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Mistakes that Sabotage Your Manifestation Techniques

How many manifesting techniques do you keep trying to only see little to very inconsistent results?

On Wikipedia a definition for a technique is "A procedure to complete a task".

In this context, it means a procedure to manifest the desired result. In order for any technique to be effective it has to be based on principles.

By understanding principles, you will know why certain techniques have worked for you whilst others haven't.

Techniques are not required to manifest anything as you're always manifesting whether you're consciously aware of it or not.

Here are 5 practical steps with the reasons why if followed will improve the results you manifest from any technique you use also containing common mistakes that could be sabotaging your manifestation attempts.

With a simple and powerful technique that can be used at the end.

Step 1: Create space for the result to come in

Everything we manifest is a result of what is coming in and projected out of the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is not directly accessible by the conscious mind.

If you're wanting to learn about this and how to apply it to manifesting in more detail I recommend that you read Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.

You must become aware of your surroundings in order to effectively start manifesting as your external circumstances are a reflection of your internal.

And your external circumstances will influence you internally, mainly the unconscious as the unconscious mind is always detecting everything in our environment.

The unconscious is influenced by symbols and emotions, by applying the following changes to your environment it will symbolize new space for better things to come.

- Tidy your house, and clean your windows. I know this doesn't sound very "spiritual" or metaphysical.

However, the power comes from influencing the unconscious mind not the conscious which has an association of being more abundant and having improved health.

- Remove unwanted items from your house, this again tells the unconscious you're creating space for new circumstances to come into your life. As this will symbolically represent space for new situations to come. 

Step 2: Clear negative energy

Before following any techniques you want to remove negative energy and anything in the room you're performing it in that will reduce the high vibration you're wanting to send out.

You can this by the following:

- Visualize a large swirling circle of energy on the floor that goes directly down into the earth that grounds the room and absorbs any negative energy.

- Whilst standing with your feet shoulder width apart stand and visualize a bright white energy coming from above you down through your pelvis.

That stops just below your feet which forms a semi-circle that is a few inches wider than your body that starts to travel upwards that goes only to around ankle level.

- Then visualize a bright light coming from below you that travels upwards going the opposite direction of the previous beam of light.

That comes out of the top of your head which creates a semi-circle of energy above you. 

Then visualize a beam of energy coming from above and below at the same time that crosses paths midway that then stops where your heart is.

- Begin to focus on the area of your heart and focus on something that gives you strong sensations of love or gratitude.

Once you have this sensation, visualize two beams of energy come out from the top of your head and bottom of your torso that go into the semi-circles of energy that now explode.

From below and above you to form a full sphere of energy all around you.

- Visualize this sphere of energy around you to expand to the size of the room you're in focusing on the strong emotions of love you felt previously.

- Focus on this sphere of energy now covering the entire room becoming brighter and focus on how it will keep you safe and keep out any unwanted or negative energy.

This also "activates" your torus.

Step 3: Get into a trance like state

Being in a trance like state makes it much easier to get the conscious mind out of the way and to place what you're intending into your unconscious.

Two natural times this is easier to do is when you get up and just before you go to bed as you're naturally in a theta brainwave state.

- You can transition into this state naturally by doing a simple breathing meditation focusing on both the inhale and exhale.

Do this whilst seated with your hands side by side with your palms facing upwards forming a semi-circle.

As you're inhaling visualize you're inhaling vibrant white energy that you then exhale into your hands.

Focusing on the energy turning into a sphere of energy in your hands that expands the more you exhale into it.

- Repeat this for as long as necessary until you're in deep trance like state and feel the energy in your hands.

Step 4: Focus your intention in the energy

- Visualize and place your focus into the energy of what you're wanting to manifest.

- Do this as if you were looking back at your desire as if it had already manifested and you're grateful for its manifestation.

- As soon as you feel this within the sphere of energy at the peak of it already being yours. Send the sphere of energy out into the universe trusting it will eventually return back to you.

Step 5: Find other activities to focus on whilst waiting until you repeat this technique

With most techniques I usually recommend that once it has been performed you want to completely forget about it as it keeps it out of the conscious mind.

Whilst something is in your conscious mind it is no longer unconscious causing it to no longer being "worked on" by the unconscious.

However, with this particular technique it can be repeated on a daily basis until it has manifested or ideally for a few weeks.

Or until you feel without even performing the technique that it is yours and then ideally move onto something else.

- Plan activities in advance you can do immediately after performing the technique that will take your mind away from it.

Bonus Tips For improving the results for most manifestation techniques

Hand holding earth representing manifestation technique

Here are some additional tips that can be applied to almost any other technique as well as the one described above:

Steps 1-3 can be applied prior to any manifestation techniques other than those with strict precise steps to improve the techniques results. And step 5 being good practice to do at the end of ANY manifestation technique.

- Practice intending to manifest things that you don't care for but are unusual enough so when they do manifest you know it wasn't just a coincidence.

This is because the results we will receive through any manifestation technique the majority of the time will come via means that seem "normal" or logical and not by some random miracle.

By doing this you will become more aware of how you're influencing your own reality.

- Avoid talking to other people about what you're trying to manifest. As someone else focusing on it can sabotage and stop it from coming to you.

- Do everything you can in the physical to allow for more opportunities and chances for your intention to manifest.

You can't expect to manifest a lottery win if you don't even buy a ticket.

- Plan what you will do if it doesn't manifest, as placing a lot of importance on something to manifest sends out a vibration of being out of alignment which pushes it further away.

You will also notice you obstacles appear that causes it to be even harder to manifest as the universe strives to constantly be in balance.

And constantly hoping for something to manifest creates an imbalance of energy rather than being in a clear alignment.

- If you're wanting a technique specifically designed for manifesting money try the technique from Manifesting Money In 6 Steps That Actually Work.


We have covered how there are principles behind techniques that must be followed in order for them to work.

Then covered steps that can be applied practically to make most techniques work better including a technique that focuses energy on a specific intention.

Create space for and an environment that supports the desired manifestation. Get into trance like states when performing techniques.

Remember it is the unconscious mind not the conscious that has the power to manifest.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.