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Morning Affirmations That Set You Free From Limiting Beliefs By Using 3 Simple Steps

Did you know your morning routine could be holding you back and sabotaging you from reaching your vision of success?

This is what it was like for me…

Setting my goals, having a vision, get into bed….then I’d wake up..…

Wake up to a reality of feeling less inspired listening to the alarm 6 am screaming in my ear, and thinking to myself “what’s the point anyway, for every 1 step forward, I’d end up 10 steps back from reaching my true goals…”

This feeling uninspired me, it felt like a force holding me back, leaving me with the resistance of trying to push through the day…the reality is, my day felt like pushing a broken car uphill with the handbrake on!

This left my vision shattered every morning…

My vision was to have abundance so that I could have the freedom to be around my loved ones.
That was my vision of what I would call my success.

What does your vision of success look like for you?

Well…Whatever your vision of success looks like for you, whether it’s to attain an abundance of wealth, love, relationships or even family, you deserve to have all of this and more!

You see, It’s not your fault that you have limiting beliefs that hold you back, because if you think about it…

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What has your subconscious been through in your past?

I’m guessing if you’re like me your subconscious has never been taught how to love unconditionally without restraint, make an abundance of money, set goals or targets, or even shown how to raise a family, and that’s what you are left with…

So, its no wonder why limiting beliefs are laying so dormant like dirt and dust left under a cupboard for many years to continue to build up and wreak havoc on your floor!

This was the path of my journey until I finally stumbled on the difference between what the successful do vs the unsuccessful.

The successful design their life to be empowered every morning by reprogramming their subconscious using affirmations to break past old limiting beliefs that inspire to move them forward.

You can also break away the subconscious limitations that will save you from feeling doubt, uninspired and flat.
You will gain a whole new lease of life, it will feel like you’re reborn again and give you back control of your life.

This will position your life to accomplish your vision of success, and If this is what you’re looking for I suggest you read on as you will discover how to align your subconscious every morning using these 3 techniques to get you eliminating those blocked subconscious beliefs.

How morning affirmations can be used to create new beliefs

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An affirmation is “The action or process of affirming something.” In the context we’re wanting to use them for is to affirm what we want to believe.

You might askHow can I affirm something I don’t believe in by using affirmations?

To answer this question you need to become aware of what creates a belief in the first place.“A belief is a feeling of certainty about something“

Taken from a book I highly recommend called Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins If someone believes that they’re a good driver, this is basically saying that they feeling certain that they’re good at driving.

What creates a belief?

A belief consists of reference points, linked associations whether we’re consciously or subconsciously aware that make us feel certain that the belief is true.

A great analogy for turning an idea into a belief is to think of a new idea as a table with no legs. By table legs representing references that cause us to feel certain about the idea.

If someone wanted to form the belief that they’re good at their job but didn’t feel very certain. They could look for references that support the idea such as someone at work praising how good their work is.

Other references could be found from how their boss is impressed by their work or by being impressed with themselves.

The more references found the more table legs are supporting the table (new idea) the stronger new belief will become.

Do references have to be true or accurate in order to form a new belief?

No, as they’re based on our own perspective of events and usually based on past memories that have been further distorted.

Our brains can’t tell the difference between something that we vividly imagine and something that we actually experience.

Through repetition backed up by emotional intensity our nervous system can experience an event that hasn’t actually happened as real.

Which can be used consciously to create the references to new beliefs we want which will relate to step 1 that will be covered later. But if we’re not careful can form disempowering beliefs.

How using affirmations can create new beliefs of our choosing

Affirmations when done effectively will create a very strong emotional experience to a new association around the phrase being affirmed.

Which to the nervous system through enough repetition will feel like a real experience which will create references to back up the statement which will eventually lead to that feeling of certainty.

Around the affirmed phrase. Causing it to go from being an idea or an affirmation to a belief.

How to get the most from your morning affirmations

woman surrounded by circle of morning affirmations

The most important factor behind whether an affirmation will cause you to affirm and feel certain about a new idea is the emotional intensity created behind it.

The emotions we feel at any given moment are controlled and can be described by the state that we’re in.

I’m sure you can think of a time when someone walked into the room and did nothing wrong but you just snapped at them because you were in a negative state.

With the opposite being true even when presented with what you would normally perceive as challenging situations but still felt great about it because you were in a good state.

3 Steps to aligning your state and creating effective affirmations

Simply saying a phrase by itself has very little impact on our beliefs or state. The stronger the emotional intensity behind an affirmation the stronger the effect.

Being in a great state makes this much easier to do, and by applying the following 3 steps you will naturally put yourself into a peak state.

Step 1 – Focus on the statement behind the affirmation as if you were experiencing it right now

As mentioned earlier the brain can’t tell the difference between something that we vividly imagine or focus on and actually experience.

As you’re saying any affirmation make sure that you’re focusing on how you would feel as if you were either experiencing the event you want to attract.

Or if you already were the version of yourself that is aligned and truly believed in the affirmation you’re phrasing.

The more vividly you focus on the sensation as if it was already real or you were the version of yourself the greater the impact the affirmation will have.

Step 2 – Get your body involved within the affirmation

Studies show that our physiology affects our biochemistry and by holding what is called power poses that it literally affects how we feel as it affects our biochemistry.

You don’t have to stand in a power pose to get the same effect with your affirmations, by moving and getting your face and the more of your body involved behind the affirmation the better.

If you said an affirmation such as “I’m so happy and grateful right now” you want to embody that statement as much as possible.

Use facial expressions that express happiness and move your body as if you’re extremely happy and grateful and this will have a much greater impact on the affirmations you’re saying.

Step 3 – Use strong emotional tonality

Not as powerful as the previous 2 steps however this is still a very powerful step to getting the most from your affirmations.

By shouting an affirmation with absolute certainty will have a much greater effect on both your state and the impact the affirmation has.

In comparison to whispering it, with that said depending on your surroundings and living condition you may not have the luxury of shouting your affirmations.

You can intensely in a low tone say any chosen affirmation but with a sense of certainty. By also applying the previous 2 steps with precise focus and getting your body involved.

You will still create a much greater impact using any affirmations in comparison to saying them casually without much effort and mindlessly repeating them.

Putting everything together

After you get used to applying the 3 steps you want to use them at the same time with as much intensity as possible.

The subconscious mind is impressed by dramatic acts backed by emotion which applying these 3 steps achieves whilst saying the affirmation you want to feel and turn into a belief.

The following are examples of affirmations that you can use which you can do within just 5-20 minutes depending on your personal preference.

If you exercise first thing in the morning this is a great time to do these affirmations alongside any exercise you’re doing as this naturally applies step 2 with getting your body involved.

morning affirmations

1.“I’m wide awake and I’m full of peak health and vitality and I feel vibrantly alive!”

2.“All I need is within me now!”

3.“Everyday in every way I’m feeling stronger and stronger!”

4.“Wealth comes to me easily and abundantly!”

5.“I trust and follow my intuition in guiding me to make the best decisions!”

6.“I live in beautiful peak states!"

7.“I’m full of gratitude and joy!”

8.“My life is full of excitement and adventure!”

9.“I live in beautiful and positive, passionate and excited, ecstatic and grateful peak states!”

10.“I love and respect myself!”

11.“Great experiences await me this day!”

12.“I radiate positive high vibration and uplift those I come into contact with!”

13.“I’m continuously growing and aligning with my true life's purpose!”

14.“Lifes challenges are opportunities for me to grow whilst helping direct me towards my true purpose!”

15.“I easily handle what others would consider pressure!”

16.“I’m full of self confidence and highly believe in my abilities!”

17.“I’m a powerful creator and create the life I want whilst flowing with life!”

18.“I attract the best circumstances that easily guide me to my desired destination!”

19.“All of the joy I need is within me now!”

20.“All of the excitement I need is within me now!”

21.“All of the love I need is within me now!”

22.“I am so grateful for X!

23.“I deserve great wealth!”

24.“The more money I have the more my life will improve and the more I can help others!”

25.“Money is a beautiful energetic representation of value which I use to give for the great experiences I have in my life!"


- An affirmation is the act of affirming something to then turn it into a belief.

- Beliefs are feelings of certainty that something is true or real.

- Something vividly imagined will be experienced as real by the brain and nervous system.

- Movement changes our biochemistry and can be used to make affirmations more powerful.

- Using a strong tonality will also increase the power of your affirmations.

- Morning affirmations can be done from just 5-20 minutes or longer if you prefer with exercise.

If you’ve made it this far I want to congratulate you on taking steps towards creating the life that you want.

Make sure that you try these affirmations for yourself as you need to feel and experience them in order to feel inspired to create the habit.

You will then experience you have much more control over your beliefs, actions and life than we’re initially taught to believe.

If you want a boost to your morning affirmations to unblock subconscious beliefs click here for a MP3 Subconscious Unblocking MP3 that will make your affirmations even more powerful by aligning your subconscious

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.

  • Kai says:

    Can you listen to affirmations or dose it have to be done personally

    • Adam Higson says:

      Hi Kai you can listen to affirmations especially subliminal and receive benefits conveniently whilst doing other activities. However, the most effective way of using affirmations I have personally found is through doing them yourself. Because by following the steps mentioned within the article it gets your whole physiology behind it which will have a powerful impact on your state during the affirmations.

      Which is what gives the affirmations the impact that can create new beliefs, hence making it more beneficial. A shorter answer is you can listen to affirmations but for best results I recommend following the steps within the article and doing them yourself I hope that helps.


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