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With love

  • Shirley Frohning says:

    Thank you,
    I never saw this growing change in me that’s happening, has been happening, I’m experiencing. I believed in a all in one God when growing up. I am and have always been exceptionally open minded and accepting. But I ended up joining a Christian church. I just believed what I was feeling as truth, hook line and sinker. I sincerely whole heartedly followed the Bible. But when my beautiful daughter chose to follow the Mormon faith, the Bible reads she will be sent to HELL I could not love, follow such anymore. I was left feeling nieve and without anything to pray to. I’ve been searching for something to put my faith in for a long time and I can’t quite see it as the universe. I do feel it’s all in myself. But believing in the universe is strange. I’m lost.

    • Rick Khan says:

      Hey Shirley,

      Thanks for sharing appreciate your comment 🙏

      You’re not alone with this…

      Because this is a common challenge many people face when religious teachings no longer resonating.

      It can feel very lonely and confusing when you’ve been following religion for so long, to all of a sudden search for a whole new teaching.

      Most feel lost without anything to pray to.

      But here’s the thing…

      The answer is always go to your heart and see what your spirit and heart feels is the right decision to make.

      And for you finding the universe is something you’re getting close to.

      But at the same time, it makes sense that praying to the “universe” may not quite seem to be what you expect.

      However quite frankly, the universe is just one word or view for what people label as the one creator.

      You don’t have to follow a specific teaching to believe in God or to prefer the term God for what you believe to be the creator.

      With love

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