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One Easy Way To Prayer To The Universe For Manifestation

Did you know using any form of prayer can make situations worse or push what you’re wanting further away?

By applying this one simple way of praying that I’m going to be sharing in this article and how being aware of common mistakes you’ll see a drastic improvement with results you’re wanting from prayer rather than risking making circumstances worse.

What you must become aware of when doing a prayer to the universe

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The most important principle is to become aware of how we’re not separated from the universe, God, your higher self, spirit guides or whatever you believe in.

Most people when they pray are begging for help from a source outside of themselves which actually puts them in alignment with the undesired circumstances they want to avoid.

The universe, our creator as an easier term to use is omnipresent meaning the creator is everywhere within everything. By asking for help far away from yourself it can make it take a long time to come back to you.

The universal forces you’re praying to help you are within you.

Start directing your prayers from within rather than just outwards

The universal forces that can create and attract change are also within as well as outside of us because the creator is omnipresent.

The primary outcome from a prayer should be to conjure the feeling or belief that what you’re praying for has already happened.

Prayer should be used to request or place an intention into your subconscious mind unless you’re working with a specific spirit or spirits.

The universe gives you what you are not what you want.

There are no degrees of separation between you and the universe

The illusion of how we perceive everything to be separate is due to how our five senses perceive our reality.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This causes our perceptions and view of reality to feel separated it can be stated that physically there is space between everything.

However the omnipresence of the creator is within and connects everything together, everything spirituality is connected.

This is another reason why you want to focus on your prayers from within rather than focusing on sending it outward, as even the act in setting an intention outward works by how it affects us internally.

How our vibrations can affect people globally

You may have had experiences yourself that someone you haven’t been in contact with for years suddenly decides to ring you or that you bump into them at a random occasion.

Or you have an intuitive feeling someone close to you who lives on the other side of the planet is dying or has died and you later find out your intuition was correct.

This is because even though we appear to be physically separated we’re all connected spiritually.

Everything has a consciousness which affects your consciousness and likewise your state of consciousness affects what you attract.

The same forces that govern the universe also govern us

The same forces behind what control planets, galaxies, the universe even our atoms are the same universal forces.

Even though there are physical laws in our physical universe there is also spirit behind these physical laws, science and spiritual seeking are two aspects of the same creation process.

But due to various dogmas has caused them to be viewed as two completely different views or philosophies.

With some views of spiritual/religious teachings can explain what modern day science cannot and likewise science can explain how the world works were as spiritual teachings cannot.

When in fact there are many teachings were they work in unison and explain each other.

How to prayer to the universe

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Now that we have covered some theory behind why you want to focus on prayer to align yourself with the desired result rather than begging a force outside of yourself.

It is now worth becoming more aware of how to practically apply these concepts, just before I go into that and go through a very easy to apply technique I want to cover some areas you can use it for you may not have considered.

What can you pray for when asking the universe?

I’m not going to say you can prayer for anything and everything as I don’t truly know what is or isn’t possible. What I will say is I know of many very beneficial uses of the following technique I’m about to share.

The beneficial uses of this technique are:

1. You can receive an insight into a problem you’ve been facing or a creative solution such as business name.

2. Ask for signs to whether something you’re considering is in your best interest or what decision you should make.

3. Can be used generally to help attract and manifest what you’re intending.

Simple but powerful technique to prayer to the universe

Either sitting or kneeling with your fingers clasped together like you’re praying.

If you want to attract a specific result or answer you can do this by either:

- Focusing and creating the feeling of it already coming to pass, if you believe you’re communicating with a greater intelligence send out the feeling of how’d you feel with the result already being manifested towards it.

Whatever you believe in is where the power behind this technique comes from, so go with what resonates and feels true to you.

- Ask and meditate on a question such as how can I get X or resolve X. With X representing anything you want to achieve or resolve.

Then meditate on the feelings of already having the answer and feeling certain that you know what to do. Once you have created this sensation you want to remove the question out of your mind.

As the answer will come to you when you least expect it such as when you’re in the shower or you will attract some synchronicity that presents the answer to you.


And that’s it; it’s extremely simple this is why I covered so much theory prior as in order for it to work you need to become aware of how any form of prayer can be used effectively.

If you just went straight into doing this technique without the prior understanding you might send out vibrations outwards of begging from a place of lack and scarcity which will only in most cases bring more of the same.

When will your prayers be answered?

There are a lot of variables behind how long it will take for your prayers to be answered and that’s if they’re answered at all which will all depend on factors such as:

- How aligned were you with the desired result whilst doing the prayer?

- Are you truly praying for something that’s in your best interest or could it be out of alignment with your true life’s purpose?

- I don’t often like using the world realistic as everyone has their own perspective on what is realistic which can cause limitations.

However it is worth noting it is much more useful to intend for something much closer to your current circumstances and possibilities then something that might be potentially years away.


If you’re wanting to become a famous Doctor that is known for curing people that were said to have been incurable but have had no prior medical training.

Rather than praying to be that famous doctor you’ll get much better results by praying to help discover which is the best medical school for you to go to.

Or what skills or talents you should work on and developing based on where you’re right now.

If you want to know some examples of instant manifestations I recommend reading Shocking Stories Reveal How Instant Manifestation works.

If you want to know how to manifest in much more detail I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.


A lot has been covered from miss conceptions around how to effectively use prayer and the fundamental power behind it.

The main key points to take away are:

- The universal forces you’re praying to help you already lay within you.

- The creator is omnipresent in everything.

- We perceive everything as separate as we perceive reality through our five senses and how our physical reality has space between everything. Which prevents us from perceiving everything is connected by spirit.

- The universe doesn’t give you what you want, the universe gives you what you are.

- When praying to the universe focus on creating the sensations of the result you’re wanting as if it has already happened.

- Pray towards whatever you believe in as the power behind the prayer itself is your belief.

- Pray for results close to your current circumstances rather than praying for something that may happen years in the future.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.