting creatures

If you wanted to become a professional musician, artist, software developer, business owner or athlete.

Naming just a few examples, would you agree that it would require developing appropriate skills?

Even if someone is born a talented musician they still need to develop their talents and here is one of the biggest misconceptions of manifesting,

the law of attraction or any other label you want to use.

And that is expecting to see incredible results from following a few basic steps you've read or seen in a film or following a few meditations.

Will developing the skill of learning how to manifest take a lot of time and effort?

Before I continue and starting making the impression this is going to take a very long time and great deals of effort to see any worthwhile results.

This isn't what I'm wanting to portray but rather you need to have foundational knowledge of what is happening and just like anything including a meditation practice.

The more persistent and the more you practice the better your results will be.

What you first need for more consistent results

Having a map leading will obviously make travelling to the correct destination much easier.

Again following the previous analogy also having an accurate user manual on what you need to do in order to achieve the desired result on a Mac or PC.

With the manual also containing information on what obstacles you may face and how to deal with them, which will greatly increase your chances of success.

The same is required when it comes to manifesting but also with a deeper understanding of why it worked.

In order to be able to achieve consistent results and to eliminate unwanted results.

Once you gain this understanding you can then put it into practice and eventually develop more consistent results.

Without this understanding of manifesting your mind will either be your biggest friend or foe

with multiple colours splashed on

There are a large variety of different theories and philosophies on how manifesting works which I won't go into in detail here but to name a few views on how manifestation works.

with very brief explanations without taking into account philosophies based on determinism.

  • Your vibration goes out to the universe and your vibration comes back to you.

  • You vibrate on a different parallel universe and constantly shift through different parallel existences.

  • You ask the universe and it simply returns what you ask.

  • God or some form of higher being creates and returns your prayers.

  • We're guided by spirits and they guide us based on the emotional states we're in and based on our thoughts and requests.

  • Thought forms are created based on the thoughts we have on a consistent basis and when they become "potent" enough manifest into physical form.

  • We're connected to a higher version of our self that guides us and creates our reality and receives "instructions" from our unconscious mind.

  • We create our reality based on the beliefs in our unconscious mind which change and determine our actions which changes our results.

There are plenty more philosophies on how manifestation works and these are just very short descriptions that don't give a full picture of these views.

I also don't claim to know which is true or what you should believe as I don't truly know myself.

What I do know through experience and noticing similarities is something that these views all share in common.

Your unconscious mind has the power but it isn't so simple

You may already be aware that your unconscious has an impact on what you attract but there is more going on then you may have initially realized.

If you decide on manifesting more money or a new romantic partner but then keep experiencing even more financial difficulties, abusive or unaligned partners.

One aspect of this is either what you're putting into your unconscious mind.

Such as trying to tell yourself finances will come but you're doing it from a place of fear and lack which just strengthens the doubts and fears that you have.

Or you have negative unconscious associations around money that causes you to push money out of your life.

Whatever the cause as you can see from these common examples whatever philosophy you take from above, the power of the unconscious mind is aligned with them all.

How our brain is designed to keep us safe and not to make us happy

Our brain evolved to keep us safe in a hostile wilderness and is not aware that we live in a civilization with far less dangerous circumstances likely to occur.

Which is why we can form irrational phobias and have just as much anxiety of doing public speaking as we would confronting a wild animal.

How this relates to manifesting is that if we have an unconscious association that we only deserve to earn X amount or having more than X amount would mean we're selfish or evil.

Our unconscious mind by doing its job to keep us safe, will sabotage and make sure we don't end up in a situation with the amount of money outside of our unconscious beliefs. 

How our unconscious mind doesn't just impact what we see physically

This doesn't just influence our physical actions but also the energy/vibrations we send out.

This is why doing a meditation on attracting more money can bring your unconscious beliefs around money to the surface.

And bring in doubts and actually send out a vibration that will attract more lack.

Before becoming aware of how to change our unconscious programming there are other areas that need addressing.

You need to become aware of how desire and importance will not only sabotage your manifesting attempts but can also manifest the opposite

woman praying with energy coming off and aqua background

A big misconception is that the stronger your desire for something is the more likely you're to get it.

Desire can be extremely powerful when it is transmuted into belief that is backed by intention.

However, desire by itself is saying to your unconscious and sending out a signal that I don't have what I desire which will manifest push you further away from the desired.

The same applies with importance if transmuted into intention can become a very powerful driving force.

However, in its original state it is again signalling that you don't have what you have in mind that is important to you.

The universe strives to be in balance, importance and desire cause imbalance

The universe has polarities which could also be described as opposing forces that it strives to keep in harmony.

By placing excessive importance on an object, person or event it creates a disturbance in this balance.

Which creates counter balancing forces to eliminate this excessive disturbance, also known from a book I first learn this concept called Reality Transurfing that I highly recommend called excess potential.

Which causes the desired or perceived as important circumstances to be placed even further away from your reality.

Does this mean you have to not care about something in order to manifest it?

From the above statements, it may come across as saying that in order to manifest what you want it will only happen if you don't want it.

Not wanting something can also manifest it, but only if it has a strong emotional charge/vibrations behind it as this will also influence the unconscious mind.

It isn't the lack of wanting or desiring that will bring you the result you're striving for rather it's what you're aligned with and fully believing in what you're intending whether for better or worse.

Which means you're attracting what you're aligned with and what you believe and think of unconsciously.

Is it possible to be completely free of excessive desire and importance?

This is only possible if you're dead, it's in our nature and the existence of our reality for us to perceive certain events and circumstances more important than others.

I'm now going to use the term excess potential for describing excessive desire and importance.

You may have a job or business that is very important to you which in itself doesn't create excess potential.

If you're in alignment and taking action on keeping the business running successfully without doubts or concerns of its success.


Excessive worrying about if your work is performing well or if you will make sales.

This sends out a vibration in alignment with not having sales and the universe is working on creating harmony in the energy fields you have created.

Which can cause situations to be even worse.

Such as if the only way to reduce your excessive concerns about your work could be to cause you to no longer have ownership or wok in your business.

Why becoming aware of any excess potential is essential for you to attract what you want

Now that you're becoming aware of this very powerful concept you can start to ask yourself.

What areas of my life are currently suffering or am I not experiencing what I want in these areas.

And ask yourself how much desire or importance am I placing in these areas. The answer will either be too much creating excess potential or the polar opposite.

Of not enough importance which is causing you to have a lack of intention to change those areas.

Taking action in alignment reduces excess potential

To give you another example of this concept think of very financially wealthy business owner who wants to achieve more wealth.

They may have a desire for money and see it as important but they're not desperate for more money and seeing it as something unattainable as they're already financially wealthy.

They will also be taking aligned action towards achieving more wealth which reduces the excess potential.

As their vibrations are in alignment with their actions and what they're intending. 

Which is the opposite to someone who is sat at home excessively worrying about not having enough money.

How your surroundings and conditioning affects your actions and intentions

cluttered room full of junk

The main role of our lower minds which could be described as the ego or human psychology is to make us avoid pain or gain pleasure.

With avoiding pain being the strongest driving force of the two as it's a survival instinct

Our unconscious minds have an association to everything around us which is consistently affecting us whether we're consciously aware of it or not.


think of a song that reminds you of someone or an event.

I guarantee that event or person it reminds you of was either a very positive or negative emotional experience.

The reason for this is our minds are always looking for what things mean, whether it means danger(pain) or it will lead to a positive experience(pleasure).

Our minds will create irrational meanings if we're not consciously aware of strong emotional experiences and here's the reason why

During these strong emotional experiences of either pleasure or pain, our brain will want to find what is unique about this situation

so it will know for the future what has caused the experience to happen.

If our brain can't find a clear reason why it will create an association with whatever is unique during that experience.

This is how a negative experience can be formed around an area you may consciously think will have a positive result on your life such as having more money.

From birth until the ages of 7-8 years old our minds are in a very suggestible hypnotic state because naturally our brain waves are in a theta state.

How an experience with strong emotional intensity can cause limiting and sabotaging associations


If you experience your parents being angry due to "greedy" rich people taking all of their money or being selfish. And at the same time it is backed up by strong emotions.

This can create a very strong association too having more money means you're greedy or evil which will cause pain.

Causing our unconscious mind to do its job to keep us safe by making sure we don't acquire a certain amount of money we have that association too.

This can also create a negative feedback loop as you will attract more and more evidence based on that belief of having lack. Which makes it even less likely that you will obtain any financial abundance.

Your outer world reflects your internal world and how small changes can improve both

Following the previous examples of the power of associations and how our minds want to have and know the meaning to everything that surrounds us.

Our environment will influence how we perceive ourselves as we will already have unconscious meanings to what aspects of our environment means.


On TV and other forms of media a filthy cluttered home is associated with lack, poverty and ill health.

By having a dirty cluttered environment or cheap damaged clothing with associations conditioned making our unconscious link this to poverty and having a lack.

Our unconscious minds will also cause us to associate ourselves to these circumstances and our physical actions, intention and vibrations will reflect this in our outer reality.

How to start changing your environment to strengthen your manifesting power

By simply keeping a clean and tidy house this is already communicating to your unconscious mind that you're someone that takes care of themselves and lives in wealthy environments.

As humans we all have a need for connection as we're social creatures. This has many advantages but also can lead us to holding onto toxic people in our lives.

You have likely already heard the phrase before you're the combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

What isn't discussed enough is how powerful our need for connection is and without a strong motive we will hold onto people.

Why do people who are meant to care hold us back?

That are no longer having an empowering impact by remaining in our lives. It isn't always possible in certain circumstances.

To remove them from our lives, especially with certain family members.

But by being aware of if there is anyone holding you back as you're very likely to experience.

They will want to hold you back as you're developing and progressing in your own life.

This is because of their own need for connection and significance (wanting to feel important) which are needs we all have.

Out of fear of losing you or shining a light on them not taking positive steps to improving their own lives will want to bring you down.

To keep that connection with you or to keep themselves feeling safe even if they're not consciously aware of why.

Should you consider changing who you surround yourself with?

This is a decision only you can make, just make sure that you're aware of the reasons why you're allowing specific people into your life on a regular basis.

Are they aiding you with your purpose or are you only spending time with them through feelings of guilt whatever the reason may be.

My personal view with any held belief not to whether its right or wrong as that is subjective but overall is it empowering or disempowering.

Ask yourself as there is likely at least one person whilst reading this who springs to mind if this person having an empowering or disempowering impact on your life.

And why are you're allowing them to remain in your life is it for an an empowering or disempowering reason.

You may be thinking I find this interesting but where is the good stuff , this is more psychology based rather than metaphysical I want to know how to fix all of this and get results.

We will get there eventually but I hope you're starting to understand without understanding these concepts first you're fighting an uphill battle.

Causing life to be more difficult than it has to be.

The lower aspects of your mind (ego) will battle with your intentions if you don't understand these vital concepts

woman writing ill do it my way on the screen

There are many labels that can be used to describe the concept of our lower nature, animal mind etc but ego.

Is a very widely used accepted term so I'm going to stick with that for the following examples.

Our ego and by ego, I don't mean the definition of being egotistical or thinking we're above other people.

I mean the term used in eastern philosophies of the "false self", the aspect of our mind that we identify with which isn't our true nature of what we truly are.

How our ego thinks we're the creators of our reality and doesn't want to accept there is something greater

The way we, our "ego" is designed is to see itself as the creator and master of its reality.

Everything it experiences is through the 5 senses and doesn't see any logical evidence for something greater.

Just by becoming aware of concepts that it is possible to manifest or coming across "the best" manifesting techniques doesn't mean you (your ego) will believe it.

Following the examples mentioned earlier our brain is designed to keep us safe and will look for logical means and evidence to achieve this.

Relying on a higher power is outside of our five senses and day to day reality which isn't seen as a safe and logical means for survival and achieving what we want in life.

How it is our own ego that usually stops us from manifesting what we want

When something we perceive as "positive" comes into our experience the ego will want to celebrate and feel like it achieved and created the result.

Which creates excess potential as it is placing an inflated view on the achievement and the accomplishment it believes it had achieved.

The ego will also want to view what has happened as a coincidence or even if it believes it received aid from a higher intelligence.

That itself is the cause of what made the higher power manifest the result. When it's the higher part of ourselves that guides us throughout our life.

including what we experience and ultimately manifest into our reality.

The ego doesn't accept this even if this is understood on an intellectual level as it goes against the egos day to day experience and beliefs.

How to reduce excess potential from celebrating achievements

When you achieve or manifest anything, which is the same thing as everything we experience we have manifested.

Be grateful for it and put your praise into the higher power that you believe led to achieving the result.

This reduces excess potential and if you believe a spirit or some form of guide aided you, give them your praise, gratitude and energy which will further strengthen how much they assist you.

If you don't believe in any spirits or guides then praise what you do believe including if it's a more powerful aspect of your unconscious mind.

How the ego battles with higher powers

What can be even more challenging is believing in a higher power in the first place, especially with western societies conditioning and how the ego perceives reality.

I personally found this extremely difficult when I was first introduced to teachings and concepts such as the law of attraction from the movie the secret.

Especially since I was an atheist for the first 25 years of my life. It was only due to being introduced to quantum physics and more logical teachings.

That originally made me open to the idea and having mind blowing synchronicities were the probabilities of these events happening were extremely low.

Even after such experiences and teachings I still found myself doubting and not truly believing in a higher power.

This is due to the reasons I have previously mentioned through a lifetime of conditioning and how our ego perceives reality.

How to manage the battle between the ego and higher powers

If you're anything like myself or at least used to be with beliefs and viewpoints requiring a logical basis that is provable by facts and science.

You're likely either very sceptical or depending on where you are on your journey still not fully believing deep in your core of a higher power.

It may require you to have a very powerful spiritual event, synchronistic or a psychedelic experience for you to start believing.

In order to start gaining more conscious control over your reality.

I'm not going to cover how people achieve what we'd generally in our society call great results without this awareness as that is a very deep topic in of itself.

Manifestation Tips

Here are some steps you can take to help the logical part of your mind start to believe the circumstances of your life aren't just a coincidence:

1. Keep a daily journal of the experiences you have in your life, with an enthuses on synchronicities such as.

Someone you haven't spoken to or thought about in years randomly calls you on a day you were thinking about them.

2. Any manifesting techniques you applied that you either know or think may have gotten results from.

Keep a record in your journal and try it again with something else you have little importance of manifesting.

3. Think back to life-changing decisions in your life such as the person you decided to marry, the job or education you decided to take.

Make a list of any events that came that led to those decisions and what the chances were of them occurring.

And how those unlikely events are impacting your life still today.

4. Listen and watch stories of other people who have followed a particular teaching whatever it is and manifested incredible results.

With the probability of it happening logically from a traditional worldview being extremely low.

5. Try a manifesting technique for something you have very little importance for that you can easily forget about.

That is what you would consider realistic based on your current circumstances.

This is much easier to manifest as it will create very little excess potential and won't be constantly in your conscious mind (more on the importance of this later)

How consistently focusing on your desire consciously will sabotage your manifestation results if done incorrectly

Man over thinking

To place extra enthuses on the power of the unconscious mind, that is where our power to connect to a higher power to manifest our desires goes through and returns.

By having something consistently in your conscious awareness it means it is no longer in the unconscious meaning it is no longer being "delivered" to that higher power.

This is a very big misconception of a lot of metaphysical teachings that in order to manifest something you must consistently keep your thoughts and focus on it.

This only works initially as with enough repetition it drives the new belief or thoughts into your unconscious mind.

Repetitive thought only works by driving it into the unconscious mind

Or if you create enough of an emotional intensity that this to starts to shift your vibration but ultimately shift what's in your unconscious.

As what's in our unconscious is what consistently sends out a vibration and connects to a higher power.

This goes back to what I was mentioning earlier about your environment as your surroundings are out of your conscious awareness.

Everything around you is being picked up unconsciously which is another reason why it is vital to be aware of your environment.

Repetitive thought on anything you're wanting to attract is another sign that you don't truly believe it is yours and that you're placing excessive importance on it which creates excess potential.

Do you need to forget about your desires in order for them to manifest?

After using your conscious mind to drive a new belief into your unconscious you then want to immediately forget about it.

Ideally after you have kept a note in your journal so you can review it at a later time for confirmation that you had created this change.

As the desired event or circumstances being out of your conscious awareness now means it is in your unconscious which again is where the true power is.

This can be much easier said than done especially if you're wanting to manifest more money if you're having financial difficulties.

More will be covered on how to help overcome this later as for now this is another reason why it is vitally important to realize how your ego will sabotage your results.

Would you keep asking a waiter if you order is coming that you placed at a restaurant

Once you have placed an order at a restaurant would you expect it to be delivered?

You wouldn't know when, but you would know eventually it would come. (I know some restaurants can be awful but stick with this analogy)

When you keep bringing anything you're wanting to manifest or are concerned about back into your conscious awareness.

It is the equivalent of constantly going to the waiter and the chef asking them if your order is ready and demanding they come to your table whilst you ask them.

Which greatly slows down the process and if done enough times will lead to you being told to leave the restaurant and sabotaging your own order which would have arrived.

If you had just waited and believed it was going to arrive.

Why your ego will sabotage your orders

Your ego and logical thinking mind will not only distrust the waiter and chef to make and deliver your order. But will want to get up and persist that the ego created and brought the order itself.

Believing it is the most logical and effective means of getting the order (desire) to be created.

Which not only will lead to a very poor result but may end up with no order at all and even worse circumstances than before entering the restaurant.

This is done as previously mentioned because the ego doesn't want to accept a higher intelligence as its outside of its daily experience.

Because of its own need to feel important and need to feel in control.

Manifesting comes through logical means and why you must understand this

chess pawn in the middle of a chessboard wearing a crown

When getting into any manifesting practice especially if it's bringing noticeable results you will find that they will come via what generally would be considered logical means.

By this in a way that doesn't seem like a miraculous miracle such as if you have been wanting to manifest more money.


An unknown rich relative dies and you inherit the amount or slightly more than you need.

You have been wanting to meet a romantic partner and you're invited to a party you wouldn't normally go to.

Or expect to meet the qualities in a partner you're looking for at the party. But end up meeting your ideal partner.

Why you need to become consciously aware of your thoughts and experiences

This is one of the main reasons why it can be so difficult to truly believe in how our experiences are attracted.

As even when applying a technique or focused intent the result will usually manifest by logical means.

Which can be easily brushed to one side and labelled as just another coincidence. This is another reason why keeping a journal is helpful.

Become aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your reality

Which initially is very difficult to do as the results of our actions are generally immediate or within a short period of time.

In contrast, our thoughts and emotions have a much slower effect before being manifested into our physical reality.

The more you practice the habit of focusing on your daily thoughts and emotions alongside a journal.

The easier it will be and the more you'll become aware of the power your thoughts and emotions have on your reality.

Why you don't have to be in a "positive state" to manifest

woman holding her thumb up whilst smiling

Now before you click off this blog as what I'm saying is contradicting what most mainstream teachings on the law of attraction and manifesting say about having a positive attitude.

Let me explain, your emotions don't guarantee a desired or undesired result rather how the manifestation of that result will make you feel.


Is every person who is financially wealthy or by a cultural standard "achieved a lot" happy and full of joy?

The obvious answer is no and I'm sure you've heard countless stories yourself of celebrities, actors, singers etc who are very unhappy.

Another example:

Countless stories of business owners and entrepreneurs who go through tremendous pain both physically and mentally.

But then achieve great results based on what they wanted to achieve. This is because they followed their intuition and applied intention which will be covered soon.

Do your vibrations and emotions matter when you're manifesting?

Yes, it is still vitally important to maintain a high vibration because it sends out a stronger signal but also based on your vibrations will determine how the desired result will manifest.

Extending on the previous analogies if someone believes they have to go through very challenging times in order to become financially wealthy.

Whilst at the same time being ungrateful, they will attract countless obstacles on the way making the result take longer and more challenging then it needed to be.

Also depending on unconscious beliefs will determine how the manifestation of the result will make them feel.


Someone who is wanting more money is feeling very happy and grateful for what they currently have and unconsciously has the belief and sets an intention to have more.

Receives it in a way that brings even more joy and reasons to be grateful such as an offer for a job that is more to their liking with better pay.

On the flip side someone who has a financially very wealthy mindset who believes they can create abundance easily but is deeply unhappy and ungrateful.

May create great financial wealth but it comes via a means that brings more suffering such as a job or business that they dislike and only do it because of the money.

Does being happy and grateful mean you're happy and grateful in all areas of your life

To extend on this, someone maybe overall very happy and grateful but deep down are ungrateful when it comes to their finances.

They also have limiting beliefs around money even when having everything else they could ever want in their life.

However, because of these feelings and beliefs around money they continue to attract unwanted circumstances with a lack of money.

This is another reason why it is essential to become consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions.

You won't always be able to manifest what you think you want

man at night sitting under the stars and milky way

Another big and important overlooked aspect when it comes to creating changes in our lives is, are we doing it for the right reasons.

By right reasons as that is subjective I mean is it for an empowering or disempowering reason.

Does it serve your purpose or the reason for you being here depending on what you believe.


You work hard and put a lot of focus and intention on becoming a lawyer even though you're completely dispassionate about it in order to please your parents.

Another example:

You desperately try every manifestation technique and practice you can get your hands on to bring your ex back into your life.

Without realizing there is someone much more aligned for you that is ready to be introduced into your life once you let go.

Your emotions and intuition aren't the same thing and how to notice the difference

This comes much more naturally to some more so than others. For me this came extremely difficult and at times is still a challenge.

However, by being aware that emotions and intuition aren't the same you will be at a big advantage.


You're introduced to somebody and something about them causes you to have a disliking towards them but it isn't at a deep gut level but you just dislike them.

Which could be described as more of an emotion of anger, fear or sadness rather than a knowing.

Then due to some circumstances are forced to spend more time with them and they turn out to be one of your best friends throughout your life.

Another example:

On the flip side you're introduced to someone who on the surface seems great and is liked by everyone but deep down.

You have an instant gut feeling that something about them is disempowering. And it turns out they have negative plans towards you such as trying to take your job etc.

Which could be described as a knowing which you can't logically explain how you know but you just do.

Your intuition can guide you if you know how to allow it

There are many more examples and this is a difficult concept to explain but if you can see how an emotion can be seen as a logical or unconscious association.

In comparison intuition comes to you more from an unknown greater intelligent and you just have a sense of knowing.

That can't be explained logically to why you have this knowing but you just do. This generally comes more naturally to women than it does men.

As women are usually more in touch with their emotions but is an important skill to practice and become aware of regardless of gender.

Why the ego wants to make decisions and not listen to a greater intelligence

This is why you won't always get what you think you want as deep down you have an internal conflict.

And the greater intelligence you're connected to is directing you towards what you're truly meant for and what will serve you on a higher level if you listen to your intuition.

This is again a skill that can be developed, if you're unsure with your intuition what is right for you.

You have either ignored your intuition so much that you've become numb to it or have let your mind and the opinion of others lead you astray.

How to start developing your intuition

If you're unsure of how to develop your intuition a very basic but effective practice you can start developing is to simply start asking yourself how would feel about a certain situation.


Even though you have fear at the thought of leaving your current job to create a business deep down you know in the long term you'll be much happier.

That it is aligned with your values, what you stand for and what you ultimately want to do in your life.

Despite the negative feeling you focus on how it feels internally like a gut feeling (this is hard to put into words) know that is the right decision for you.

The more you practice this, the easier it will become to know if a decision you're making is based on intuition or your emotions.

Should you make quick decisions based on intuition?

I'm not recommending when you have an intuitive feeling about leaving your job to immediately quit.

As quite often you have to be careful you're not making a decision based on an emotion and your mind is rationalizing it which isn't intuition and is actually a disempowering decision.

Made out of fear, rather than becoming aware of where you want to head towards then start taking the gradual steps required in order to make it a reality.


Leaving your job because of having a very bad day rationalizing it with it being intuitive.

Our egos are poor listeners and very unlikely to get the perfect plan on how to go towards a feeling of intuition.

So it is important to make the best plan of action you can towards where your intuition is guiding you.

How understanding the power of intention when it comes to manifesting will change your life

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Before going into how to use intention I first need to explain what it is.

However, even from the best teachings I have found on this concept one of which I had mentioned earlier called Reality Transurfing.

Doesn't have a clear definition for what intention is as it's a concept very difficult for the logical mind to understand.

Intention could be described as the commitment to have and act. Which is free of excess potential as there isn't excessive levels of importance or struggle.


You have the intention to go buy a newspaper from a local shop which is generally perceived as very believable with very little importance.

It is unlikely someone will lose sleep if they were unable to buy a newspaper as they could just try somewhere else if they wanted to.

This has very little importance attached and has a sense of knowing that the newspaper will be manifested.

Once you understand the difference between a wish and intention your life will never be the same

A dream is wishing sitting down visualizing hoping or even trying to make yourself believe that your perfect partner, job, house

Or whatever it is you're wanting will be attracted into your life. which creates excess potential.

As you don't believe unconsciously it will happen and you're not moving in alignment with your desire or goal.

If you truly believed it was coming into your life or that it has already happened you wouldn't be thinking about it.

And would just keep moving in alignment with the new reality.


You're intending on having a new job and start preparing skills or paperwork required even though it isn't yet in your physical reality.

As you're intending for this to happen rather than just simply wishing. As your emotions and actions are in alignment this unconsciously shows this is the reality you're living in.

With it also being free of importance it doesn't create excess potential which if maintained for a long enough period of time is extremely powerful.

Why you need to stop wishing and start intending

Wishing is in alignment of a lack of what it is you're wishing for. Intention is in alignment as your thoughts feelings and actions are in alignment with that reality.

This leads to another important concept to understand that is rather than trying to fight and change your current circumstances choose another.

When you're battling with life and constantly trying to change it you're basically sending out a vibration saying you're dissatisfied and don't want this reality.

Which makes you even more aligned with it causing even more situations that will cause unwanted and dissatisfying results and circumstances to occur.

Why should you practice accepting your current circumstances?

This isn't to be confused with the accepting in the sense that your current circumstances are your lot in life and you can't strive for more.

Rather accepting this is where your reality is right now and then simply choosing by intending to moves towards a new reality.

As by fighting and not accepting your current reality this only leads to more of what you don't want. As we get what we are, not what we want.

This is easier said than done especially in challenging circumstances. But by becoming aware of this concept it becomes easier, especially when you see that it works.

And makes dealing with very challenging situations much easier.

Why you need to avoid aiming for multiple goals at once

Think of your power to intend and manifest like a flowing river of water.

When you start to focus and intend towards something coming into your life or moving towards it is like digging and creating a new channel that the water starts to flow down.

By digging multiple new channels ( chasing after multiple goals or trying to manifest multiple desires at once)

will weaken and reduce the amount of water flowing down those channels.

As the water is now flowing down multiple channels rather than just a few.

This is the equivalent of what happens to your vibrations when aiming towards multiple goals at the same time.

This doesn't mean you can't make several major changes in your life in a short period of time as you certainly can.

However, ideally aim towards what you know intuitively is the right path for you.

And that path will eventually lead down to changes and circumstances that will also bring those other changes into your life much easier.

Recap of what has been covered so far

If you've made it this far I'm impressed as the majority of people want a quick fix while you're spending time looking through how to create changes in your life in detail.

So far it has been mainly theory with some practical advice but what follows after this recap will be more practically based.

Recap of what has been covered so far:

  • If you're unaware of how manifesting techniques work you run the risk of making situations worse.

  • See manifesting as a skill rather than a casual meditation or technique. As we're constantly manifesting whether we're consciously aware of it or not.

  • The power to Manifest and co-create our reality comes from and travels through the unconscious mind not the conscious.

    Our brain is designed to keep us safe rather than make us happy. Which can lead us to creating more of what we don't want with the brain thinking it's keeping us safe.

  • The universe has forces that keep it in balance and harmony. By placing an excessive amount of importance on a situation you create excess potential.

    That causes the universe to balance this excess potential by eliminating the cause of the importance.

    Which can include pushing the desired situation even further away from your reality.

  • Your surroundings influence your unconscious beliefs and view of yourself. By creating a positive environment such as a clean home.

    It has a positive impact on your unconscious with the opposite also being true.

  • The lower aspects of our minds, the ego not only doesn't want to believe in a higher power, it will battle the idea.

    And will want the desired changes to come by methods it itself views as logical and can be achieved by the ego itself.

  • Consistently focusing on desired outcomes unless you're intending to move towards the desired outcome will create excess potential and sabotage the goal.

    If you don't know how to achieve the goal move towards and aim to be in alignment and the right circumstances will eventually present themselves to you.

    When a desired outcome is in your conscious awareness it is no longer in your unconscious which slows down its manifestation.

  • You don't have to be in a positive state to manifest powerful results, however by being in a positive state.

    The results will come by means that will further reflect your current vibrations.

  • You might not attract what you think you want as deep down it isn't truly what you want and in alignment with your true purpose.

    By following your intuition you'll find results manifest much easier and are in alignment with what you truly want.

  • Intending could be described as the commitment to have and act. It's our intentions that are attracted into our physical reality and experiences not dreams or desires.

Start transmuting long-held beliefs to start manifesting what you want

outline of man with i am affirmations instead of a person

There are a very large variety of different techniques and schools of thought around how to change beliefs.

What I will be going through here is a are some of the easiest and most practical I have found that can be self applied.

Any belief we have in mind is created through a sense or feeling of certainty of that it is true or real.

This includes beliefs we're unconscious of even having which may not consciously make any rational sense.

How to start breaking that sense of certainty around beliefs

In order to start changing a view or belief unless going through a very powerful emotional experience it is essential to first become aware.

Which is difficult to do as our conscious minds can't directly communicate and become aware of what's in the unconscious.

The conscious can only become aware of the unconscious through certain feelings and interpretations rather than a direct understanding.

Here are ways that can help with becoming more consciously aware of limiting beliefs.

- Making a list of what something means to you:

This could be money so you can make a list of what money means to you examples could be, freedom, luxury, pleasure and more disempowering greed, evil, lack.

By creating this list you become more aware of meanings attached to money you might have been completely unaware of.

Questions where the belief came from and what effect is it having on you:

 A great analogy from a book I highly recommend around beliefs is by Tony Robbins called awaken the giant within describes a belief as a table with having legs supporting it.

The more references we have to confirm a belief the more legs are supporting and keeping its structure supported.

By asking the following questions it will cause the "legs" supporting the belief to be removed and eventually including the belief itself.

1) Is this belief ridiculous or absurd?

2) Is it worth following and replicating the person I learned this from?

3) Does this belief serve me?

4) What impact is maintaining this belief having on my life?

5) What impact is it having on those around me by maintaining this belief?

- Set the intention to become aware of limiting beliefs:

This can be done through a variety of different methods such as through deep meditation and affirmations.

Commanding your unconscious to give you the answer, it is important to realize that the answer will unlikely come to you straight away and will come at a later time.

When the request is outside of your conscious awareness.

- Ask yourself this simple question "What else could this mean?":

Whenever we have an event that we see as disempowering, the emotions and experience we have of that event are based on the meaning we attach to it.

By seeing if there could be an underlining empowering meaning to the event can lead to a new experience and shift in mindset.


Your relationship ends but it turns out to be because they weren't the right person for you.

And it has now opened up the opportunity for your ideal partner to come into your life.

Why you should get clear on where you want to be in life when attracting what you want

orange background with wooden blocks spelling out vision

A very useful exercise when you have an hour spare when you're alone and can relax is to write down what your ideal life would be.

Even if right now it doesn't seem realistic as the act of writing it down and being able to check it on a daily basis will make it clear to your unconscious.

Where you want to be in life and start moving towards it ideally when you're not in a crisis.

If you're not clear on where your life is heading how can you know if sure the new car or house you're visualizing is in alignment of where you truly want to be?

Areas to get clear on when writing down your ideal life

Here are some questions that will help you get clear on where you want your life to be:

1. What would be my ideal job or business to work in?

2. What are the traits of my ideal partner?

3. Where would I live and who would I live with?

4. How much money do I have?

5. Do I have a family if so how is life for them?

6. What would I do with my leisure time?

7. What is my body and health like?

8. How happy and fulfilling is my life?

9. What do I contribute to others?

10. What new skills or knowledge do I have?

11. Do I go travelling, if so where?

12. What else do I have in my life that creates an outstanding quality of life?

You can ask yourself more questions as these are just a few examples, the more detailed and clear on where you want to head towards the better.

Methods for helping deal with challenging situations

When faced with situations such as financial difficulties, ill health or whatever the situation is. This can make applying the concepts mentioned above very difficult.

Especially forgetting the situation and not placing a lot of importance onto it. This is much easier if you deeply believe in a higher power that will help if you intend for it to do so.

However, if you don't truly believe and can't help but feel worried, anxious or fearful about a situation.

Here is a technique that can help you become more consciously aware of the root of the fear. If you apply this deeply and for long enough you will notice a pattern.

Of where all fears stem from and they are all related to the ego.

How to become aware of the root of your fear

This may sound ludicrous as you may be thinking I know the cause it's having a lack of finances.

Keep asking yourself this question and find out for yourself the power behind it.

"What is the worst case scenario that can happen as a result of what I'm concerned off?"

Don't immediately stop after the first answer that comes to mind then continue asking yourself.

"What will be the result of that scenario mean or have on my life?"

Then keep repeatedly asking that question based on your answer until you'll know what the root cause is.

At this point, it isn't a guarantee that you will feel completely fine but it is a very powerful technique for greatly reducing the negative impact it is having on you. 

Easy and practical techniques for manifesting

The main issue with most law of attraction techniques is that they focus mainly on the conscious mind with methods such as visualizing and affirmations.

Which can be very powerfully if done effectively as they will eventually with enough repetition enter the unconscious.

Here are some easy to apply techniques and changes that will make manifesting much easier:

1. Do visualizations first thing in the morning or immediately before going to bed.

This is because you're naturally in more of a theta state and it's easier to "place" it into your unconscious mind.

2. If you have an object you perceive as lucky or it brings you powerful positive emotions hold onto it whilst performing any manifesting technique.

This will have a more powerful effect on your vibrations and unconscious.

3. Place sticky notes in areas you'll see on a consistent basis but ideally where you won't notice what it says unless you make an effort to look at it.

By passing it and not consciously noticing the message it will be picked up by your unconscious.

This is another reason for being cautious of what is in your environment.

4. Listen to subliminal audios, this is pretty self explanatory but can be a time effective method that can be listened to whilst meditating.

5. Practice intending for unimportant items or circumstances. As previously mentioned this is much easier to manifest and will increase your confidence going for much bigger items and events.

6. In a deep meditative state when focusing on an undesired aspect of your life really focus on how disempowering it makes you feel.

Then focus on what it would feel like to have the situation changed into what you're wanting or resolved.

Once you feel that sensation then picture you're several years into the future looking back at how you had the challenging situation

And how great it feels that it was resolved and how your life has been positively impacted because of it.


We've gone through a long journey together all the way from what can stop us from manifesting and making situations worse.

All the way to how to practically start moving towards the life you want. A lot of concepts covered maybe new as they're not often discussed.

So I recommend looking back over areas that most resonated with you and which you feel intuitively will be the most useful.

You're unlikely to notice any major changes in most of the areas discussed overnight. With some it is likely but not for others such as increasing your belief in a higher power.

You will eventually look back in amazement at the progress you've made, especially if you keep a journal to reflect back on with your thoughts and feelings at that time.

By making it this far I know you're someone who is committed to creating positive changes in their life.

And by that, if you haven't done so already you should believe in yourself and your divine right and power as a co-creator.

I'd love to hear which aspect resonated with you the most and what your deepest insight you've learned or going to apply is.

Let me know in the comment section below.

You're more powerful than you realize.