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Raise Your Vibration To Unblock Your Success

Do you ever find it difficult to stay persistent with what you’re wanting in life or that your circumstances just keep getting worse?

This is how I felt and worst of all I had come across very powerful teachings on how I could make my life better.
But due to having such low energy levels I couldn’t effectively apply them so I couldn’t even put them to practice.

I then very fortunately stumbled upon what I was missing on how to raise my energy levels and vibrations that not only gave me the energy to start applying what I had learnt and moving towards my goals.

It also made me enjoy the process and improved circumstances seem to be continuously attracted out of nowhere.

In this article I’m going to share what teachings specifically created these powerful changes for me and how to apply them.

Changing your state to raise your vibration

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Our vibrations are affected by a large variety of factors, just before going into how to raise your vibration. It is worth addressing some key points to why it’s worth having a high vibration in the first place.

There are many more than what I will describe here but the main 3 I think are most worth noting are:

1. Your vibrations are a sign of the state you’re in. The state we’re in greatly influences how we feel, our behaviour and what actions we will take in the first place.

2. You will attract circumstances based on the vibrations you’re sending out whilst also taking part in any activity in a peak emotional state will change your subconscious associations to it.

3. Having an excess of high vibrational energy will also raise and positively impact those around you and who you interact with.

With that said I want to start off with what I have personally found the most effective way for Rapidly raising vibrations.

how to manage your state

This first point may not sound very metaphysical or isn’t as often spoken about when it comes to raising vibration.

For me personally and I definitely can’t claim I have tried every technique or method for raising vibration as I certainly haven’t.

But this for me has had the biggest impact taking me from long periods of depression, apathy and lacking the energy and drive to even getting out of bed.

To joyful and inspired states looking forward to what I am doing in my day and feeling much more energized.

How powerful is knowing how to manage your state?

Our emotions are a sign of what vibrations we’re sending out, and our emotions are based on the meaning we attach to our experiences.

By state I mean how you’re feeling in any given moment. If you’re in a lousy negative state you’re more likely to snap at people who have done nothing wrong.

The opposite being you might be in a beautiful peak state which makes you feel joyful even when having to take on challenges that would normally ruin your day.

This concept I had learned from Tony Robbins which he uses a model called the triad to simplify it. Just before I go into what the Triad is I want to ask you.

what do you think affects you the most when it comes to how you feel and what actions you’ll take moment to moment, is it your beliefs or the state that you’re in?

I’m assuming the majority of you will have answered beliefs when it’s actually our state that influences what beliefs we will focus on as we have conflicting beliefs.


You may have the belief “He or she who hesitates is lost” and a conflicting belief of “Look before you leap”. Depending on what state you’re in will determine which belief you will gravitate towards.

By learning how to control your state you will know how to change your thoughts, vibrations and the actions that you take.

The triad which consists of 3 key areas that have a huge impact on what meaning we attach are:

1. Physiology – By physiology this means how you’re using your body, for example are you sitting upright with a huge grin on your face.

Or are you slouched forward with a sad expression on your face. Studies have shown that by holding what are called “power poses” it will literally affect your biochemistry including raising hormones.

Such as testosterone that will make you feel more confident and powerful. By changing how you move habitually in ways that replicate how you want to feel.

You will start to feel like it which can take you from a disempowered to an empowering state. Which will cause your vibration to rise.

Your physical health is also part of your physiology for example if you eat something that greatly raises your blood sugar level this will affect how you feel.

2. Focus – We experience whatever we focus on and the meaning we attach to it whether it’s real or not.

Focusing on a challenging experience

Before continuing to read any further think of a time that made you feel really angry or upset or something that has caused you a lot of stress.

Focus on why it caused you to feel the way you did.

Come on do this just for a moment I know it feels uncomfortable it’s going to lead an empowering result.

If you focused on the experience intently enough I know right now you’re likely not feeling very good which is the total opposite of the point of this article and thinking Adam! I came here to raise my vibration not to lower it!

We're getting there don't worry I want to show you how you can take back control of your own emotions.

Focusing on a positive experience

Now sit upright and shake your body out, and take some big deep breaths in. Now think back to one of the happiest moments of your life Whether it was funny, romantic or something that you felt very proud of.

Focus on what it was about that experience that made you feel the way that it did and focus on reliving the experience like it is happening right now.

Who was there during this experience, what were they doing during this experience and how were they acting.

If you recreated this experience with enough focus and colour I know without even being able to ask you that this has just changed how you feel.

3. Language – As soon as we put words to an experience it changes the experience. Especially when it comes to the words that we say to ourselves.

If someone was to describe a task at work as rotten and inhumane this is going to have a much more powerful impact than it being described as simply challenging.

The impact our words have are also influenced by the tonality we use whilst saying them.

Think back to a time when you were describing something that you’re either excited or passionate about. And your tonality and use of language will have likely been very loud and expressive.

Putting the triad together into practical use

By changing just one aspect of the triad you’ll change how you feel. By changing all three you’ll feel completely different.

We have habitual patterns of how we use our physiology, what we focus on and how we use language.

If you want to make it a habit of being in a high vibration create the habit of forming the triad, the version of yourself that you want to be that already has a high vibration.

You can do this by:

Writing down what the ultimate version of yourself, that is who you want to become that has a high vibration.

Then break the ultimate version of yourself down into the 3 parts of the triad. Such as how would that high vibration version of yourself hold their posture?

What kind of facial expression do you have, how are you breathing and moving?

What does that version of yourself focus on, on a regular basis? Does that version focus on what serves or disempowers them?

What they’re grateful for or past traumatic experiences. How does that version speak, what kind of language would you be using?

Once you have made this list by making it a habit to embody the triad of this version of yourself you’ll eventually become it without having to make the effort of thinking about it.

Raise your vibration by grounding & letting go

Buddha with orange glowing energy raising your vibration

We currently live in the busiest time throughout human history with more expectations and people wanting our time.

People may expect you to be an amazing parent whilst being an amazing employee or business owner. Whilst simultaneously handling challenges friends and families are experiencing.

Having the ability to have goods that we want on demands such as food, TV series and even dating apps where we can find new partners without having to leave the house.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this but rather this can very quickly lead us to losing touch with nature and feeling a sense of peace and calm.

Which can cause us to focus on the needs of our ego which I mean by this is what is meant in eastern philosophies as the “false self”. The person that we think we are that is separate.

Which causes us to focus on all of our demands, challenges and avoiding being present to the moment causing us to lose touch with our higher self.

How to become more grounded

There are a large variety of techniques on how to become more grounded.

Here are some that I have personally found effective:

- Simply spending time in nature in an area away from technology. Just by being in nature you will feel the vibrations of the life around you raise your own vibrations.

Also the stillness of plants and trees will help silence the mind causing you to be present.

- Visualizing a root from above you coming down through the crown of your head, coming out through your pelvis and deeply into the ground.

And visualizing any feelings of stress or anxiety going down through the root into the ground.

- Creating a written list of tasks that need to be done, as keeping anything that we need to do in our heads causes us to loop it making one task feel like three which quickly leads to feeling overwhelmed.

- Spending 15 minutes per day barefoot in nature as this helps balance out energetic imbalances running through the body.

Rather than aiming to raise your vibration simply let go

“Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, you're the one who gets burned.”

-Guatama Buddha-

I personally believe we naturally live in a high vibratory state but it’s the traumas throughout our life that lowers it. Holding onto resentment, anger, guilt, disappointment,

grief or any other emotion out of the thousands of emotions that we can experience lowers our vibration. Going through difficult times is a part of life and leads us to growing.

Holding onto experiences or not being able to find a solution is a choice. I’m not saying to just simply forget about past traumatic experiences or that nothing bad happened or it’s just how you perceive it.

What I’m suggesting to try for yourself to see if anything good can come an experience you're holding onto. We’re deletion creatures and delete a lot of information around experiences that we have.

And often attach meanings that are not real even though they feel real to us.


You may feel guilty because you made a mistake and wasn’t able to help someone when you believe you could have and blame yourself.

You could ask yourself, are you the exact same person today as you were during the event that made you feel guilty. If not why continue to punish yourself over a version of yourself that you once were?

And if you do think you’re the same person if it was a very recent event, if you knew what you know now would you have made the same decision?

We always make the best decisions we can at any given moment if we could have made a better decision we would have.

We're not always consciously aware of what influences us, even the best of us can make decisions or react to a given circumstance that we may reflect back on as the wrong decision.

Some experiences may never leave us If you have experienced something completely unjust outside of your control.

Try asking yourself is there anything through this experience that can benefit me or others in anyway.

Can this unjust experience lead to you having a deeper understanding and drive that will help prevent it from happening to others?


My words can’t do the video shared for this example justice but basically Mo Gawdat a former chief business officer for Google shares how losing his son who was the happiest person he had ever known.

Led him to sharing the lessons he had learned from his son to help others in their pursuit of a happier life.

Methods for helping to let go

We all have a reason for whatever we do even if it seems insane to others and even if we’re not consciously aware of why we’re doing it ourselves.

When someone has said or done something that has left us full of anger or any disempowering emotion.

Naturally we will try and perceive through our own model of the world why they would do or say whatever they did.

Which usually leads us to strengthen and adding fuel to the disempowering emotion. We can never truly understand why someone would do something as we’re not them and perceive the world differently.

By realizing people do things for their own reasons it can help shift the perspective on the reason someone may have done something to purposely hurt you and that it might be a reflection of themselves.

As with the quote mentioned above from the Buddha holding onto disempowering emotions towards someone is only burning and negatively impacting yourself.

- To help become consciously aware of resentment you’re holding onto people make a list of people that you feel have wronged you and why you can find it within yourself to let it go and forgive them.

I’m not saying to allow someone back into your life or to act like nothing ever happened. But rather to let it go and find peace for yourself.

Temporary relieve a disempowering emotion by allowing it to come to the surface

Quite often we’re taught it is important to remain in a positive vibration otherwise we’ll attract bad circumstances it is common to suppress disempowering emotions or to try and push them away.

This is the equivalent of squeezing on the tube of a hosepipe stopping the flow of water coming out which may work initially in the short term but then inevitably it will come out much more aggressively.

A simple but effective exercise is when you feel a disempowering emotion arise; sit in a quiet space whilst focusing on the emotion and the sensation of how it feels.

You will begin to notice that it’s located at a specific part of the body and will begin to feel more intense as you start to focus on it.

As you continue to do this with enough constant focus you will eventually find the emotion will weaken and then disappear.

This isn’t a permanent fix but rather an effective “band aid” to temporarily handle a disempowering emotion if you’re finding the same emotion keeps coming up and having a negative impact on you.

Raise your vibration by improving your health and energy body

male energy body meditating with purple energy around his third eye

We’re all familiar with how we need energy from food in order to fuel our physical bodies but what isn’t discussed as much as how we all have an energy body.

By having energetic blockages from holding onto traumas, blocks in our meridians these experiences negatively impact our energy body which also affects our health.

By taking steps to improve the health of both our physical and energy bodies will lead us to raising our vibration.

Tips for improving physical health

I’m not going to give generic advice such as you should eat more or less meat or that you should go on a specific detox.

As even though such advice can be very beneficial to some, something that is beneficial to one individual isn’t necessarily going to be for another.

I’d even suggest in my opinion as a former personal trainer that the uniqueness of physical bodies and what they require is just as unique and diverse as our personalities.

Studies prove that in different parts of the world people have adapted to tolerate eating more carbohydrates and dairy better and in other parts the complete opposite.

This is a simplistic example of how we don't all tolerate the same foods in the same way.

What I do suggest if you’re not experiencing an abundance of physical energy as being healthy isn’t just the absence of disease.

Is to seek a professional depending on your circumstances both medically and holistically as a lot of health advice can cause people to feel worse as I have personally experienced.

As there is no “perfect” diet that I’m aware of that is suitable for everyone.

Practical tips for improving physical health

I Wanted to briefly mention the above as there is so much general information on improving health that it leads to a lot of people including myself to waste money and actually becoming worse.

With that said here are some practical tips that may help you if you’re generally already physically healthy but have some bad habits.

- Most people believe in order to become physically healthy you have to do long periods of exercise and ideally within a gym which isn’t true.

Studies have proven just by doing fast paced walking simply doing 3-4x per week will have a big impact on both physical and mental health.

You can do simple exercises from home there are plenty of great at home workouts available on YouTube. If you persistently avoid doing any exercise from home consider hiring a personal trainer.

- Make a list of the meals that you eat on a regular basis and keep a note of how you feel just before, immediately after and 3 hours later.

And you will eventually notice a pattern of how specific foods are affecting you. I’d caution on making any big changes to your diet without professional supervision.

- Reduce sugary and processed foods; studies have proven that sugary foods because of the release of dopamine and other reward chemicals become as addictive as cocaine.

Our gut bacteria has a big impact on what foods we’ll crave and by consistently eating junk food it makes it difficult to break the cycle.

If you’re finding this a difficult habit to break make a list of foods that you like that are good for you. Most people find there are foods that are good for them that they have forgotten about.

Which are a suitable alternative to the less healthy option they may usually have.

Tips for practically making better food choices:

- Look into methods for meal preparation or preparing a large number of meals in advance, this is very helpful for people that are very busy and usually only pick bad choices due to the ease and speed.

- Have a default quick go to meal, similar to the previous point if you find that you consistently chose unhealthy meals due to being busy.

Having a meal that is quick and easy to make will be a good fall back in case you unexpectedly don’t have the time to prepare your original choice.

For example one of my fall back meals is organic grass fed mince with onion and tomatoes, which on average only takes 12 minutes to fully cook and prepare.

- If you find that you don’t drink enough fluids an easy way of improving this is by downloading an app that monitors your fluid intake.

By having the reminders on the app appear it is useful for helping to form the habit of drinking more fluids. 

Techniques raising and healing your energy body

Activating your torus

- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart whilst visualizing bright light energy coming from above you entering through the crown of your head and passing down through your body and coming out of your pelvis.

- Which stops below your feet then forms a semi-circle that is a few inches wider than your body that starts to travel upwards to around ankle level.

- Then visualize bright energy coming from below you that travels upwards going the opposite direction of the previous beam of light that comes out of the top of your head.

- Which creates a semi-circle of energy above you.

- Then visualize bright energy coming from above and below you at the same time that stops and cross paths where your heart is.

- Begin to focus on this area around your heart and focus on something that gives you strong sensations of love.

- Once you feel this sensation the two beams of energy then travel out from the top of your head and bottom of your torso into the semi-circles of energy made earlier.

- The semi-circles both pour energy towards each other and form a full sphere of vibrant energy all around you.

- Then focus on the energy being all around you just on top of your skin that expands out getting bigger like a balloon being filled with air until it touches the sphere of energy formed around you.

Raise energy through meditation & mindfulness

There are already countless sources of information on the power and importance of meditation so I won’t repeat them here. What I will say to expand upon how meditation is useful to what is commonly discussed.

Is that you’ve likely heard the phrase “where focus goes energy flows” if you’ve practiced meditating on a regular basis you’ve likely experienced times when you have very intently

Focused on a specific area of your body and noticed how it felt full of energy. Where ever we place our focus and intention energy travels towards it.

As well as meditating form the habit of being more mindful when doing tasks that don’t require your full focus and logical analysis.

Such as when having a shower or washing your hands focus on the sensations of the water upon your skin. This will cause you to form a habit that will naturally raise your vibrations.

Very quick energy raising technique

Simply focus on feeling the sensation of having a warm energy around and touching your entire body similar to the sensation of getting into a warm bath.

Avoid focusing on the how as our minds will get in the way just intend to do it and you will realize how easy it is to do.

If you'd like to learn about how your vibration relates to manifesting, I recommend reading Manifesting The Ultimate Practical Guide.


I want to congratulate you on making it this far as a lot of information that was covered. Especially if you did the exercises as some of them were quite emotionally challenging.

The key takeaways from this article are:

1. The way we feel is due to the state that we’re in and by changing our physiology, focus and language we can take back control and change our state and the way we feel causing our vibration to rise.

2. Holding onto disempowering emotions towards an event or person only negatively impacts us.

Everyone does things for their own reasons and if someone does something to purposely hurt you it is a reflection of themselves.

3. Make a list of people you feel have wronged you so you can find it in yourself to forgive them for your own inner peace even if you never allow them back into your life.

4. We live in a very busy demanding time, finding the time to ground yourself will help you remain in the present moment and reduce anxiety which will raise your vibration.

5. We have both a physical and energy body, improving the health of both will raise your vibration.

These changes won’t happen overnight so be easy on yourself as long as you keep persistent and form the new habits of focusing on your state and being more mindful.

You will naturally embody and become the version of yourself with a higher vibration.

I would love to hear the greatest insight or learning that you have taken and going to apply.

Let me know in the comments below.