Communicate With Nature Spirits In Five Simple Steps

Have you ever looked at nature and gazed at its beauty and power…

And as your emotions filled you, have you ever wondered if…

Nature was trying to communicate with you?

Well, did you know there is an energetic and spiritual dimension of our planet that can assist you…

Such as helping to reduce fear and anxiety, wash away trapped feelings from the emotional body, ignite passion, and much more.

This is from the help from earths nature spirits.

And if you'd like to know what nature spirits are, how to communicate with them and what elemental is right for you, continue reading.

What are nature spirits

Nature spirits, are high elemental beings that are in the etheric realm that are also known as elementals, made up of either earth, fire, water and air.

That are also very closely linked to, and the serving of nature.

And out of all of the spiritual guides are the first guides you're likely to encounter...

This is because they are so closely linked to the earth and physical realm.

They are also very powerful for invoking nature’s highest frequencies which will bring both mental and physical balance, whilst grounding and raising your energy to a whole new level, which is also powerful for keeping you safe and protected.

What are nature spirits called

Nature spirits are also called elementals and can come under many different names depending on the type of nature spirit...

Such as gnomes (Earth elementals), sylphs( air elementals), sylphs(water elementals) salamanders(fire elementals) and additional names depending on the source.

There are also different variations of the elementals with different names including:

Earth spirits: devas, gnomes, fairies, or elves.

Water spirits: Can also be known as Undines, naiads, sea nymphs, or sprites.

Air spirits: Air devas, sylphs, or zephyrs.

Fire spirits: Salamanders.

How to see and communicate with nature spirits

There are many different methods for being able to communicate and being able to see nature spirits.

The following steps I have found one of the easiest, whilst making sure you’re reaching out to them for the right reasons.

Step 1 choosing the right nature spirit for you

The first step is to choose the correct type of elemental to work with depending on your goals and needs.

Earth spirits:

  • Will help you become reconnect with the earth and becoming grounded.
  • Create feelings of safer and being secure.
  • Bring you out of your head and into your body.
  • Great for aiding with healing the root chakra.
  • Can help reduce fear and anxiety.
  • Will help you feel more at one with nature, helping you communicate with animals, and to work with different energies.

Water spirits:

  • Are great for cleansing trapped negative feelings from your emotional body.
  • Assist with emotional healing.
  • Help with opening your heart.
  • Help with increasing self-love and forgiveness.

Air spirits:

  • Helps with creativity.
  • Letting go of the past.
  • Inspiration to take on new beliefs.
  • Help with giving speeches,
  • Are the gatekeepers of telepathy and can help you connect with other spirits.

Fire spirits:

  • Create feelings of passion.
  • Can create feelings of being youthful.
  • Bursts of motivation and increase willingness to take action.
  • Increase energy levels.

Step 2 Preparing yourself for connecting

Before moving onto the 3rd step and directly connecting with the nature spirits, do the following to open yourself up spiritually for a deeper more rewarding experience.

1. Get clear on your intention and what you want to communicate with them for.

2. Take several big deep breaths in through your nose, and exhale out through your mouth.

3. (optional) Call out to your guardian angel to keep you safe and to assist with evoking the nature spirits.

4. Close your eyes and see in your mind's eye the element that relates to the elemental you want to connect with.

A gentle campfire in front of you or the wind blowing through some rocky mountains.

5. Let go of any expectations and be respectful to whatever spirits come to you.

Step 3 Connect with the nature spirit

There are multiple ways of connecting with each type of nature spirit, however, what I’m about to share here are very quick and easy methods.

Connecting to earth spirits:
Going outside and being with nature, if you feel comfortable talk to the flowers and trees. Hugging a tree is also a surprisingly powerful and therapeutic way of bonding with the earth spirits.

Or by just simply sitting with nature and becoming aware of the vibes and aliveness around you will also connect you with the earth spirits.

Connecting to water spirits:
Whenever you interact with water whether from having a shower, bathing, drinking, or swimming you’re opening a connection to the water spirits.

Thank water whenever it is helping you whether it's from hydrating you when you drink, or by cleansing your when you wash yourself or something else.

Appreciate their healing power and see in your minds eye stagnant negative energies being washed away.

Connecting to air spirits:
Take big deep breaths in and before every exhale think within your mind what you want assistance from the air spirits for, then deeply exhale seeing it go out far into the sky.

To make this more powerful, make your exhalations vibrate, I like to chant ommmm as I do this.

Connecting to fire spirits:
Make sure you’re always safe and cautious when working with elementals especially fire, as they can fuel whatever element you’re interacting with.

A safe approach but always practice fire safety is by lighting incense, burning candles, or at a fireplace.

Ask out loud and feel your words going into the flame whilst asking what you want assistance with.

Step 4 Show your appreciation

In your day to day life showing appreciation towards any aspect of nature, whether it’s the oceans, the trees, or any part of the environment.

Will make the nature spirits want to help you in any way they can, especially if you ask for their assistance and take care of nature.

Step 5 Enjoy the nature spirits

In your day to day life showing appreciation towards any aspect of nature, whether it’s the oceans, the trees, or any part of the environment.

Will make the nature spirits want to help you in any way they can, especially if you ask for their assistance whilst caring for nature.

You can do this with simple acts such as recycling, avoiding throwing trash into any rivers, and anything else that helps mother nature.

Moving forward with the nature spirits

Nature spirits are connected to the elements all around you, and you can call upon their assistance whenever you need it.

And knowing what your spirit guides are trying to tell you makes this easier.

With Love