Secret Dream Messages From Your Higher Self

Have you ever experienced a vivid dream where you spoke to a higher power that gave you insights or even a feeling when you woke up?

If so, This is a sign your Higher Self is trying to communicate hidden messages through your dreams to give you guidance and insights.

Because did you know, the fastest way that your higher self can connect with you is through your dreams…

And if you continue to read this article, you're going to uncover exactly how you can connect and receive guidance from your higher self using a simple method I outlay below.

How your higher self communicates in dreams

One of the quickest ways to communicate with your higher self, is when you use a process to bring down and merge with this higher power.

When you go to sleep at night, you enter into different dimensional states of consciousness.

The challenge is that the conscious parts of your mind aren’t as alert and most of what you will experience will be forgotten.

However, what’s exciting is that when you’re dreaming because of this change in consciousness you’re more closely linked to the spiritual realms...

Making it easier for your higher self and spirit guides to reach out to you in your dreams.

Your higher selfs preferred method of communication in dreams

Your higher self is the eternal most enlightened version of yourself that helps you discover and guide you through your life's purpose.

With being directly linked to you, your higher self will often influence your dreams and communicate to you through symbols, images, and feelings rather than directly speaking to you.

Which is usually easier for your mind to understand during the change in consciousness whilst dreaming.

And after years of working with my higher self I then realized another way in which it communicates, and that is through passion.

So by discovering and following your dreams and passions, you’re connecting with and following the guidance of your higher self.

How do you connect to your higher self in a dream

Background image of field with star filled sky with a purple box above it with text saying For Anyone Who wants To Connect With Their higher self discover simple and practical tools to reach your higher self in your dreams

You can connect with your higher self in a dream even more rapidly by setting the intention before going to sleep and by asking your higher self to assist you.

Before going to bed you can repeat the following…

“Higher self, I ask that you assist and connect with me in my dream to guide me and help me become aware of what I need and what will serve my highest guide.”

Another method you can try is a higher self dream connection technique by doing the following:

I recommend only using this method when you’re in bed and about to go to sleep but not on a night when you feel exhausted because you will likely fall asleep before completing it.

You can also combine this method with the previous question above. And if you struggle to visualize just focus on creating the sensation/feeling of what I’m saying to visualize.

  1. Visualize a clear and dark starlight sky above you.
  2. See all of the stars being pulled together into the center of sky, almost like a magnet is pulling them together and forming a huge star.
  3. See this star coming down towards you as it becomes smaller and smaller, until it reaches your chest and becomes the size of a tiny orb.
  4. See this orb enter into your heart center as it fills you with divine love and relaxes your entire being.
  5. Now see and feel in your mind that you have already received the answer or what you want guidance for has already been resolved.

If you want to know what your life's purpose is, imagine how it feels living your purpose and being so grateful.

See yourself being so full of joy and enjoying your life following your true purpose and the impact that it has on your well-being and those around you.

See it like a movie playing out in your mind full of color, sounds, and sensations.

How To become more aware of the signs your higher self has sent in your dreams

One of the easiest ways of becoming aware of the signs your higher self has sent you in your dreams is by keeping a dream journal.

As this helps support you in increasing dream recall so you will remember the messages and signs you had received.

And perhaps best of all, it will also help you become aware of any reoccurring patterns or symbols that are happening in your dreams, which makes it far easier to understand what your higher self is trying to tell you.

It’s also worth mentioning that the more you practice and communicate with your higher self, the easier and more vivid your communication will be.

Which Is why learning simple steps for connecting with your higher self makes understanding divine messages and following your life's purpose much easier.

With Love