The Moons Spiritual Meanings

The moon has many spiritual meanings ranging from the phase that it's in, and it has many symbolic meanings such as the subconscious mind, the different cyclical nature of the universe, divine feminine, and the state of consciousness on earth.

If you’d like to learn more about the spiritual meanings of the different moon phases including how the moon phases can be used to create changes in your life and what the moon symbolizes continue reading.

The spiritual meaning for Moon phases

Our universe is cyclical and the as the moon phases change the rhythms of energy and types of changes we can more easily manifest.

Just like the changing of seasons.

Understanding what the different phases of the moon mean will help you to know at what times creating different changes will be flowing with the universe.

Without knowing this you could be trying to create changes that are against the natural rhythms of the universe, making it much harder.

Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

The full moon is a time when it will have an intense impact on the earth's tides including your emotions.

It is an ideal time to reflect on how you truly feel and what you want in your life and being grateful for what you already have.

Making it easier to know what direction to go in and feel what energies might be blocking your path.

This can also be used to heighten your emotions during any spiritual practice including any form of manifestation technique making it more powerful.

This phase, however, can make people much more emotionally reactive and more likely to become emotionally overwhelmed.

Which might make the new moon a phase that suits you more for self reflection.

New Moon Spiritual Meaning

A new moon is the feminine and darkest phase which represents self-reflecting and the subconscious mind.

This is an ideal time to connect with the deeper parts of yourself and to read energy.

This is also a great time for meditation, and walking in nature to further strengthen your connection with your subconscious mind.

A new moon also represents new beginnings and releasing of the old.

During the new moon look within and start something new if you want to make big changes in your life.

Waxing Moon Spiritual Meaning

The waxing moon is a time for change, taking action, or attracting something into your life. This isn’t a time to push away the unwanted but to attract what’s desired.

This moon phase will elevate your levels of energy which means it’s time to take charge and move towards what you truly want.

This is an ideal time to use spirit guide prayers for assistance with manifesting your desires.
This is also a great time to get into exercise which will also help if you struggle to deal with the increased energy during this time.

It’s also worth preparing for this phase of the moon and getting clear on what you want ideally during a new moon.

However, at any time knowing how to contact your spirit guides will help to uncover what you want.

Waning Moon Spiritual Meaning

A waning moon is the best phase for letting go and energetically sending away the unwanted.

Unlike a waxing moon which is ideal for attracting what you desire, a waning moon is the time for removing unwanted energies, circumstances, and people.

If there’s a circumstance or person that is consistently or for a long period of time been causing you problems and you want to remove it.

This is the time through your intentions and rituals to send these problems both physically and energetically out of your life.

Moon symbolism and meaning

The moon also has more meanings through what it symbolizes including:

1. Subconscious mind

The sun symbolizes the light of consciousness and the conscious part of the mind, the moon represents the subconscious and what is in the darkness.

2. femininity

The moon also symbolizes femininity and female energy, again the sun is the opposite representing masculinity and male energy.

3. Emotions

The moon is often used to symbolize emotions as its believed the moon affects our emotions just like the tides.

4. Yin

The sun symbolizes yang and the moon Yin, This doesn’t mean the moon represents “bad” or “evil” but rather the polar opposites what would be considered the “good”.

The yin and yang symbolize balancing the two polar opposite poles in reality.

5. Lacking wisdom or knowledge

The moon symbolizes darkness including lacking wisdom or knowledge especially spiritual wisdom and knowledge of the true nature of reality.

6. What the moon represents in love

When it comes to love the moon represents a beautiful waiting and emerging of love and one half of the unity of the masculine and feminine coming together.

And regardless of any separation they always come back together with their love growing stronger.

Making the most of the moon phase

Now you know if you didn’t already that different phases of the moon are more suited for manifesting different types of change.

This can be boosted with the assistance of your spirit guides, and if you’d like to know more about how your guides can help I recommend this powerful technique for connecting with your guides.

With love