Positive Energy Cleanse Deep Healing Binaural

Everything vibrates at different frequencies including sound which can be healing or negative.

432hz promotes harmonic relaxation and will help soothe your body of tight, distorted negative energies.

It also promotes inner peace which will raise positive energy and clarity.

432hz also helps in releasing negative energy blocks and toxins while aligning your mind and body with nature.

Experience the healing power of a 432hz positive energy cleanse yourself:

Boost positive energy in 3 steps

Use the following 3 steps to get the most from the 432hz energy cleanse.

Step 1: Prepare your space

Think of this session like a mini spa but for your energy body rather than your physical body.

Prepare your space by removing any distractions.

Including work, or anything that may distract you during the cleanse, slightly dim the lights and get the temperature comfortable.

Step 2: Set A time and relax

Set aside sometime when you won’t or at least far less likely to be disturbed during the session.

Get into a comfortable position and allow yourself to relax and let go.

Step 3: Set your intention

To get even more from the session spend a few moments to ask yourself and get clear, on what you want the most from the session.

Do you want to clear energy blocks?

Feel more at peace?

Mental clarity?

Whatever it is get clear on it and say out loud or within your mind what you want from the session.

After completing the session if you want to energy healing to the next level I recommend checking out how the healing power of love which is the easiest way to heal at the deepest level.

With love

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